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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 401.1: The Decisive Battle [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

Soon enough, the gap between the two ships shortened.

What used to be a speck in the horizon was now big enough for everyone to see.

The distance between the Black Pearl and the Twilight Ship was less than a mile, and everyone was preparing for the battle that was only minutes away from happening.

Millie was currently on the Black Pearl, while the two Rankers of the Adventurer’s Guild were on the Battleship, Starlight.

“Steady lads,” Captain Spawow said. “You can light those cannons when we get closer, but for now, stay your hands.”

Rows upon rows of cannons were placed at the deck of the ship, pointing out its left side. Naval warfares were much simpler than land battles. The only thing that either side needed to do was to blast the opponent’s ship to oblivion until it sank.

As for the survivors, they would be under the mercy of the victors.

Lux, who was looking at the enemy ship using a set of binoculars, could see that three of the remaining four Rankers had arrived on the deck.

‘The numbers are even now,’ Lux thought. ‘We now have a chance to beat them. But, rescuing the Princess is still an issue.’

The Half-Elf knew that if their opponent became desperate, they would definitely use Princess Anastasia as a hostage. What he must do is to create a situation where the Princess would be able to meet with Eiko’s Doppelganger, allowing the former to be devoured by it.

“Millie, listen to me,” Lux said as he pointed at the Merchant Ship. “Do you see that small window over there on the side of the ship?”

Millie squinted her eyes to look in the direction where Lux was pointing at and nodded her head.

“The Princess is kept in that location,” Lux explained. “Don’t worry. The Princess is seated on the bed, and it is far from the window. Even if you blast that part of the ship, she will still be safe.”

“Are you telling me to attack that spot of the ship?” Millie asked. She could tell that the reason why the chubby teenager was telling her this information was because he wanted her to attack that location in order to free the Princess.

“Yes,” Lux replied. “You are to ignore the other Rankers on the ship, and just focus on that location. Just be warned that there is a Ranker that specializes in Dark Magic guarding her. Aside from her, there are five other Initiates. Whatever you do later, don’t kill the lady with scarlet hair. You can injure her, but make sure that it is not fatal. Do you understand?”

Millie wasn’t dumb, so she was able to piece together the information that Lux had given her. She had long wondered how the chubby teenager was able to know the location of the Princess, as well as gauge the strength of their enemies.

The only reason she could think of was that he had an accomplice, and this scarlet-haired lady was the one who was sharing the kidnappers’ information with him.

“Understood,” Millie replied.

Lux smiled. “Also, your goal is to not rescue the princess. Your goal is to engage the Ranker in a battle, forcing her away from the Princess. I will handle the rest.”

Millie nodded “Okay.”

“Go back to the battleship for a moment and inform them that I will now cripple the enemy ship,” Lux stated. “Tell them to focus their attacks on the Rankers on the deck, and leave the saving of the Princess to us.”

Millie gave the Hal-Elf a brief nod before flying towards the battleship, Starlight.

Cai’s and Keane’s expressions became serious because they knew that it was now time to give a payback to their kidnappers, finally putting an end to their criminal act.

“Pazuzu, come!” Lux summoned his Demonic Defender because Pazuzu would play an important role in the battle.

“I am here,” Pazuzu announced as soon as he appeared.

“Listen, when Millie attacks the ship, I want you to…”

The Half-Elf explained in detail what the Demonic Defender would do as soon as Millie had infiltrated the ship and engaged the Ranker in a battle. Although the Ranker would be gone, the remaining Initiates were still a threat to Pazuzu.

However, Pazuzu’s role was not to engage their enemies, but to only hold them off for a short period of time.

As long as he was able to hold out long enough, an opportunity would arise, and the Half-Elf would use that opportunity to hit his enemies with a surprise attack from a place that they wouldn’t expect.

“Eiko, detonate the bombs,” Lux ordered.

The baby Slime that was perched on top of his head, nodded.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Eiko shouted as it jumped in place on top of Lux’s head

Suddenly, loud explosions rocked the storage compartment of the ship, making those who were inside the cabin, as well as those in the deck, to grab hold of something, so that they wouldn’t be thrown off the ship.

Seawater started to flood the Hold of the ship, making its crew panic.

Captain Jack Spawow smirked as he swung the steering wheel to the right, making the Black Pearl make a right turn, allowing its cannons to face the target that was now within firing range.

“Lads! Time to make a few things go Boom,” Captain Spawow shouted. “Open Fire!”

As soon as the order was given, the cannons on the deck of the Black Pearl roared to life. The Rankers on the Merchant Ship immediately stepped into action as they deflected the cannon balls from further damaging their ship.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t deflect all of them because the Battleship had also come within firing range and joined the barrage, making sure to not hit the location that Millie had told them was where the Princess was currently being held.

“Millie, go now!” Lux ordered.

The green-haired Dwarf shot towards the sky, using the distraction of the cannons and the black smoke that was rising in the air, to launch her own sneak attack towards the enemy.

Pazuzu also flew behind her in order to initiate the plan that his Master had devised.

Deep in the sea, the Skeleton Ship also started to rise to the surface.

Asmodeus, Orion, and Diablo, prepared to join the battle as well.

Ishtar, who had boarded the Skeleton Ship upon Lux’s orders, had taken a siege stance on the deck of the Skeleton Ship, and aimed her crossbow at the Merchant ship above them.

The moment they came in range, the Night Stalker pulled the trigger, allowing the bolt that had a rope tied in it to shoot upwards.

Several rock golems held onto the rope, keeping it in place. Preventing the Merchant ship from going anywhere.

“Advance!” Asmodeus ordered.

Soon hundreds of skeletons started to climb up the rope.

This was an all out attack from above, and underneath, the water. Both sides knew that the decisive battle had come.

However, even though the members of Twilight Rain were at a disadvantage, no one knew for certain who the final victors of the battle would be.

One wrong move and things could get ugly, leading to consequences that Lux, as well as those who wished to rescue the princess, didn’t want to have happen.


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