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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 345: Arrival in the Capital City of Dainsleif Bahasa Indonesia

“So this is the capital city of Dainsleif?” Cai looked at the magnificent city in the distance. “Not too shabby.”

Keane had not stayed in Elysium for long, but even he was amazed at how impressive the city was.

Lux had to admit that among the places that he had seen in his current lifetime, the Capital City of the Vahan Empire was the most spectacular of all.

No one was able to teleport directly into the capital city aside from the Royal Family. Because of this, it took Lux and his friends several days to arrive at their destination. He still had seven days left until his deadline to create a guild came, so he was quite happy that he had made it to the capital city without too many problems.

“Let’s go,” Lux said. He really wanted to finish his quest as soon as possible, so he could return triumphantly back to Solais.

Unlike the people who had to line up in the long queue, Lux was able to enter the city using the passage reserved for the staff of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Boris and Guthram both gave him letters of introduction to the Guildmaster of the Vahan Empire, giving him the ability to act as their messenger of sorts which also gave him the qualifications to use the privileges reserved for high-ranking members of the Adventurer’s Guild.

As soon as Lux entered the city, he headed straight to the Main Branch of the Adventurer’s Guild in the Vahan Empire.

According to Boris and Guthram, the Guildmaster’s name was Alastor.

He was the highest ranking officer of the Adventurer’s Guild within the Vahan Empire, and all the Branch Guild Masters reported to him.

To Lux’s surprise, Alastor was already waiting for him in the lobby of the Adventurer’s Guild and personally escorted the Half-Elf to his office. Keane and Cai had to wait for him in the lobby because the only one who had business with Alastor was the Half-Elf.

“I know your purpose for coming, and your Trial has already been approved, but there is a catch,” Alastor said with a solemn expression on his face. “The ones conducting your Trial are the high-ranking nobles of the Vahan Empire, and I can tell you with certainty that they are up to no good. I’m guessing that it has something to do with… an entire forest being burned to the ground?”

Lux coughed lightly after hearing Alastor’s words. In hindsight, he had already expected that something like this was going to happen. If it had been the forest bordering the Wildgarde Stronghold that got completely burned, the Guardians would definitely raise havoc and look for the culprit with blood-shot eyes.

He had already expected a similar response, but he didn’t expect that the nobles would use his Trial to get back at him.

“.. Can I get a Trial in other cities?” Lux inquired. “You know, a place where there are no angry nobles that will do everything they can to make me fail? Although not being able to create a guild isn’t a life and death scenario for me, I am on a tight deadline.”

“Hahaha, you are still trying to worm your way out of this mess?” Alastor chuckled as he eyed the Half-Elf who fully understood his current situation. “Unfortunately, the Emperor has decreed that you will only be able to create a guild in this city.

“I’ve already relayed his orders to all of the Adventurer’s Guild in the entire Empire. I’m sorry, but there are politics involved. We may be a neutral organization, but the Vahan Empire has every right to kick us out of their lands, as well as the territories of the Skystead Alliance if the Emperor wants it so.

“That is how much influence he possessed, and in order to prevent countless lives from losing their livelihood, I have no choice but to sacrifice you for the majority. I’m sorry that I am unable to help you in regards to this matter.”

Lux nodded his head in understanding. If the Adventurer’s Guild disappeared, the Adventurers would lose their main sources of income, and they would have to go to other regions in order to continue their profession.

If sacrificing one person meant that countless people would be able to continue living their everyday lives as usual, then Alastor would harden his heart and turn a blind eye to the high-ranking nobles’ pettiness.

“What are the chances of me actually passing their trial?” Lux asked. He was still hoping that there was a slim chance that everything would still work out in the end.

“Zero,” Alastor replied. “If you agree to continue the trial despite the overwhelming odds, then tomorrow at noon, you will have a duel in the arena.

“I don’t know who they are going to send as their representative, but they plan to use this opportunity to humiliate you in front of everyone and make you the laughing stock of the Vahan Empire. If I were you, I’d go back to your faction’s territories and beg to be allowed to create a guild there.”

Lux sighed because what Alastor asked of him was impossible at this point in time.

“So are you still going to accept the Trial?” Alastor asked. “If you are, be prepared to be at a great disadvantage. It is highly possible that they will force you to fight a World Boss or something similar for everyone’s entertainment.”

Lux pondered for a bit before nodding his head. He didn’t know what kind of enemy he was about to face, but the least he could do was check to see if there was a chance of winning. If not, then he would just concede and look for other ways to reach his goal.

“Okay, I will inform them that you have agreed,” Alastor sighed and patted Lux’s shoulder. “On behalf of all the Adventurers in the Vahan Empire, I thank you for doing your best to save thousands of lives to the best of your abilities. Also, I hope that you realize your goal in one form or the other.”

Unlike Lux, Alastor wasn’t hopeful about the Half-Elf’s chances in the Trial. He had been dealing with the high-ranking nobles of the Vahan Empire for a long time and understood how petty they were.

No matter how small the grievance, these nobles would carry a grudge and stab you when you least expected it. If possible, Alastor wanted to help Lux and give him a letter to the adjunctive Kingdom of the Vahan Empire, so that he could take his Trial there.

Unfortunately, Lux was running short on time, and even if he accepted Alastor’s help, the duration of his quest would end before he could create a guild in another Kingdom.

After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, Lux and his friends went to find an inn to stay for the night. The Trial would be held the next day, so he wanted to rest in order to reach his maximum potential during his duel.

“Those scummy nobles!” Cai snorted. “They always make things difficult for everyone. Even our settlement in Elysium has been harassed from time to time. If my Grandpa hadn’t personally punched their faces and sent them flying, they would still be scheming behind our backs!”

Cai was really annoyed because her tribe had suffered a lot when they were just starting to create their own faction in Elysium. The Rowan Tribe was a Nomadic Tribe, but they were unable to travel the lands of Elysium the same way they could in Solais.

Even as a Saint, there were places that Cai’s grandfather, Maximilian, couldn’t go. Because of this, the members of the young generation, as well as the adults, made two permanent settlements in the forests that were within the territories of the Xynnar War Pact.

Since the teenagers and the adults were separated, the one who took the helm as the leader of the young generation was Cai’s older brother, Callum.

“It seems that they are hell-bent on making you suffer tomorrow,” Keane commented. “Will you still go?”

Lux nodded. “If it’s not too unreasonable, I might still have a chance. If not, I’ll just concede and call it a day.”

The Half-Elf was unwilling to give up because he was already so close to his goal. As long as there was a slim chance of victory, he would take it, and fight with everything he had in the duel that would decide whether he could stay in the Vahan Empire or not.


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