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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 218: Those Who Dwell In The Abyss Bahasa Indonesia

“Eiko, hey… Eiko, look! It’s your favorite Beast Core,” Lux shook a Rank 4 Beast Core in front of the pouting baby Slime, but Eiko just ignored him.

After returning to Solais, the baby Slime stuck herself to Great Grandma Vera’s side like glue, refusing to take even a single step away from the latter, completely ignoring her Papa.

Vera could only smile at the baby Slime’s antics, because she knew why Eiko was acting this way.

Lux had told her about everything that had transpired in Elysium, and even the mild mannered Vera hadn’t been able to stop herself from flicking her beloved grandson’s forehead for doing what he did.

Although the plan worked, and he had completely hoodwinked the organization known as Twilight Rain, Lux had hurt many people’s feelings in the process.

Vera understood that what her grandson did was the best solution he could think of, and even she found that—during the time that her adoptive grandson had been in Elysium—he had become quite resourceful.

“When you return to Elysium after the tournament, make sure to apologize to those poor kids properly. I’m sure that they felt heartbroken after your fake death, and they might hate you for doing such a thing.” That was what Vera had told him a day ago, after he had finished telling her everything that he had done in the Dwarven Kingdom of Gweliven.

The Half-Elf already planned on doing just that when he returned. However, he decided to bring some souvenirs to his little brothers and sisters, with the hope that it would lessen their anger towards him.

‘If Eiko is already like this, I wonder how Colette will react when I return,’ Lux thought as he kept on sharking the Beast Core in front of the baby Slime who was ignoring his existence.

Vera lightly patted Eiko’s head as she looked at her grandson’s attempts to pacify his daughter.

“Lux, I was unable to tell you this yesterday because I knew you were tired, and I decided to let you rest,” Vera said. “However, since you are rested now, it’s time to talk to you about the monsters from the Abyss.”

When Vera heard that Lux had fought against an Abyssal Being, a deep frown appeared on her face, and she immediately used a diagnostic spell to check Lux’s and Eiko’s bodies for signs of corruption.

After making sure that the two of them were okay, she decided to tell them everything she knew about the Abyssal Beasts to ensure that her grandson and her great granddaughter were aware of what they were fighting against.

“When the Solains first ventured into Elysium, we tried to adapt to the similar yet unique world that we found ourselves in,” Vera explained. “Over the years, some managed to form partnerships with the ruling families of the land, while others looked for unexplored lands and built their home there.

“After living in Elysium for several years, we had learned from the Elysians, as well as from personal experience, about the existence of creatures that had come from the Abyss. Hence, we have given them the name Abyssal Monsters.”

Vera paused to make sure that Lux and Eiko were listening to her explanation before she continued her tale.

“These Abyssal Creatures are more powerful than the creatures in both Solais and Elysium. For example, a Deimos-Ranked Dragon will always be stronger than another Deimos-Ranked creature because of their superior race, and bloodline. The Abyssal Monsters are the same. In fact, if the Dragons and an Abyssal Monster of the same rank fought, more often than not, it will be the Abyssal Creature that will be victorious. The reason why they are able to beat even the strongest of Beasts is their race’s specialties which are the Abyss Touch, Abyss Charm, and Abyss Corruption.”

“Abyss Touch ignores any kind of defense, allowing Abyssal Creatures to deal True Damage to their enemies. This means that even the sturdiest of Dragon Scales is only as good as a sheet of paper to them. In their eyes, we are just defenseless creatures that they can kill easily.”

Very’s expression became serious as she mentioned the Abyssal Creature’s next ability.

“Their next ability is the Abyss Charm,” Vera replied. “This ability works in almost all kinds of Monsters. Even Dragons can fall prey to this ability, making them mere puppets of the Abyssal Creature. The Beast Tide that you encountered, might have been orchestrated by this Abyssal Beast, making them the embodiment of mass destruction.”

Lux’s and Eiko’s expressions also became serious as they listened to Vera’s explanation. This was the first time they heard about these things, and it made them realize how terrible these monsters were.

“Last, but not the least, is their Abyss Corruption,” Vera stated. “Some Abyssal Monsters have the inherent ability to corrupt anything they touch. Those who are infected by their miasma must be purified as soon as possible in order to stop the corruption from spreading completely. If the infected person isn’t able to get treatment after four to five days, the miasma will drive them crazy.”

“They will no longer be able to tell friend from foe and will attack any living creature within their sight. The scary part about this was, once they have been taken over by the miasma, they become carriers of corruption. Meaning, they can infect other creatures and spread the corruption like wildfire.”

“Several settlements have been destroyed because those who have been infected kept their situation a secret until it was too late. Only High-Ranking Class Priests, Clerics, and other similar professions would be able to purify the miasma from the bodies of the infected. For this same reason, parties that were formed to fight against these creatures would always have a High-Ranking Cleric, or Priest, to prevent such a scenario from happening.”

Vera lightly patted Eiko’s head as she stared at Lux.

“If you ever got infected by an Abyssal Creature, return here at once,” Vera ordered. “Natasha is a High-Ranking Cleric. She will be able to help purify the miasma in your body.”


“Of course, Eiko. If you get infected, you must return here at once as well.”


Lux scratched his head before taking out the Abyssal Beast Core that was given to him by Nikola.

Vera froze after seeing the Obsidian-colored Beast Core in her grandson’s hand, and looked at him askance.

“This was given to me by Sir Nikola,” Lux replied. “Should I use it, Grandma?”

“… You can,” Vera replied after a brief internal struggle. “There have been Rankers who managed to gain the skills of Abyssal Creatures and used them to fight against them. However, once you gain an Abyssal Ability, you will be required to register this skill with the Adventurer’s Guild.

“After that, you will be given a Black Adventurer’s Card, which is given only to those who possessed an Abyssal Skill. The holders of these Black Cards will be given priority when it comes to missions or quests involving Abyssal Beings.”

“Will I also gain an Abyssal Slayer title after getting the Black Card?”

“Silly boy.” Vera gave Lux a disapproving look. “Once you personally kill an Abyssal, you will gain that title automatically in your Soul Book.”

Lux took a deep breath before focusing his attention on the Abyssal Beast Core in his hand.

“I’m going to use it now, Grandma,” Lux said.

Vera nodded. “Tell me if you gain any kind of skill afterward.”

Lux summoned his Soul Book and checked his stats.


Name: Lux Von Kaizer

Age: 16

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: Grade A Apostle

Health: 33,000 / 33,000

Mana: 22,500 / 22,500

Strength: 200

Intelligence: 250

Vitality: 260

Agility: 200

Dexterity: 150

Special Abilities: Skill Evolution [EX], Mana Drain [EX], Item Transmutation [EX], Warrior’s Luck [EX], Doppelganger [EX], Air Strider [EX], Dragon’s Fear [EX], Elemental Shield [EX], Guardian’s Call

Special Body Constitution: Immortal Dragon Conqueror’s Legacy

Summoning Skills. Summon Diablo, Summon Ishtar, Summon Pazuzu, Summon Orion, Summon Skeleton Fighters, Summon Skeleton Grand Archers.

Active Skills: Power Shot, Dark Arrow, Void Arrow, Fury Slash, Double Fury Slash, Battle Cry, Improved Jade Body (Mass Buff), Spinning Blades, Bone Wall, Barbed Bones, Sky-High Rush, Gale Storm.

Passive Skills: Enhanced Fortitude, Expert Parry, Tempest Fury, Last Stand, Sticky Foot, Very Tough

Title: Apprentice Blacksmith, Negotiator, Outbreak Survivor, Eternal Guardian


Lux held the Beast Core in his hands as several rows of text appeared in front of him.

< Do you wish to consume Argonaut-Ranked Abyssal Beast Core? >

< Yes / No >


Lux chose Yes and two more options appeared in front of him.


< Upgrade Stat Points >

< Upgrade Skills>


Lux decisively chose to upgrade Stat Points and a series of notifications appeared in front of him.


Obtained 100 Free Stats Points

Obtained 100 Body Constitution Points

You have learned the Passive Skill, Abyss Touch


< Skill Evolution [EX] detected a new Skill. >

The skill, Abyss Touch, is a Passive Skill, it will be automatically upgraded into Abyss Touch [EX].


< Abyss Touch [EX] >

– The touch of the Abyss ignores all kinds of defenses whether it be physical or magical.

– Any attack you deal to your foes will deal True Damage, regardless if it is physical, or magical in nature.

– This ability allows you to deal 200% Bonus True Damage against Abyssal Creatures of any Rank.

– This skill has a very small chance to inflict Abyss Charm on any monster (including Abyssal monsters) that is similar to your Rank or Below. The condition that must be met in order to trigger this skill is that your target must have less than 10% of its Max Health remaining.

– Charmed creatures will obey your every command for thirty minutes, regardless of what it is. Once the Charm effect’s duration has ended, you will be unable to charm that creature again.

– This skill has a very small chance to inflict Fear Status on your opponent.

– This skill has a very small chance to inflict Paralyze Status on your opponent.

– This skill has a very small chance to inflict Diseased Status on your opponent.

– This skill has a very small chance to inflict Weakened Status on your opponent.


Lux’s eyes widened in shock after reading the information of his newly acquired passive skill. He then passed his Soul Book to his Grandma to allow her to read it. Surprisingly, Vera also had the same reaction as the Half-Elf, which made Eiko look at the grandmother and grandson pair with amusement.



“I think you should not register this skill in the Adventurer’s Guild for the time being,” Vera replied. “I’m afraid that once my son finds out about this, your cover will be blown.”

Lux scratched his head because he felt that this skill would indeed cause his Step-Father to become suspicious of his abilities. He wanted to give Alexander a surprise, so keeping this a secret for now was the best option at this point in time.

“Understood,” Lux replied. “Let’s keep this as a secret for now, Grandma.”

Vera nodded. “This is for the best. It is good to have the Element of Surprise on your side.”

Vera looked at her grandson with a complicated gaze. Now that Lux had also become a Grade A Apostle, as well as having acquired an Abyssal Skill, it wouldn’t be long before he surpassed his friends who had gone to Elysium years before him.

‘Alex, I can’t wait to see the look on your face after Lux wins the tournament,’ Vera smiled as she thought of her son who had orchestrated the tournament to look for her granddaughter’s fiance. ‘By then, you will have no choice but to acknowledge him.’

Vera knew that, although Alexander didn’t hate Lux, he still thought of the Half-Elf as someone lacking due to his weak constitution when he was very young. In Alexander’s eyes, the young man was not worthy of his daughter’s love and affection.

Right now, Vera couldn’t wait for the tournament to start. She was looking forward to seeing her grandson shine on the stage that he had been dreaming about all of his life.


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