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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 374: Do You Know Da Wae? Bahasa Indonesia

“La~ Lalala~ Lalalalala~”

“””La~ Lalala~ Lalalalala~”””

“””La~ Lalala~ Lalalalala~”””

Everyone inside Leaf Village was quite surprised that all the Slimes started singing.

It was similar to listening to a choir singing at the same time. This was the first time they saw and heard the baby Slimes singing together, so it made everyone wonder what was happening.

After hearing the Slimes singing along, Eiko giggled as she jumped up and down Lux’s head. She didn’t expect the other Slimes to sing with her, and this made her very happy.

Lux, on the other hand, already had a suspicion on what caused that to happen, but he kept it inside his heart. It would not be good to expose Eiko’s current ability to anyone because it might cause chaos inside the Village. He would keep his lips shut tight and act oblivious to what was happening around them.

When they neared Grandma Annie’s house, the singing stopped, making the villagers think that the Slimes were just in the mood to sing together, and left it at that.

After entering the candy store, the Half-Elf immediately heard Cai’s words that were filled with excitement.

“Um? Why did you stop singing Fei Fei?” Cai asked. “Go on. Sing more. I’d love to hear you sing again. You too, Cora, Nora, sing together with Fei Fei! The more the merrier!”

The three baby Slimes giggled together as if they found Cai’s words very funny.

Laura and Livia, who were also in the store, picked up their Slimes and urged them to sing as well. However, Cora and Nora simply smiled at their Masters and swayed their bodies left and right, as if they were dancing, making the two little Dwarves giggle.

Because the three were too occupied talking to their Slimes, they didn’t notice that Lux, Eiko, and Keane had already entered the store.

“Good morning everyone,” Lux said. “It’s fine weather to go on an adventure, isn’t it?”

“Good morning, Sir Lux,” Laura greeted the Half-Elf with a smile. “Are you planning to go on an adventure today?”

“Yes,” Lux replied. “I might also take your Big Brother with me, so if he doesn’t come back anytime soon, you and your sister shouldn’t worry too much, okay?”

“Un!” Laura nodded her head in understanding.

Livia, who was paying close attention to the discussion on the side, also nodded her head.

The Half-Elf was their benefactor, so the two girls trusted him unconditionally.

“Eiko! Allow me to introduce you to my new friend,” Cai said with a smile. “This is Fei Fei. Say hi to your big sister, Eiko.”

The golden slime looked up at Eiko that was perched on top of Lux’s head. Cai usually minimized its size whenever it was indoors, so it was only around a meter tall at the moment, making it shorter than Lux.

The blue slime and the golden slime stared at each other for a few seconds before Eiko took the initiative to greet Fei Fei.

“Hello!” Eiko said.

Fei Fei, who felt Eiko’s special characteristics, smiled and greeted her back.

“Sis!” Fei Fei replied.

Cora and Nora, who were also seeing Eiko for the first time, greeted the Fairy Princess as well.



Eiko giggled as she also replied to the two Slimes with an “Eyah!”

Soon, the sounds of “Eyah! Eyah!” was heard inside the Candy Shop as the baby Slimes chatted with each other.

(A/N: Eyah is the universal language of babies.)

“I don’t really know what they’re talking about, but since they look happy, it’s fine!” Cai, who was closely observing the adorable Slimes, wanted to join the conversation, but since it couldn’t speak baby language, it only listened to the happy chatter between them.

“Well then, it’s time to go,” Lux said after giving the Slimes a few minutes to talk. “Say goodbye to your new friends, Eiko.”

Eiko nodded and looked at Cora and Nora with a smile. “Bye bye!”

“Bye Bye!”

“Bye Bye!”

The two Slimes also bid their farewell to their new friend. Although Eiko wanted to talk to them more, she was also excited to start her adventure with her Papa.

“Let’s go, Fei Fei,” Cai said as it urged the golden slime to perch on top of its head.

Fei Fei nodded and crawled up, until it was perched on Cai’s head.

Several minutes later, the group finally left Leaf Village before heading North East to visit the Barony of Wolfpine.

According to Nevreal, this location was currently suffering from an unnatural drought. It had been a year since it last rained, and the ponds and rivers had all dried up, affecting not only the farmers, but also the people who lived in the barony as well.

The middle-aged man insisted that if the matter was not handled soon, the people would have no choice but to migrate and look for another settlement, leaving the Baron who ruled the lands behind.

Lux wasn’t an expert in this stuff, but since the funds of his Guild Headquarters were at stake, he decided to give it a try.

Nevreal had a suspicion that someone was manipulating things from behind, making the people of the Barony of Wolfpine suffer.

The Half-Elf’s job was not to only investigate the cause, but to also capture anyone who might be responsible for making such a thing happen.

Since he was holding the Emblem of the Order of the Griffin, the red-headed teenager had the authority to ask the Baron to allow him to command the guards that kept the law and order of the city that was currently facing a challenging decline.

“Let’s go, everyone!” Cai shouted excitedly as it took the lead. “We’re off to another adventure. Right, Fei Fei?”

The Golden Slime pondered for a bit before voicing out her thoughts to her Master.

“Do you know Da Wae?” Fei Fei asked.

This was the only phrase that it could say at the moment, but it was more than enough to make Cai’s body stiffen.

“Actually, I don’t know Da Wae,” Cai replied as it scooted back beside Lux, who was seated on top of his Thunder Warg King, Jed. “Do you know Da Wae?”

“Of course.” Lux smirked.

With the Elysium Compendium in his possession, he could even know the shortest route to arrive at their destination.

Even so, according to his estimate, it would still take them two days before they arrived at Wolfpine Barony since the nearest Teleportation Gate available to them was a dozen miles away from the drought-stricken town.

They had no choice but to travel on their mounts until they arrived at the nearest city after using the Stronghold of Norria’s teleportation gate.


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