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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 260: I Too Have Someone I Have To Protect! Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh, isn’t that… My Daddy?”

“It is, My Daddy.”

“Is he too excited to fight that he’s already here before the Coliseum has already opened?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. We know that this Final Match is just for formalities. There is no way that Cai will be able to defeat him.”

“Yes. That Boar just got lucky he was able to enter the Final Match.”

“Luck? That may be true, but since Cai already got this far by luck, wouldn’t it be lucky this time around as well?”

“Hahaha. That’s impossible, right?”

As the people entered the Coliseum to watch the Final Match of the Lionheart Tournament, Lux leaned on Orion’s chest, while sitting on his left hand.

His Grandma Vera had just left a few minutes before the gates of the Coliseum were opened to allow the people to enter. Although she was very worried about Lux, there was nothing more she could do because this battle was not hers, but her grandson’s.

“We’ve come this far, Orion,” Lux said softly while he used the Kaizer Breathing Technique that Vera had taught him long ago to keep himself awake. “Just one more fight and we can rest for a few days.”

“Mmm.” Orion nodded as he held Lux as if he was a precious object that would shatter at the faintest touch.

Lux sighed. “It’s fine for me to go all out, right?”

“Yes,” Orion replied.

“I wish they would just hurry up with the preparations,” Lux complained. “Staying awake really hurts.”

Lux could no longer feel his legs, and arms as if they had become numb. Every minute that passed brought him closer to falling into a deep sleep, and only his undying determination barely kept him awake.

A few minutes later, Judge Dredd walked up to the arena and headed towards Lux to do some small talk.

“I thought that you would not be here today,” Judge Dredd said with a solemn look on his face. “Thank you for coming.”

He could tell that Lux was barely hanging on, and admired his tenacity. Any injury regarding an Abyssal Power would require a few days of rest to fully recover. However, Judge Dredd knew that Lux knew what was at stake, so he refused to just close his eyes and let it end in this manner.

“Judge Dredd, I have a question in regards to the rules of the tournament,” Lux stated. “Is it possible to continue the match even if…”

Judge Dredd listened to Lux’s words with a serious expression. A moment later, he gave him the answer he was looking for.

“It’s in the gray area,” Judge Dredd replied. “But, since I am the Judge of this tournament, I will allow it.”

“Thank you,” Lux sighed in relief.

For a brief moment, he almost fell asleep then and there due to the relief he felt. Pinching himself would no longer do any good because he could no longer move his hands. Also, even if he did, the numbness in his body would prevent any feeling of pain.

“When will the match start?”

“It will start in less than an hour. Will you be able to hold on until then?”

“I will.”

Lux didn’t even mention the word, I will try, because he didn’t want to try. He would do it no matter what it took.

Every second that passed felt like hours…

Every minute that passed felt like days…

Finally, when the Coliseum was filled to the brim, and the guests of honors had all arrived, Bruno raised his hand to signal Judge Dredd that the Final Match could start.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the day when history will be made,” Judge Dredd announced. “Today, two warriors among tens of thousands will stand here before you to fight in the Final Match of the Lionheart Tournament!”

The crowds cheered as Judge Dredd hyped the Final Match that would bring an end to the tournament.

Gilmore Faisal, one of the Four Kings that remained to watch the rest of the tournament, stood on the viewing platform reserved for the contestants with his arms crossed over his chest. His gaze was locked on the Half-Elf whose head was bobbing up and down, as he desperately tried to stay awake.

A moment later, he heard the sound of wheels rolling behind him, but he didn’t turn his head to look. There was no need to do it because there was only one person who would dare to approach him in the spot where he stood.

“I thought you’ll be sleeping for a while longer,” Gilmore said without even looking at the brown-haired teenager who was sitting in a wooden wheelchair.

“How can I possibly sleep at this point in time?” Nero answered. “I want to see the ending of this tournament with my own eyes.”

Nero had asked one of the Clerics in the infirmary to bring him to the Coliseum to watch the final match. Although the Cleric was reluctant, he still agreed to Nero’s request and took him to the viewing platform to watch the final battle unfold.

“Who do you think will win?” Gilbert asked.

“You and I both know the answer to that question.” Nero snorted. “He will win even if it’s the last thing he did.”

Gilbert nodded. “True.”

The two then stopped talking and just focused their attention on the arena. They knew that the Half-Elf would try to end this battle as quickly as he could due to his condition.

“Let me introduce the contestants for the final match!” Judge Dredd shouted. “On the right corner and sitting on his Rock Golem is none other than the one, and only, My Daddy!”

“Hey… It’s Lux,” Lux grumbled. “Get it right, Old Man.”

The crowd gave a thunderous applause and chanted Lux’s alias, which made him feel helpless.

“””My Daddy!”””

“””My Daddy!”””

“””My Daddy!”””

“””My Daddy!”””

It seemed that regardless of what he said, the People would always refer to him as “My Daddy” from this point onwards, which made the Half-Elf think that his future prospects were dim.

“And now, our next finalist is someone that you, me, and everyone else didn’t expect to be here!” Judge Dredd shouted. “I don’t want to say that he reached this point in the tournament due to Luck, because Luck is also part of someone’s strength.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the one and only… Cai!”

The spotlights all focused on a Boar who walked towards the arena with arrogance. Although they wouldn’t admit it, everyone had become fond of the Boar whom they treated as the mascot of the tournament.

The shouts, cheers, and applause given to Cai was louder compared to the one given to Lux.






After Cai stepped on the arena it eyed Lux with all the smugness that it could muster.

“I applaud you for coming this far, My Daddy,” Cai said. “I didn’t make a mistake when I invited you to join my secret organization which is called the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I expect great things from you. Um, I still have many things to say, so let me just take out this scroll I prepared beforehand…”

Cai unrolled a scroll that rolled up to the edge of the arena. Every part of it had words written on it which made the corner of Judge Dredd’s lips twitch, and Lux almost coughing a mouthful of blood.

The Half-Elf knew that if he allowed Cai to read the scroll he had prepared, he would definitely fall asleep half-way through it so he decided to take drastic measures.

“Judge Dredd, let’s start this battle,” Lux pleaded.

“Okay,” Judge Dredd replied. There was simply no way he would allow Cai to finish reading such a long speech and immediately raised his hand to catch everyone’s attention.

“Since both fighters are now ready, I, the referee of this match…”

“Oi! I’m still not finished with my speeeeeeeeeech!”

“Hereby declare the start of this battle. Battle Start!”

As soon as the signal to start the battle was given, Orion rushed towards Cai and smashed his fist towards the boar in order to end the match as soon as possible.

“First Gear, Immovable Mountain.”

A resounding clap reverberated in the surroundings as Orion’s fist, met with Cai’s tusk, stopping the Rock Golem’s blow completely.

Cai’s hooves crushed the ground underneath its feet, but it was mostly unharmed as its size increased to four meters tall.

“I know that everyone doesn’t have a high opinion of me,” Cai said as it raised its tusk to repel the Rock Golem’s fist. “They think that I will lose as soon as the fight starts.”

Cai then eyed the Half-Elf that was sitting on the Rock Golem’s left hand with determination.

“But, just like everyone else who joined this tournament, I too have a goal,” Cai declared. “I too have someone I have to protect! Even if I face an opponent stronger than me, I will not yield! I will fight, and stand my ground! My Dad… no. Lux Von Kaizer, even if you are a member of my secret organization I will not show you any mercy.”

The color of the Boar’s fur suddenly changed from light-brown to black, with golden streaks forming lightning patterns on both sides of its body. Several sharp spikes protruded on its back making it look more fearsome and intimidating.

“Second Gear,” Cai said as steam oozed out of its nose. “Hildisvíni!”

Judge Dredd who was standing not far away from the two gazed at Cai that had undergone a transformation.

“Rank 4 Mutated Field Boss, Hildivisni,” Judge Dredd muttered. “Looks like this Final Match will not end the way everyone thought it was supposed to end.”

A mighty roar spread across the arena as Cai finished its transformation.

“Come, Lux,” Cai stated. “Let’s rumble!”


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