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After successfully beating Aina’s record, Lux and his friends partied inside the Tavern and ordered a lot of food.

Everyone was in a good mood, including Matty, who even called Lux Big Brother as he exchanged a toast with him.

The red-headed teenager knew well that Matty was just in an incredibly happy mood since the Dwarf boy had done something that he would never have done if he had been sober.

Eiko was being hand fed by Colette and Helen, who took turns feeding the baby Slime. Andy and Axel were also drinking a lot of mead, which made Lux worry for the two Dwarfs, who were bound to have a hangover when they woke up in the morning.

Although he knew that Dwarfs were strong drinkers, that was only true for adults, and not for Dwarf children that were only twelve years old.

The other Dwarves inside the tavern looked at this happy scene with amused expressions on their faces. They didn’t know the reason why Lux and his friends were celebrating since the result of their Dungeon expedition wasn’t announced like their clear of the Hidden Quest in the Stronghold of Norria had been.

They just thought that the rowdy group had fought an Alpha Monster somewhere and were celebrating a job well done, which was a very common occurrence among Apostle Grade Parties that were about to leave Leaf Village in a few days.

“Big Brother, what are your plans tomorrow?” Colette asked while feeding Eiko a chicken drumstick.

“Good question,” Lux answered. “To be honest. I haven’t made any plans for tomorrow.”

Usually when a Dwarves becomes Grade D Apostles, they would either fight the Alpha Monsters as part of their graduation ceremony, or just leave Leaf Village and transfer to an Intermediate Town.

Colette and her group had already defeated the Mutated Golden-Eyed Crimson Mantis, as well as beat her sister’s record in the Bronze Crypt. They had also beaten the Carbuncle, as well as cleared a Hidden Quest in a Rank-C Dungeon.

Truth be told, Colette’s group had already done many things, and could leave Leaf Village at any time, but she was reluctant to do so because of her Big Brother, Lux, who had no intention of leaving the Beginner’s Zone for the time being.

As if guessing her thoughts, Lux smiled and placed his mug of fruit juice on the table.

“This will not be our last time seeing each other, Colette,” Lux said. “Didn’t I promise you that I would meet your sister? I don’t want to brag, but I am someone that keeps my promise.”

“Although it might take a while, I promise that I’ll find you, so that you can introduce me to your amazing Big Sister.”

Colette looked at Lux with a serious expression on her face before giving a reply. “I still feel anxious, Big Brother. I feel like I really won’t see you again once I leave Leaf Village.”

“Hahaha, you think too much,” Lux stated. “Don’t you trust me?”

“I trust you.”

“Then, continue to trust me. I will keep my promise. Let’s pinky promise on it?”

“P-Pinky promise?” Colette looked at Lux with confusion. “What’s a pinky promise?”

Lux raised his right little finger and wiggled it in front of Colette. “This is the pinky finger. Now use your own pinky finger to intertwine with mine.”

Colette was still unsure about what Lux was trying to do, but she obeyed until both of their little fingers were intertwined with each other.

“This is how you pinky swear,” Lux said. “I promise that I will come to find you and your sister. It may take a while, but I swear that I will look for the two of you. If I break my promise, I will lose all the hair on my head and become bald forever.”

Colette and Helen giggled after hearing the contents of Lux’s promise. They just couldn’t imagine what the Half-Elf would look like if he became bald.

Lux then shook his intertwined finger with Colette, sealing the promise he made to her.

“There,” Lux said as he gave Colette a wink. “Now, do you feel any better?”

Colette nodded. Although her Big Brother’s way of assuring her was unexpected, she now believed that he wouldn’t break his promise to meet her and her sister after they had left Leaf Village.

“Big Brother, I have an idea!” Colette said with sparkling eyes. “Let’s fight the Forest Wolf King!”

Matty, who was having a drinking contest with Andy and Axel, spat the mead out of his mouth and coughed repeatedly.

Even the Dwarves who were sitting at the tables near the group turned their heads to look at Colette after hearing her proposal.

“No.” Lux shook his head firmly. “That’s just suicide.”

This thought had already crossed his mind, but he decisively shot it down because it was too dangerous. When they fought against Orobak, he knew back then that they were no match for him.

This was why he decided to fight him using trickery. Although he got the results he wanted, he knew that it wouldn’t work against the Forest Wolf King, who was stronger than Orobak. If they really went there to fight it with just their party, there was a high chance that they would suffer casualties, even if they managed to defeat it.

This was something that Lux wanted to avoid at all costs.

Colette was also aware that her proposal was unreasonable, and had gotten carried away because of the drinks that she had earlier. In the end, everyone just treated it as a joke and the discussion about hunting the Forest Wolf King ended.

An hour later, their celebration ended and everyone went back to their own rooms to rest.

Lux, who didn’t drink any alcohol, sat beside the window of his room and looked at the full moon in the sky.

The baby Slime on his lap was sleeping peacefully after she’d had her fill of food and drinks from their party. Eiko had grown very fond of Colette and the others, and he was sure that she would miss them once they left Leaf Village to go to the Intermediate Town.

Although Lux could break past the Apostle Grade at any moment if he allocated his free stat points, he didn’t do that. Just like he told Colette earlier, he was someone who kept his promises, and until his promise in Leaf Village was kept, he would not leave it anytime soon.

‘Aside from the Ghoul Beast, only the Forest Wolf King is left,’ Lux thought as he gazed at the moon. ‘All the Beginner Villages have a Mythical Quest in them… I need to complete them all before the tournament starts.’

Mythical Ranked Items were extremely rare because they were the highest tier before reaching Legendary Rank.

He already had the Pseudo-Legendary Armor, the Blackrock Legacy Armor Set, but it was currently equipped by Diablo.

His Master, Randolph hadn’t even started crafting his Faunus Battle Armor because he was prioritizing Andy’s and Axel’s armor sets.

In truth, there was a connection between the Mythical Quests of each Village around the Stronghold of Norria.

All of the mythical rewards from each of them comprised the entirety of the Mythical Faunus Battle Regalia Set.

Lux opened his Elysium Compendium as he read the passage that was written there.

“In Leaf Village, a special armor is made, its toughness is as resilient as adamantium.

In Lindow Village, a shield stands proud, waiting for the day its new owner arrives.

In Sunflower Village, where the sun rises in the east, a blade that has slain a dragon is hidden.

Lastly, in Millwood Village, where secrets are kept, a mask with many faces smiles at the ignorant.”

Four Villages,

Four Battle Regalias that made up the Mythical Faunus Set.

Once the full set had been gathered, it would forever be bound to its owner. According to the Elysium Compendium, if the right conditions and requirements are met, the Mythical Armor Set could evolve into a Legendary Set.

This was why Lux had no plans of leaving the Beginner’s Zone anytime soon. As long as he could acquire the complete Faunus Battle Regalia Set, he was confident that he would be able to win against anyone in the tournament, even if the participants were backed by the Royal Families that supported Barbatos Academy.


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