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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 68: CH 59: WELCOME BACK Bahasa Indonesia

What followed was a simple speech where Sol talked a little about himself and his wish to make the kingdom stronger and better. The usual rubbish.

He now understood a little why politicians always lied during elections. The populace didn’t care about the truth. The truth was heavy and full of bleakness.

What they needed was someone who could make them dream. Someone who could promise them better days ahead. That was also why religion was always popular no matter what era.

Well, this was just his opinion based on his experience.

After the speech followed by the applaud, Sol’s role was pretty much over. It was just noon and he had until the evening before having to go visit the Highland family. As such he decided to go to the quarters in the tower of babel with Lilin.

He obviously didn’t take Clara with him. No matter how much a friend she was to Lilin, the upper level of the babel tower couldn’t be entered by someone unrelated to the royal family. He wouldn’t let strangers enter such a place no matter how cute or how close to his cousin she was.

There was also the fact that he wanted to spend some time alone with his cousin. After all, 2 years of absence was nothing to scoff at. Some relationships didn’t even last that long.

Thankfully, it seemed that Clara understood his caution and didn’t take offense to it as she waved them goodbye.

Before using the gate, even though he knew it might be useless, he gave a signal to Milia to investigate her. It was necessary for him to become more mature and used to give command little by little.

King or no King. Knowing how to direct your own subordinate was always a much-needed skill and he wasn’t against learning something new.

After Sol left the lounge, Milia escorted Clara out of the Colosseum before giving her a card for a VIP room in one of the greatest hotels in the capital.

She might be under investigation, but she was still a guest of the queen’s daughter. It would be extremely rude to not treat her as such.

Now alone, she sank in the shadows before appearing in another street, her maid clothes replaced by a simple long dress that could be seen on any ordinary commoner.

It didn’t take long for her to enter a seemingly normal inn and then as if it was the most natural thing in the world, she entered the zone reserved for the staff.

The time to clean the kingdom was approaching. If possible, she wished that her beloved prince wouldn’t have to be covered in blood.

She loved his gentle smile that always managed to soothe her heart and make her forget all her weariness. She liked his sunny aura that steeped into the heart of those who faced him.

She wished that he would continue to live in a bright and beautiful world full of colors.

That’s why the crown’s shadow existed. They were the dark hand behind the curtain. The one who did the dirty jobs.

She would protect him. It was far more than just a duty. It was her most precious wish.

That was why she would become active again. That was why she would take out her weapon again.

No matter what or no matter, how once she got all the proof she needed she would massacre them all.

“Did you capture those gladiators that were previously bribed?”

“Of course.”

A feminine voice sounded from behind her. She didn’t need to turn to know that it was one of the fingers. More precisely, it was the maid who followed the princess and came back with her.

“Then,” stretching her fingers she gave a cold smile, “Your report about the princess can wait. Right now I need to see if I am still good at making the prisoners sing.”

‘No matter what happens, by the end of this festival, the kingdom will be cleansed of all those filthy worms.’

On Sol’s side, once they entered the upper floor of the tower they immediately went towards the part reserved for Lilin.

“Nothing changed.”

Lilin murmured under her breath, her expressions still cold and unchanging.

Sol was used to it. If Lilin could be described in one word, then he would use the term Kuudere.

Many people found her disturbing and even in the castle, he knew that most of the staff did not really like coming close to her. Despite that, in his eyes, she was just a clumsy girl awkward at showing her feelings.

“Indeed. Nothing changed. Let’s see your room.”


It didn’t take long for them to enter the room.

Surprisingly despite it being a girl room, there was nothing girly about it.

On the wall, all one could see were pictures showing the internal structure of the human body at different degrees. While some other pictures showed different poses necessary in martial arts.

Aside from those pictures, swords, and spears of different shapes and sizes could be seen all around.

The bed, despite being created by a master and extremely beautiful, did not really seem to fit in this room that looked more like a dojo than a bedroom.

Lilin’s eyes began to sparkle even though her expression didn’t change much. She rushed into her room and began to gently touch each of her weapons.

“When I fled two years ago, I was really sad because I couldn’t bring them with me.”

“Hahaha. Indeed. You always have loved weapons more than dresses and flowers. I guess this is why you are so good at fighting.”

If people saw him as the second coming of Mars and always compared him to his father. Then Lilin wasn’t any different as she was always compared to Lilith.

Everyone called Lilin a genius at fighting and even though she had zero talent towards contract, no one looked down on her since they had Lilith as an example.

But Sol never used the word genius to describe his cousin. She was without a doubt extremely talented. But calling her a genius was like insulting all the work she put into becoming better.

His training was rough. Incredibly rough. So rough he wished entertained thoughts of murder.

But –honestly speaking, it was bearable. For the simple reason that he wasn’t totally human. Be it a higher strength than normal, incredible regeneration abilities, and a large quantity of mana, he simply had too many things to make the training bearable.

But what about Lilin? From what he knew she was just a normal human. Aside from her mana quantity that was far larger than normal, she did not have any particular perk. Wounds that would heal in a matter of hours or days for him would only heal after weeks for her.

Fatigue that he could shrug off after a few hours of rest would make her collapse and unable to move from the bed.

“Sol? Is there something on my face?”

“No. I was just lost in thought.”

Smiling, he sat on the bed and indicated his thigh with his hand. “Come on.”

Before he even finished his words, she was already laying her head on his lap.

Chuckling a little at how things seemingly hadn’t changed, he gently caressed her head while she closed her eyes in happiness.

“It must have been hard right?”

What would it feel to go from a princess to a simple commoner? No matter how skilled she was, when she left she was only 16. Going from rich to rag must have not been easy.

He couldn’t even begin to understand all the hardships she had to go through. As such, there was one thing he had to do before interrogating her.



“Welcome back.”

“Hehe~!” Letting a shy laugh, she answered, “I am back.”


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