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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 273: Change Of Plans Bahasa Indonesia

When Iris opened her eyes, she found herself inside a warm and protective embrace.

It felt so comfortable, and nice, that she didn’t want to leave, but there were some things she needed to do today, so she couldn’t stay in her beloved’s embrace for hours on end.

After propping herself up, she gazed at Lux’s peaceful sleeping face and smiled. The mere thought of spending the rest of her life with him was a wish that had become reality. Her gaze then wandered over his strong, and lean body, appreciating every part of it.

When her eyes landed on Lux’s lower half, she felt her cheeks burning because the little guy was standing tall so early in the morning, despite the fact that it had worked hard last night to make her feel incredibly good, making her almost faint from the pleasure it brought her.

Leaving the bed, she went to face the full body mirror that was located in the corner of her room.

A blue-haired beauty stared back at her, and several kiss marks could be seen on her white and youthful body.

On her neck, on her collarbone, around her breasts, near her belly button, and even on her lower abdomen.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t have teased him so much last night,’ Iris mused as she lightly touched the places where Lux had left his mark. ‘He was a little rough on me last night, but it felt incredibly good…’

After losing her maidenhood, Iris had become quite active when it came to love making, even taking the initiative to push Lux down on the bed, so she could embrace him.

Even she was surprised at how bold she was, but in the end, she thought that she was only able to do such things because she truly loved Lux, and had wanted to be with him for several years.

Turning around, the blush on her face became redder when she saw more kiss marks on her backside, making her feel ashamed.

‘I should tell him not to kiss me there next time,’ Iris thought as she shook her head helplessly.

After admiring and checking her body for two more minutes, she then walked towards the window of her room and glanced at the scenery.

She had seen this view countless times in the past, but now, it held a different meaning to her. Because she was no longer alone. She had a fiance, whom she would marry in two-years-time.

‘Maybe I should thank my father for what he did,’ Iris mused.

In more ways than one, Alexander had indeed spurred Lux to push himself to the limit in order to reach a certain standard that would allow him to triumph over his rivals in the tournament.

This included Nero, who had a crush on Iris and was someone who didn’t have a good relationship with him.

As she was gazing in the distance, she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her body, and pulled her towards a strong, and lean chest, making her sigh in happiness.

“Good morning,” Lux whispered in her ears before planting a kiss on her cheek. “Did you rest well?”

“I did,” Iris replied as she returned Lux’s kiss. “What are your plans for today?”

Lux didn’t answer right away as he pondered the question inside his head.

“I will be leaving in two days time to go to the Rowan Tribe,” Lux answered. “Cai said that I need to meet with its grandfather, and discuss the plans for the expedition in the Sacred Dungeon. You will be going with the Elite Members of Barbatos Academy, right?”

Iris nodded. Just like the Rowan Tribe and the Six Kingdoms, the Barbatos Academy was also sending an elite team in order to gather resources inside the Hidden Domain, where the Sacred Dungeon was located.

“Be careful, okay?” Iris said softly before turning around to look up at her fiance’s clear, green eyes, that she loved so much. “As much as I want to go with you, I need to ensure that Barbatos Academy gets some gains in this expedition.”

“I will,” Lux promised. “You guys will be challenging the Normal Mode, right?”

“Yes. Last time, we didn’t clear it, but we did gain some good things inside. This year, our goal is to actually clear it so that the morale of the Guild will soar.”

“Goodluck to you.”

Iris smiled. She knew that Lux planned to go to the Hell Mode of the Sacred Dungeon in order to help Cai look for a special flower that was said to cure most diseases. According to eyewitnesses reports, they were able to see this flower inside the Sacred Dungeon, when they first challenged the Hell Mode of the Dungeon.

Unfortunately, this flower grew on the back of what seemed to be a land turtle, who was a Rank 5 Field Boss Monster

(A/N: Rank 5 is equivalent to the Initiate Rank of Mortal Standards).

Cai’s plan was simple. It would distract the monster, while Lux and Keane found a way to take the flower from the monster’s back. Once they succeeded, they would immediately escape and no longer engage the Field Boss Monster, whose rank well surpassed their own.

After some hugs, and kisses, Iris went to the bathroom alone, and forbade Lux to come in with her. She knew that if she and the Half-Elf were to bathe together, the two of them would end up making love again, which would prevent her from doing the things she needed to for the day.

The Half-Elf understood that Iris had many responsibilities, so he didn’t insist on going in the bathroom with her.

After tasting the forbidden fruit, both teenagers had become addicted to it. This was why they were doing their best to do things in moderation, because too much of something was not good.


Fifteen minutes later, Iris had arrived at the Conference Room of Barbatos Academy where the high-ranking members of the Silver-Ranked Guild, Serenity, were going to meet.

Iris was one of the three Vice-Guild Masters of Serenity, and had her own personal army that ensured her safety during guild expeditions and went by the name, White Rose.

Serenity was a guild that was made up of talented students from Barbatos Academy. They were the cream of the crop, which allowed them to gain a high-standing among their peers, gaining the respect of everyone in Barbatos Academy.

One can even say that every student, especially the commoners, that managed to pass the entrance exam of the Academy dreamt of being part of this Guild, which represented the faction of Barbatos Academy in Elysium.

“You’re late, Iris. Is My Daddy that good in bed that you forgot we had an important meeting today?” a beautiful lady asked in a teasing tone, which made the blue-haired beauty blush as she walked towards her seat.

The one that called out to Iris was none other than the Guild Master of Serenity, Henrietta Vi Fallon. A gorgeous lady with long purple hair, and eyes that were extremely rare within the Six Kingdoms.

This hair and eye color was unique within the Fallon Family, and only one child with this trait would be born every two hundred years.

Because Henrietta stood out from the crowd, many people, especially her family, had great expectations on her. Fortunately, she had a good head on her shoulders, and didn’t feel any pressure from the expectations that everyone had of her.

She believed that she could live her life the way she wanted, and even her family couldn’t stop her from doing what she had set out to do.

Henrietta had become the Guild Master of Serenity not because of her looks, but her ability. Even Iris, whom everyone treated like a VIP, only had respect for her Guild Master, who was also her best friend.

After Iris had sat on her chair, Henrietta no longer delayed their meeting and started the discussion.

The first words that came out of her lips shocked everyone, making even Iris look at her in surprise.

“This year, we will not go and challenge the Normal Mode of the Sacred Dungeon,” Henrietta declared. “All of us will challenge Hell Mode, and our goal will be the Sacred White Lotus, which is said to cure almost all kinds of diseases, including the Purple Plague, which is still wide-spread within the borders of the Six Kingdoms.”


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