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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 355.2: Even If I Am Defeated, My Loyalty Will Not Fade [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia


Dragon Knight = 50%


Lux stared long and hard at the percentage bar, but no matter what he did, the percentage didn’t move upwards.

He couldn’t believe that even after using a Rank 5 World Boss Beast Core, a Rank 5 World Boss Monster Body, and a Mythical Set of Armor, Sword, and Shield, the percentage of the Dragon Knight Job Class only peaked at 50%

“Sir Bedivere, I have a question for you,” Lux said softly. “Right now, I am able to give you an opportunity to remodel your body in order to give you a mortal form. But, there is a catch. These are the professions that are available to you. I will let you decide what profession you would like to have.”

The Half-Elf showed his Soul Book to Bedivere and explained to him how the Necromancer’s Covenant worked.

The light flickering in the Living Armor’s eyes blazed brightly as if he was making a very hard decision. If Bedivere wished to only have a mortal form, choosing the Dino-Rider Transformation was ideal.

However, since his rank was going to regress to match Lux’s current Rank, the Living Armor was very tempted to choose the Dragon Knight Job Class.

But the chance of success was only 50%.

Bedivere spent a few minutes in silence as he made a tough decision that would affect his second chance at life.

“In the past… I have always wanted to become… a Dragon Knight,” said Bedivere with a hoarse voice. “But… I never got the opportunity. If this is to fail… what would happen… to me?”

“Nothing,” Lux replied. “You will stay the way you are. However, we will need to acquire high-level Beast Cores and Monster Parts in order for you to take another shot at your transformation.”

Lux still had several Beast Cores in his possession, which he had gotten from winning the Lionheart Tournament. However, he had been saving them to increase Eiko’s Rank after she revived, so he couldn’t use them to help Bedivere increase the percentage of the Dragon Knight profession.

A few more minutes passed before Bedivere finally clenched his fists as he made his decision.

“Let’s take… the chance,” Bedivere stated.

Lux nodded his head in understanding.

He then took a deep breath before taking a dagger to give his palm a shallow cut, allowing blood to drip from his hand.

Immediately, a red magic circle formed under his feet, starting the ritual of the Necromancer’s Covenant, allowing Bedivere to undertake his baptism and transformation.

“Be it known to all men that I, Lux Von Kaizer, hereby accept Bedivere as one of the Knights of my Covenant,” Lux said as a magic circle formed under Bedivere’s feet. “Do you swear and acknowledge me to be your true and lawful Liege?”

“I do swear,” Bedivere answered.

“Do you also swear to defend, and obey me, until death shall take you?”

“I do swear.”

“Make your pledge of Loyalty.”

Bedivere knelt down in front of Lux. He had been bestowed knightship in the past, so he already knew what he was going to say. However, as if helping him form his oath, several rows of words appeared before him, which he read faithfully.

“I, Bedivere, Son of Bedwyr, hereby solemnly swear and pledge my sword to Lux Von Kaizer, my Master and Liege, to defend and obey him until his soul departs this world and uphold the honor of knighthood. If I fail, death shall take me.”

Suddenly, a sword, as black as night with runic carvings, materialized in front of Lux, which he held as part of the ceremony of the Covenant.

“As for my part, I do swear to defend and honor Sir Bedivere,” Lux stated. “As befits a true Knight of my Covenant.”

He then lightly tapped Bedivere’s left and right shoulder with the black sword in his hand.

“Rise, Sir Bedivere, and may your glory be my glory.”

Lux took a few steps back to allow Bedivere to stand up and complete the ceremony.

At that exact moment, Bedivere’s body was enveloped by a green tornado.

Several rows of text appeared in front of Lux, notifying him that the transformation was about to start.


< Attempting transformation… >


Lux clenched his fist as the glow of the green tornado in front of him pulsed like the beating of the heart.

He and Bedivere had taken a gamble with a 50% chance of succeeding. It was similar to flipping a coin, and if they got unlucky, then they would get nothing from the sacrifices he had made.

Suddenly, a loud draconic roar spread in the surroundings as two green wings emerged from the tornado, dispersing it completely.


< Congratulations! The transformation was successful! >


< Bedivere >

“Even if I am defeated, My loyalty will not fade.”

– Knight of the Covenant

– Dragon Knight

– Rank: Grade A Apostle

Special Ability: Wonder Guard


< Wonder Guard >

– All kinds of damage received by Bedivere and his mount, including Abyssal Damage, will be decreased by 60%


The Half-Elf took a deep breath as he gazed at a three-meter-tall green dragon with a knight riding on its back.

Bedivere was wrapped up in a very familiar armor, which made Lux’s eyes widen in shock.

“The Faunus Battle Regalia…,” Lux muttered as he gazed at the armor that he had worked hard to collect during his time in the Beginner Villages. Now, it was worn by the first Knight of his Covenant, who had become one of the strongest fighters in Lux’s Army.

“Thank you, Master,” Bedivere said as he bowed his head, alongside his dragon, who spread its wings and bowed its head respectfully to Lux as a sign of its fealty.

“How are you feeling?” Lux asked after he recovered from his shock. “Do you feel anything strange with your body?”

Bedivere smiled, which was enough to make all the single ladies blush if they had seen his handsome features.

“I feel so alive,” Bedivere replied. “Also, I can tell that my body is stronger compared to when I was still alive. Although my Rank has regressed, my friend here will make up for it. Isn’t that right, partner?”

Bedivere lightly patted the body of the Green Dragon, who replied with a low growl, agreeing with the Dragon Knight’s words.

Lux looked at the handsome knight, who didn’t notice that tears were streaming down the sides of his face from happiness. He was quite happy that everything turned out well, and that the materials he used weren’t wasted.

Now that he now had a powerful Dragon Knight by his side, and his matters with the Vahan Empire had ended, it was now time to finally move to the next phase of his plan, and go to the one place that would never forsake him.

“Let’s go, Sir Bedivere,” Lux said with a smile. “Let’s take Heidi and Lilia to the place that will become their new home.”

Bedivere nodded his head. Right now, he was feeling incredibly grateful to Lux. He had already made an oath to serve his new Liege with everything he had.

Deep inside, Bedivere was feeling excited. It was as if the time that had stopped two years ago finally started moving once again.

He glanced at the Half-Elf, to whom he owed his life, and wondered just how far his new Master would go in the world of Elysium.

But he already understood that no matter where the red-headed teenager went, he would be by his side, fighting whoever dared to hurt the person to whom he owed his second chance at life.


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