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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 322.1: Shut Up, Uncle! Just Go Die Already! [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

Malcolm’s entire group, with the exception of the Oracle, were instantly killed by Diablo’s AOE attack.

The Oracle only managed to escape because he had used a blink ability, taking him out of harm’s way and teleporting him behind the Death Knight whose skill had annihilated everyone that was in front of him.

Surprisingly, Moriarty hadn’t died from Diablo’s attack, and no damage whatsoever could be seen on his body. Only his War Horse, which he had been riding earlier, had died from the Death Knight’s attack.


< One of the Opposing General’s Protective Charms was destroyed. >

< Remaining Protective Charms ( 2 / 3) >


When Lux heard this notification inside his head, he couldn’t help getting surprised. He thought that the battle would already be over with Diablo’s attack, but it seemed that his mission wasn’t as easy as he originally thought it would be.

‘Still, we have the upperhand. Diablo, finish him!’ Lux ordered as he directed all of his summoned creatures to help the Death Knight land the finishing blows on the General, who was one of his primary objectives.

Diablo once again slashed at Moriarty, not giving the General time to recover, but the latter raised his bastard sword to parry the Death Knight’s blow and even counterattacked.

The blow was strong, causing Diablo to skid across the ground for a few meters before coming to a halt.

Moriarty was a Pseudo-Ranker, so he was quite strong. Although Diablo’s damage reached over a million, as long as he doesn’t land a hit, it would be useless.

Time and time again, the two clashed, but Moriarty seemed to be an expert in parrying. In fact, Diablo had the Expert Parry Skill, and yet, he was unable to land a hit on the General and, in turn, couldn’t break the two remaining Protective Charms that protected him.

‘Maybe he has Extreme Parry or God-like Parry,’ Lux thought as he observed the battle from Diablo’s perspective. ‘Well, no one said that it has to be a one-on-one battle.’

Suddenly, a dark arrow shot from nowhere and flew towards Moriarty’s back.

However, before the arrow could even land on its target, Moriarty did a backswing, using the flat of his blade as a shield to block the incoming threat from behind.

“Protect the General!” one of the soldiers broke out of his daze and shouted. “Men! Protect the general!”

Immediately, several magic spells landed on Diablo’s body, pushing him away from his opponent.

While this was happening, Ishtar appeared a few meters away from Moriarty and used twin blades to attack him at close range. However, as if already expecting an attack from behind, the General calmly side-stepped, allowing Ishtar’s blow to pass harmlessly by his side.

Losing her balance, the Nightstalker wasn’t able to block the follow up kick that Moriarty had aimed from behind her, which sent her crashing towards a tree several meters away.


Orion’s thunderous roar spread in the surroundings as the Jade Golem smashed his fist towards the General, who didn’t even flinch at the sight of a four-meter-tall Jade Golem, whose terrifying fist was descending in his direction.

“Perfect Counter,” Moriarty muttered as he blocked the Golem’s attack with his sword, preventing any damage to his body.

Orion was about to exert more strength to his fist in order to smash the General to the ground, but before he could do that, something unbelievable happened.

The four-meter-tall golem was sent flying by Moriarty, destroying the trees that blocked his way.

At that exact moment, the corpses around Moriarty exploded at the same time, dealing sharp shrapnels, as well as a cloud of necrotic damage towards the General.

A moment later, a notification sound was heard inside Lux’s head, making him clench his fist tightly.


< One of the Opposing General’s Protective Charms was destroyed. >

< Remaining Protective Charms ( 1 / 3) >


“Yes!” Lux was unable to stop himself from shouting and doing a fist pump. “Just one more!”

Lux was so focused on observing the battle through Diablo’s eyes that he didn’t notice the spell that was about to hit his body from his left side.

“Flame Strike!”

The Half-Elf’s body instantly combusted into flames, destroying the robe and mask that he was wearing.

Fortunately, after his body constitution was upgraded to Immortal Dragon Conqueror’s Legacy, Lux’s body had become immune to fire.

Also, he was wearing armor underneath his robes, so only the robes and the ordinary mask he received from Sherlock were destroyed.

After blinking away from Diablo, the Oracle knew that he couldn’t stay on the mountains and decided to use his blink ability to descend the mountain. While he was going down, he noticed two suspicious robed figures with their hands raised in the air as if performing a long-distance spell.

After landing his hit, the Oracle cast the tracing spell that he had used to find the “Wandering Field Boss” because his instincts were screaming at him to do it.

To his surprise, the purple beam of light landed on the person that was currently being bathed by blazing flames.

“It’s you!” the Oracle shouted after seeing Lux’s face that was no longer disguised by a mask. “What are you doing here?! Are you the Necromancer controlling that Death Knight?!”

Lux didn’t answer. Instead, he stomped his right foot on the ground and turned into a streak of lightning, heading towards the Oracle.

Now that his secret was blown, there was only one thing left to do and that was to kill his enemy, and get it over with.

The Oracle was about to blink away and almost succeeded. But to his dismay, instead of getting away from his enemy, he was now standing two meters away from the Half-Elf whose hands had already transformed into dragon claws.

“Stop!” the Oracle shouted while looking at the Half-Elf whose eyes had turned purple.

“Dragon Claw!” Lux ignored the Oracle’s plea and slashed his chest using his claws.

“Ack!” the Oracle shouted as the power of Lux’s passive ability, Touch of the Abyss, rioted inside his body, making him writhe in pain.

Giving his enemy no mercy, the Half-Elf used his free hand to use another Dragon Claw. this time it was aimed at his opponent’s face, sending blood flying in the air.

“Dragon Rend!”

Both of Lux’s claws were covered in dragon flames, making the Oracle shout in fear and desperation.

Without holding back, Lux’s right hand slashed down on the Oracle’s hand, which was holding a golden staff, and cut it completely from his body.

Lux’s left hand, pierced through the Oracle’s body, making him combust from within, and turn into particles of light.


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