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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 253.2: My Wish [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

“This My Daddy is better than I thought,” Natasha, the High-Cleric of Wildgarde Stronghold, as well as Vera’s good friend, muttered. “Summoners that can fight in close combat are very rare.”

Gerald, the Leader of Wildgarde Stronghold, and the one who made the important decisions nodded his head in agreement. “Just what kind of rock did this chubby boy hide under until now? With his skills, he certainly doesn’t have a simple background.”

Nero’s Master, Rainer, who was also one of the Guardians of Wildgarde Stronghold like Vera, also reluctantly nodded his head.

As someone who had been guiding the brown-haired teenager until the young man achieved his current strength, he couldn’t help but be impressed by the tenacity that the chubby teenager was showing.

“The young will surpass the old,” Rainer commented. “A few years from now, these two teenagers will surely become the new leaders of the young generation.”

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, I feel like I have met this boy somewhere in the past,” Natasha rubbed her chin as she gazed at the chubby teenager who was fighting Nero in close combat. “Don’t you guys feel the same?”

“Hmm, now that you mention it, I also have this faint feeling that I know him as well,” Gerald scratched his head. “But, I don’t recall meeting him before.”

“Maybe the two of you are just overthinking things,” Rainer replied. “I have a very good memory, and I can tell both of you with certainty that this My Daddy isn’t one of the children from our stronghold nor the neighboring villages and town.”

Just like the Stronghold of Norria, the Wildgarde Stronghold was the Overlord of a region. It was the protector of several villages and towns that paid them a yearly tribute. Also, any outstanding children from these towns were brought to the Wildgarde Stronghold in order to be nurtured by the Guardians before they entered Elysium.

Rainer was one of the people that supervised the yearly recruitment, so he was certain that this was the first time he was seeing the chubby teenager that went by the name My Daddy.

“Maybe you’re right,” Natasha shrugged. “Maybe I’m just overthinking things.”

“True,” Gerald commented. “If someone like My Daddy has been within our domain all along, we definitely wouldn’t let a talent escape our eyes.”

Rainer nodded before shifting his gaze back at the arena where the two fighters were currently engaged in an intense battle for supremacy.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he also felt the same way as Natasha. However, due to his strong memory, he was certain that he hadn’t met someone like My Daddy inside the Wildgarde Stronghold and its surrounding territories.

As someone who was in possession of the skill Abyss Touch [EX], Lux fully understood how the powers of the Abyss worked.

Because of this, whenever Nero attacked using his black lightning, he would either dodge it, or meet it with an attack of his own, preventing it from landing directly on his body.

Fortunately, he was someone blessed with the Dragon Scale [EX] and Dragon Heart [EX] passive abilities, so he was able to resist the Black Lightning’s effect to a certain extent.

Still, Lux knew that he needed to be careful or else, he would end up like Nero’s previous opponent, Ackley, who got seriously injured by the Black Lightning that belonged to the Abyss.

The young man was still in the infirmary and was in a coma. Although his life wasn’t in any kind of danger, according to the High-Cleric, it might take Ackley a week or two to regain consciousness.

Nero who had been continuously attacking Lux didn’t relent in his attacks and kept on unleashing a barrage of black lightning bolts both in close and long range.

Perhaps the brown-haired teenager had realized that Lux didn’t plan on asking the Rock Golem for help in their match, so he no longer worried about its “Taunt Skill” that would force him to exchange blows with it.

After getting used to Lux’s speed, and attack patterns, Nero made a feint, which caught the Half-Elf by surprise, allowing Nero to get behind his back with his fist pulled back and black lightning swirling all round it.

“Thunder Punch!”

Nero’s blow landed perfectly on Lux’s back, which sent the latter flying towards the barrier at the edge of the arena. However, Nero had no intention of letting his opponent get off scot free after managing to hit him once.

The brown-haired teenager used his lightning step to reappear a few meters away from Lux with both of his fists posed to stroke. “Thunder Assault!”

Lux, who was momentarily stunned by Nero’s Thunder Punch finally regained his senses and immediately took control of his body to unleash a counter attack.

“Dragon Wart Art Second Form,” Lux shouted. “Dragon’s Roar!”

A powerful dragon roar erupted from Lux’s lips, disrupting Nero’s assault and leaving him open for Lux’s counter attack.

“Dragon’s Claw!”

Lux didn’t hold back and activated the skill, Abyss Touch [EX], and smashed his fist into Nero’s chest, sending the latter crashing towards the ground.

But before his body could even hit the Arena Floor, Nero righted himself, allowing his two feet to land on the arena, and skidded on the ground for a few meters before coming to a stop.

His right hand clutched his chest as he looked at Lux with a serious expression on his face. Blood seeped at the corner of his lips, which showed that he had received some internal injuries after getting hit by Lux’s blow.

If one were to look closely, the armor on Nero’s chest was a bit dented, and the mark of Lux’s clawed hand could be seen on its surface.

Unlike Lux, Nero didn’t have the Dragon Physique that could make his body more sturdy and powerful. This was also why, even though Lux got hit by Nero’s attack, the damage he received was nothing compared to what the brown-haired boy had suffered from the Half-Elf’s counterattack.

“You are also touched by the Abyss,” Nero said as he slowly stood up with his gaze firmly locked on the chubby teenager’s body.

It wasn’t a question, but a statement. All those who fought against Abyssal Beings could tell if the attacks they received were infused by the power of the Abyss.

Lux didn’t answer but simply teleported to the ground taking a fighting pose. Now that the secret was out in the open, the battle between the two of them was bound to rise to the next level.


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