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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 93: CH 84: LILIN (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“So this is how it looks like now… It’s way bigger than in my memory.”

A half-naked Lilin expressed as she observed an equally half-naked Setsuna crouching down between Sol’s crotch and bobbing her head up and down, her long blue hair dancing wildly with each of her movements.

A bitter laugh escaped Sol, “The last time we took a bath together I was six. I would be worried if it still looked the same.”

“Your highness, forget her and focus on me. Am I doing right?”

Looking down at Setsuna who was dangerously holding on to his penis with a dissatisfied expression, Sol gently brought down her head again to it, “No worries. Continue like you were doing. And remember. No teeth.”

Wiggling her tail, Setsuna opened her mouth wide and began to suck on his member again.

The sensation brought a shiver of pleasure to Sol who closed his eyes and let a sigh of happiness.

He laid down a little and was surrounded by a delicious warmth as Lilin who sat behind him on the bed with her top off hugged him.

Feeling Setsuna coil her tongue around his rod, he idly wondered just how this incredible threesome came to be.

A few moments ago, Sol was sitting in a recreation room. Behind him stood Setsuna and seated next to him was Lilin.

At the end of the day, bickering was fine and all, but doing so at the entrance of the tower was unacceptable.

Milia, on the other hand, had already left with Nuwa to settle her in the outer ring where the maids in training had their quarters.

As such, they had decided to use another room and Sol called some maids to take care of him.

This was why he was currently sipping on his steaming hot tea, relaxing, as a maid massaged his calf while another massaged his shoulders.

Meanwhile, he was watching Setsuna and Lilin throw death stares at each other.

‘Nothing like home soothe my heart.’

This scene was something he was rather used to.

Since they were kids, Lilin had always been abnormally attached to him. She was basically like a shadow that refused to leave him. Be it sleeping or bathing, she was always with him.

Frankly, at first, he found her a little creepy but after a while, he became used to it and even found it cute.

‘Humans adaptation abilities are seriously scary.’

Thinking fondly of those times, he smiled. Without a doubt, one of the reasons he wasn’t repulsed by Camelia and Milia’s heavy love must have been because he was already used to such attention.

The dynamics of his relationship with Lilin changed once Setsuna joined. At first, Setsuna was a little wary of him and didn’t particularly like to stay with him, but, after they inadvertently entered Medea world for the first time and he stood in front of Setsuna to protect her, she began to open up to him greatly and also began to follow him everywhere.

This, of course, did not sit well with Lilin.

Jealousy, screams, tears, fights etc.

Having to deal with two children doing a drama worthy of Bollywood had been a true chore.

Thankfully, as time passed, this relationship became a more or less healthy rivalry.

“Enough Setsuna. I remember how much you bullied me with your strength because I didn’t have mana back then. I think it’s time for a payback.”

“Brings it on.”

The atmosphere in the room suddenly seemed divided into two camps.

The aura emanating from their bodies was literally the room to tremble.

Thankfully, all the walls in the tower were enhanced to be resistant to magic.

Sol, still sipping on his tea, looked at the uncomfortable expression of the two maids taking care of him and sighed, “I don’t like girls who fight without caring about their surroundings.”

Those words were like a magical incantation. All the building pressure immediately vanished as if it never existed in the first place.

The two girls still glared at each other, but otherwise didn’t have any other action.

This was another thing he liked about them. No matter how deep they were into their arguments, they would always listen to him and stop when he asked them to.

“Anyway, no matter how strong you have become, I already nearly climbed the stairs of adulthood with Sol.”

Lilin’s eyes opened wide at this revelation and turned toward Sol, “Really?”

Sol didn’t even open his mouth before Setsuna continued. “Of course.”

“But I thought that you wanted to use your chastity to empower the ritual?”

Lilin was truly surprised. She may bicker regularly with Setsuna, but she knew how much Setsuna yearned for power and how serious Sol was. There’s no way Setsuna would lose her virginity before the right time.

Setsuna flushed a little but didn’t avert her sight from Lilin’s curious glance. “There are many things possible even without penetration.”

The two maids who were still massaging Sol blushed. They were part of the girls who had already lost their virginity to Sol and did it with him more than once, so they understood what Setsuna meant.

Seeing all the girls blushing, it suddenly dawned on Lilin that she might be the only one without any experience in this room.

‘This won’t do.’

“You two, this is enough massage for Sol. Now you should leave the room.’

The two maids hesitated a little before looking at Sol, and only after seeing him nod did they leave.

Now alone in the room, Lilin’s fiery eyes settled on Sol.

“I want to learn.”

Sol was now stuck in a dilemma.

Teach his absurdly sexy cousin who also had feelings for him about sex?

Or be serious and just push it to later?

This dilemma lasted for less than 0.001 seconds.

“Practice is always better than theory.”

‘Haha. Thinking about it, this is really a development worthy of a hentai story.’

Thinking so, he grinned mischievously and looked at Setsuna. Setsuna, who was still working on the felatio, understood his signal.

Letting go, she stood up and walked behind him before holding Lilin down.


Surprised, Lilin tried to escape but,

“No magic.”

Those words of Sol sealed all escape routes for Lilin. After all, no matter how strong she was, she could never match Setsuna’s pure strength without using mana.

Turning around, Sol observed the glamorous body of Lilin.

Since he had already bathed with Lilith not long ago, he could say that their proportions were very similar to each other.

The expression of looking more like sisters than daughter and mother had never been more appropriate. What’s more, with his new sense, even their magic powers roughly felt the same.

“Hum, don’t stare too much, it is a little embarrassing.”

He was brought back from his thoughts by Lilin’s uncharacteristically shy voice. Raising his head only to see her flushed face, Sol smiled mischievously and gently began to take off her skirt, leaving her with only a pair of black frilly panties.

“Heh, So you use black now.”

Setsuna snickered before holding Lilin breasts from her behind. Her expression, filled with jealousy.

Her actions caused Lilin to yelp in surprise, but Setsuna didn’t relent and began to massage while murmuring, “Those useless lumps of fat.”

Setsuna’s breasts were far from being on the smaller side. But, Lilin was someone who could compare with some young cow women and not be left wanting.

Lilin twisted, but she could not escape Setsuna’s grasp.

Meanwhile, after taking off her panties, Sol placed his hand on Lilin thighs and gently spread them, revealing her secret garden.

“Ah~ Do, I look weird down there?”

Lilin’s breath grew heavy as she tried to close them, but Sol gently stopped her. No girl wouldn’t be worried about such a situation while they still lacked experience.

“No, it doesn’t look weird at all. It’s beautiful. What’s more…” He used his index to gently trace the still closed folds, “…You are already wet.”

He slowly rubbed down the right side until he reached the bottom, then he rubbed back up the left side. At the top, he poked at the clitoris before rubbing back down the right side again.


To the surprise of Sol, his teasing touch had her moaning in no time. The glistening pussy began to produce even more juice.

He knew he was good, but it was still surprising how sensitive she was. It was as if she was built just for the purpose of sex.

“Please…don’t just tease me. Touch me more than that.”

Setsuna, seeing her long-life rival in such an embarrassing situation, grinned deviously and stuck out her tongue before licking Lilin’s ear.


“Haha! To think the haughty princess would show such a face.”

Setsuna became even bolder as she pinched Lilin’s stiff nipples.

“Lilin, I hope you are ready.”

Lilin, who had previously closed her eyes because of the influx of never-felt pleasures, opened them only to see Sol bury his face in her crotch.

He stuck out his tongue and let it crawl along the pink flesh.

This was a very confusing situation for Lilin. Her upper body, arms included, was constricted and she could not move. Her legs were spread wide and she could not close them.

Setsuna’s smooth hands were massaging her breasts and Sol’s sticky tongue was all over her most sensitive place.

She was not doing anything at all and the pleasure was coming to her in droves.

Every time the rougher flat of the tongue rubbed at her vagina, it would twitch wildly.

It was intense, but it was also light enough to be frustrating. It had her melting in no time.

“Ah! Sol~ Please, stop, something is happening!”

His tongue forced its way further and further in without caring about her plea.

He began moving his tongue in and out of her vagina.

Her love juices flowed without end as his tongue licked at the edges of the hole and the walls within.

His upper lip rubbed at her clit over and over as if trying to rub those love juices into it.

All those sensations began to build in Lilin. She felt as if something was about to explode.


At that very moment, a veritable fireworks exploded in her mind.

A soundless scream escaped her as she opened her mouth wide. Her back arched and her hips trembled so much with pleasure they appeared to be convulsing.

For the very first time in her life–Lilin climaxed.


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