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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 381: Whatever Means Necessary Without Breaking The Law Bahasa Indonesia

“You are here to get in the way of Her Highness’ ascension. Since that is the case, I should deal with you right here, right now.”

The green-haired Dwarf smiled evilly as she grabbed hold of the Half-Elf’s robe. Of course, she was just scaring him, so that he would back away and leave the Wolfpine Barony. Her purpose was to make sure that the Princess she served would be able to focus on the task at hand, without thinking of variables outside of her control.

Unfortunately for her, there was someone that didn’t like her bluff, and she made her opinion known in a rather unexpected manner.

The body of the green-haired Dwarf who had just grabbed hold of Lux’s robe immediately stiffened and then hurriedly backed away, putting a good distance between herself and the Half-Elf.

Behind Lux, a black coffin radiating a crimson aura hovered in the air. Although the coffin was closed, there was a presence inside it that told the green-haired Dwarf to not push her luck, or else she would regret it.

‘As expected of someone that was recognized by the members of the Order of the Griffon,’ the green-haired Dwarf thought. ‘He has some tricks hidden in his sleeve.’

The wind that was holding Lux in place disappeared, allowing the Half-Elf to have full control of his body once again. At first, the Half-Elf wasn’t sure what happened, but after seeing the hovering black coffin behind him, an “Oh!” escaped his lips, making him understand what had just transpired.

This time, it was Lux’s turn to look at the green-haired Dwarf with a devilish smile plastered on his face.

“Hehehe, looks like the tables have turned, missy~” Lux said in a teasing tone. “Since you plan to get in my way, I guess I should deal with you right here, right no–ouch!”

The black coffin behind the Half-Elf lightly knocked his head as if reprimanding him, making the red-headed teenager rub his head in helplessness.

Clearly, Vera didn’t like Lux using her as a means to bully others, which made the Half-Elf toss his plan to give the green-haired Dwarf a punishment for what she had done to him aside.

“I am here on an important mission,” Lux replied. “I don’t care who you are helping in order to gain some points, but I would appreciate it if you don’t get in my way. Something sinister is going to arrive in this city soon, so it would be best if you and your master left as soon as possible.”

Lux glanced in the direction of Dunspear City before summoning his Thunder Warg King, Jed, to bring him back to the city.

Fortunately, the green-haired Dwarf hadn’t taken him that far, so he easily reunited with his friends in just a few minutes.

The Dwarf, who was left behind, stared at Lux’s back with a contemplative look as she headed back to the city.

‘What does he mean by saying that something sinister will soon arrive in the city?’ the green-haired Dwarf thought. ‘I must inform the princess right away.’

A gust of wind blew, as the Dwarf flew back in haste to the Baron’s Residence to tell the Princess what just happened.


Back at the White House Inn…

“Hmph! It’s a good thing that Little Swordy stopped me earlier,” Cai said. “If not, I would have slapped that green-haired Dwarf silly and sent her flying. How dare she bully us? Tsk! She’s lucky that I am a pacifist. I like to talk things out first before charging head-first to battle. Isn’t that right, Fei~ Fei~”

“Da Wae?” Fei Fei tilted its head in confusion.

Clearly, the baby Gold Slime didn’t believe that its Master had what it takes to follow through with what it was saying.

The Half-Elf rolled his eyes on the ‘pacifist’ Boar’s words. Cai was someone who liked to bully the weak and fear the strong. If it really went to fight with the green-haired Dwarf, the one who would be slapped and sent flying would be none other than the Boar, who was lying through its thick skin.

“Don’t worry, for the most part, I don’t think that she will hinder us again,” Lux stated. “But, I can’t say the same for the Master she is serving. If I didn’t mishear her words, her employer is a member of the Royal Family of this Kingdom. Best not to cross swords and words with them, or we might find ourselves being treated as an eyesore by the Kingdom.”

Keane, who was clearing his sword with a piece of oiled cloth raised his head to look in their direction.

“So, what are our plans?” Keane asked. “Since they are now keeping tabs on us, do we still kidnap the Baron’s second son, knowing that they are staying in the same residence?”

Actually, this was the new problem that Lux had to deal with. He didn’t know how to handle this matter effectively because he was quite confident that the green-haired Dwarf would get in his way if he attempted to kidnap the Baron’s second son by force.

“Our mission is simple,” Lux stated. “We need to keep the Baron’s second son here in the city for three days. We don’t have to kidnap him, we just need him to remain here. As long as this condition is met, we will be safe… probably.”

Cai and Keane glanced at each other before nodding their heads. Lux had explicitly told them that they shouldn’t attack the Creature of Ruin no matter what.

Now that they knew that it was a Calamity-Ranked Monster, they would do their best to not provoke it in any way possible. Even a dozen Saints hadn’t been able to defeat it completely and had no choice but to seal it.

A couple of Grade A Apostles simply didn’t stand a chance against a Monster of that rank.

“So, how are we going to monitor the Baron’s second son?” Cai asked. “Do we just take turns watching their residence?”

Lux firmly shook his head “That won’t work. Since a member of the Royal Family is staying there, the Elite Guards that escorted her here will be guarding the perimeter, not allowing any potential threats to get near her. We already met one Ranker, it’s quite possible that there are more.”

The room descended into silence because they were stuck on what to do next.

“If my Grandpa was here, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything,” Cai grumbled. “We could just walk in through the front door and demand that they treat us as VIP guests.”

Lux, who was wracking his brains about what he should do to enter the Baron’s Residence, looked at the Boar as if it was a freaking genius.

“That’s it!” Lux suddenly got an idea for what he should do next. “You’re a genius, Cai!”

“I am?” the Boar tilted its head in confusion. “Oh right! I am a genius. Hahaha! Um, why am I a genius again?”

Lux smirked before stepping out of the room in haste.

He didn’t answer Cai because he wasn’t sure if what he thought would work.

However, after summoning his Soul Book and using the Map Function of the Elysium Compendium, he was able to find the location of the secret service of the Order of the Griffon that was stationed in Dunspear City.

Galileo had mentioned in passing that they had their agents in every city in the Kingdom of Gweliven. Since that was the case, all that Lux needed to do was find them using the map function of the Elysium Compendium that was able to pinpoint allies and neutral people on the map.

Since he was a member of the Order of the Griffon, his allies would naturally turn green on the map, which meant that he could go directly to them and ask for their help in letting him enter the Baron’s Residence through whatever means necessary without breaking the law.


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