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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 378.2: Curse Of Ruin [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

“First, the Creature of Ruin is one of the Four Calamities in the Arondight Territory,” Boss replied. “My clan is in charge of protecting the seal in the Dark Plains. However, a year ago, there was this weird Dwarf that suddenly appeared in the Dark Stepes.

“He seemed pretty harmless and just stayed quietly in his hut, so I didn’t bother him much. However, after the incident with the pregnant Dwarf, things started to change for the worse. I thought that it was because of the seal, so I went there to check on each of their locations.

“The seals were still in place, but I could vaguely feel that the Creature of Ruin was starting to wake up from its slumber. If that thing really broke free, then we have no place to hide in this world.

“Perhaps you foreigners can escape, but we can’t. This is why this Monster was sealed hundreds of years ago by my ancestors. The monster was that destructive. It can suck the life force out of the land it walks on, leaving only a vast wasteland where nothing can grow.”

Lux who was listening to the Bearkin’s narration frowned.

“If such a creature did exist, why seal it when you can just kill it?” Lux inquired. “I find it hard to believe that this kingdom didn’t have the means to kill a monster of that Rank.”

Boss shook his head before telling Lux why the Kingdom of Gweliven couldn’t send anyone to fight it.

“This Creature of Ruin’s Rank is on the Calamity Level,” Boss explained. “You need at least a dozen Saints in order to beat it. And even if it is defeated, all those who fought against it would be cursed, making them unable to sire any children and an eternal drought would follow them wherever they go.

“But, that is not the worst part. The worst part is that this creature is able to revive itself after three years. Once it revives, it would appear randomly within the Arondight Territory. Only one creature of its kind can exist at a time, so once it is killed, a new Creature of Ruin will take its place.

“This is why, although it can be defeated, it can never be killed. That is why everyone decided to seal it, along with the three other Creatures of Ruin, using the full might of the Kingdoms within the Arondight Domain. Now that one of them has been freed, the Kingdom of Gweliven and its allies must mobilize their Saints, in order to seal it once again.”

Lux finally understood why the mission rating for the quest was SSS.

‘The quest rewards said that if I managed to fulfill the requirements, the Curse would be lifted and my life would be spared,’ Lux thought. ‘I am fighting against a Calamity-Rank Monster, and even if the Saints of the Kingdom of Gweliven mobilized, it was still a creature that even they didn’t dare to kill no matter what.’

The other warning on the quest about not attacking the monster in any way, now made sense.

If one dared to attack a Calamity Ranked Monster, a calamity would fall upon their heads, in a literal manner.

“Boss, I have a plan, but you will not like it,” Lux said as a primer before telling the Bearkin what they should do in order to lift the curse that had been placed on their bodies.

Just as he expected, hesitation appeared on the Bearkin’s face after hearing the thing that they must do.

“Kidnapping or killing the Noble of a Kingdom is a very serious offense,” Boss stated. “Even if we succeed in capturing the Baron’s second son, we will be butting heads with the Nobility, and this will definitely not end well.”

Lux nodded his head because he had already expected something like this to happen. However, he also knew that the Bearkin would agree to his plan in the end.

When one’s own life was threatened, they would definitely prioritize their own. Also, if they told the aristocrats that all that was needed to appease the Creature of Ruin and prevent it from destroying the entire Kingdom of Gweliven was to hand over the Baron’s second son who committed a crime in the first place, would they object?

The Half-Elf was sure that if the King were to choose between his Kingdom and the life of one scum, he would definitely choose the former and ensure that his citizens wouldn’t have to worry about the Creature of Ruin that was currently headed to the Wolfpine Barony.

While Lux was trying to convince the Guildmaster to cooperate with him, several carriages, which were escorted by mounted guards, entered the gates of the city.

The emblem embedded on the side of the carriage held the crest of the Royal Family of Gweliven.

“Did we finally arrive?” a young lady with light-brown hair and green eyes asked.

One of her maids nodded her head in affirmation.

“We have arrived, Your Highness,” the Maid replied. “This is the city that belongs to the Baron of the Wolfpine Territory.”

“Well, it’s about time. My brothers are already racking up achievements, and I need to catch up no matter what.”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. We have brought experts in the field and hired the best Adventurer Party in the kingdom. With their help, we might be able to solve the drought problem, allowing you to gain favor in His Majesty’s eyes.”

The pretty princess smiled like a flower because she felt as if she had gotten her second wind. She was one of her father’s favorites, which was why she was allowed to participate in the battle for succession.

Now that a golden opportunity had arrived, she would be a fool to not take the chance to get ahead of his brothers, who were currently competing with each other.

“Send a rider to the Baron’s Residence,” the pretty Princess ordered. “Inform them of our arrival. Make sure to tell them who I am, so that they will prepare the welcome I deserve.”

The maid bowed respectfully before replying to her Master’s orders. “Yes, Your Highness.”


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