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Chapter 246 – ln Sync

“I am happy you enjoyed yourself,” said Valera. “But such roughshod tavern behavior does not suit you, my dear master. Drinking and roaring and fighting like that, it reminds me of my time in the Midnight Order there were were nothing but armored up oafs getting sloppy with drink and wanting my affection.”

Valera clasped her hands together, remembering a fond memory. “If there is ever a way to return to Elduin, I would love to show you to a proper Night Dance where vampires like myself drink and dance and laugh. With elegance, of course.”

“Now you sound just like Chiros.”

“I suppose I do. I cannot help it. I made many happy memories during my time in the vampiric court, even if in the end, they ended up exiling me. For a time, I hated anything to do with ‘elegance’, but in time, I came to yearn for the parts of my home and people that made my childhood enjoyable,” said Valera.

“One day, I’ll try and find a way back. I want to experience that world too. With my own two eyes and hands,” said Aldrich.

“Another time.” Valera smiled. “We already have this world to conquer, don’t we?”

“True. And we’ve got a lot on our plate.” Aldrich got off the bed, feeling refreshed. “Any updates on eyeflower harvesting?”

“Seven flowers have been harvested so far, which leaves but three more,” said Valera.

“Good. Looks like we’ll have ten flowers by the end of today. Enough for Fler’gan to work with.”

“The rewards from the second Trial Quest are also available to you at the throne room.”

“The genie? How is she doing?”

“She has recovered from sulking. She seems quite cooperative, willing to take on a new master now that she is freed from guarding her tomb.”

“Good to hear. And what about the Chrysalis?”

“She is well rested now. The Death Lord, in fact, wishes you to meet her. The synchronization ritual is ready.”

“Then let’s go.” Aldrich materialized his suit jacket and ran his hand through his bone white hair to tidy it up a little. “I’ve spent enough time drinking and being knocked out.”

“Are you sure this will work?” Aldrich stood in the magic testing room in Medula’s study. The Chrysalis stood right beside him, her hand tugging at his pant leg as usual for comfort.

“Reasonably.” The Death Lord stood a few meters away, her hands behind her back as she closed her eyes and generated magical energy. The air around her began to twist and warp, specks of misty purple swirling in concert with the distortions.

The Death Lord was channeling the [Ritual of Synchronicity] to aid the bond between Aldrich and the Chrysalis so that he could access her powers. For that, both he and the Chrysalis had to be present here.

The fact that the Death Lord had chosen this room, what was effectively a blast zone for experimenting unstable spells liable to blow up, did not give him that much confidence, so he had brought Valera along as well to protect him.

“Teacher, will I be okay?” the Chrysalis spoke to Medula.

The lanky demoness stood at the end of the room, watching a hovering series of stone panels in front of her to read the magic in the room, specifically around the Death Lord. “I do not see a high probability of your demise.”

“W-what? The words were big, but that doesn’t sound good.” The Chrysalis looked up at Aldrich.

“Do not worry, child.” Valera stood in front of both Aldrich and the Chrysalis. She had her shield readied in her arm. “If this snake causes chaos yet again, I am ready to shut it down.”

“Such a lack of trust. You vampire lot, so tiresome.” The Death Lord sighed. She inhaled, her chest rising, then exhaled. With her breath unraveling, the magic around her surged to incredible levels.

Aldrich knew that this room was made of stone that absorbed magic, making it a good testing ground for unstable reactions, but even with every inch of the ground, ceiling, and walls sucking in the Death Lord’s magical aura, the room still shook and rattled.

“Maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea,” said Aldrich. “Not after what I heard you did yesterday night.”

The Death Lord blushed and looked away with her eyes closed. Her surging magical aura chaotically flared a bit, managing to crack even the magic absorbing ground. “That-that was a mistake! We all make them, even great ones like myself!”

The Chrysalis shrunk back in fear at the splitting ground.

“Focus on your magic, you snake!” complained Valera.

“Fine, fine. I am almost done anyway.” The Death Lord’s energy rocketed in one extreme moment, lighting up the room brightly before it all faded away as soon as it had risen up. This left the ground beneath her cracked and smoking and the Chrysalis cowering behind Aldrich’s leg.

“There! All done.” The Death Lord removed her hands from her back. A pale blue bracelet hung from each hand, shining with a faint glow reminiscent of the blues that Wai’ki conjured with her spiritcalling magics.

“…That’s it?” Valera seed as she peeked out beneath her shield. “Bracelets?”

“That’s what I was about to say,” said Aldrich.

“Wow…pretty.” The Chrysalis hopped in front of the shield and pointed at the bracelets. “I want one!”

“Ask, and you shall receive, little one.” The Death Lord smiled. “Or I suppose you are demanding, but I will let that slide for now.”

Aldrich raised his hand up, signaling Valera to put her shield aside.

“I thought the ritual would be a little more, hm, direct?” said Aldrich. “Involving some tie being forcibly tethered between myself and the Chrysalis.”

“Usually, the ritual is like that. It would also involve considerable pain and mental anguish, but that would not do for the little one. Thus, I spent some time with Wai’ki modifying it so that it would cause no harm.” The Death Lord knelt down as she held out a bracelet to the Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis stood in front of the Death Lord, shyly eyeing the bracelet, wondering if she could take it.

“Surprisingly considerate. For a snake like you, that is,” said Valera.

“Hmph. I pored over a tome about mortal child rearing just for this. All of you should be grateful, do you hear?” said the Death Lord. She eyed Aldrich and Valera.

“Of course, of course,” said Aldrich. He came up beside the Chrysalis, noting her eyes sparkle as she gazed at the bracelet. And he could understand why she was so engrossed. The bracelets seemed to call to them, as if whispering deep in their very heart of hearts to take them. “This sort of feels sinister. Almost like the Emperor of the Rings movies.”

“What now?” said the Death Lord.

“Nothing. You’re sure this has no ill effects, right?” said Aldrich.

“Indeed. By placing the link between you in the rings, I take out the painful process of imbuing them in your souls. The actual process of growing your bond to draw your souls closer is painless.

It is supposed to be pleasant, actually, for two souls growing close together is always a warm event.” The Death Lord showed Aldrich his bracelet. It was simple in design. Basically a plain light blue, almost white ring.

In contrast, the Chrysalis’s ring, smaller to fit her wrist, was more decorative, carved in with patterns of round, many petaled flowers. “Look, I even designed them to match you two.”

“I like it!” the Chrysalis clasped her hands together and asked the Death Lord politely. “Can I take one?”

“Of course, little one,” said the Death Lord.

The Chrysalis now looked up to Aldrich. “Can I?”

Aldrich paused for a moment, then decided to go for it. “Go ahead.”

“I won’t take one unless you take one. So we can match!” said the Chrysalis.

Aldrich nodded. “Alright then.”

Both Aldrich and the Chrysalis took their respective bands, and when they wrapped around their wrists, they felt an immediate sensation of a frosty chill running through their minds, waking up their senses with a shudder.

For a few moments, Aldrich felt his senses heighten, his ears ringing and his vision sharpening and blurring in irregular waves. He realized it was because he was linking with the Chrysalis’s senses on top of his own, enhancing his to some degree.

But if it was like this for Aldrich, then how was it like for the Chrysalis?

He looked down to see the Chrysalis breathing heavily, her hands on her head.

“Are you okay?” Aldrich immediately knelt down, putting a hand on her little shoulder in concern.

The Chrysalis’s pure white, blank pupils dilated. Her breathing slowed down to a crawl, and her shudders faded into a concerning stillness.

“Right, I did forget that perhaps there may be difficulties in the little one adjusting compared to you,” said the Death Lord. She scratched her head. “I forgot that you mortal little ones are exceptionally fragile.”

“How do you keep forgetting this simple fact! I thought you read a tome on child rearing!” said Valera.

The Death Lord sighed and shrugged. “My own upbringing is too ingrained in my head. My first kill was within ten seconds of me leaving my egg, you know.”

“I’m…I’m fine!” the Chrysalis raised her tiny arms in the air triumphantly. “I’m strong, no worries! And I can see much better! Hear so much more!”


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