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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 66: SPECIAL CHAPTER CHRISTMAS: BLAZE AND MARS Bahasa Indonesia

Under a shed in the hanging garden, a beautiful red-haired woman reclined on a rocking chair, a large white blanket covering her as she observed a young man busy himself around.

White snowflakes fell like petals of a flower from the sky but thanks to a special barrier none of it entered the garden but instead drifted aimlessly around it, giving this sight a mesmerizing feeling.

Sighing, the red-haired woman asked, “Why don’t you let me help you, you know that I just discovered my pregnancy two months ago right? I still have between twelve to forty months before giving birth.”

At the end of the day, even though she looked like a human and had reproductive organs compatible with humans, she wasn’t one. She was a dragon. A mythical creature mainly made out of energy rather than flesh.

For the fetus to mature completely, it had to absorb her energy until saturation. The longer this went on, the more talented the baby would be. The problem was that during this period, the mother would be slowly weakened as a result, and even after giving birth, she would take a long time before reaching her peak.

The man, a handsome blonde-haired and blue-eyed young man swept his long golden hair before looking with disapproval at his wife.

“Blaze, I already said that you shouldn’t do anything strenuous now that you are pregnant with Sol. Also, I know how lazy you are during winter so don’t try to put a tough front.”

No matter how mystical dragons were, they were just partially divine and as such, they also had to follow some rules of nature.

Since they were naturally cold-blooded creatures, even though they didn’t particularly mind winter on a physical level, they still hated it on a psychological level and generally became very sluggish during this period. Some of them even hibernate.

Blaze had nothing to retort to this and she had to admit that she liked being pampered by her husband, he had been busy lately because of negotiations with Slothtein and Greed Dike to put a common front against Gluttony Foss that was slowly stirring, so the time they had alone was becoming rather limited.

Smiling softly, she asked, “Then, why don’t you have the maids help you? Wouldn’t it be easier?”

Mars frowned a little before putting the Christmas tree in the corner of the shed.

“You know I don’t really like being attended to. If I can do it myself, why have another one do it in my place?”

Blaze gave a wry smile at this opinion of his. It was something she had never really managed to understand. Even though he had been raised as a prince, sometimes she felt like he had received a completely different upbringing.

She knew that her husband was hiding a secret. A very big secret. Still, she never tried to poke her nose in it. People had the right to their privacy. This rule held true even between husband and wife.

“So, who will come? The usual group?”

Mars, who was now decorating the tree, answered calmly,

“Arachne, Camelia, Lilith, Theresa, Iris, Persephone, and Pandora.”

Blaze’s smile twitched a little at this list. Camelia aside, all the ones he listed were women who had some form of infatuation for him.

She could understand how Arachne Milaris and Lilith could fall for him. Lilith being Mars’s half-sister didn’t really matter. Incest was in no way a sin in the mind of dragons.

But the others always left her incredulous.

Theresa was the daughter of one of the richest dwarfs alive, hereby making her one of the richest in the world.

Iris was the heiress of the church of Industria in Slothtein.

Persephone was one of the four Ouroboros.

Finally, Pandora was the crown princess of Envilya.

As for her, as a dragon worshipped in Southern pride, she was even superior to the Queen of elves in that kingdom.

“So, all we miss is someone high placed in Wratharis? Heh, my dear husband, are you trying to rule the world?”

Mars immediately had cold sweat on his back as he gave up on work and immediately approached Blaze before taking her hand.

“What do you mean? You know very well they are just friends. Nothing more.”

Looking at his earnest and serious eyes, Blaze sighed. She had mixed feelings about the current situation.

On one side, her pride made her unable to accept that her mate would have anyone else but her. On the other side, she took pride in the fact that he was loved by so many outstanding women.

Still, as a dragon, she wasn’t particularly against polygamy. If Mars was more proactive in taking them in their bed she wouldn’t object too much. Though she would have to beat them all up to set up a clear hierarchy in the harem.

Thankfully and for once again some weird reason, despite all his accomplishments, Mars seemed to suffer from some sort of inferiority complex and refused to believe so many women had feelings for him.

In her case, before they begin their relationship she even once literally jumped on him naked while he was bathing and all the dunce did was blush and close his eyes before running out of the bath.

Caressing his head with eyes full of frustration, she said, “I love you, but sometimes I really pity those girls.”

She chuckled at his clueless looks. She didn’t mind giving way to a harem. But no way she would be one to help it. If they wished for him to understand their feelings, they should do like her and jump on him while he was sleeping.

Christmas was a special day for everyone in this world. It’s said that it’s on that day that the goddess created life in the world. This was the day of the year where prayer was far more effective and Miracle more likely to happen.

“Merry Christmas!!!”

The garden was now occupied by a group of beautiful women as they chanted with joy and happiness.

“Blaze! Mars! Merry Christmas!! Congratulations on your pregnancy.”

A short and slim woman of about 140 cm skipped to Blaze who was still seated on her chair. Her smile was innocent and contagious. She was wearing a short red and white skirt, that fluttered in the wind.

“Thank you, Theresa. Merry Christmas to you too, you are splendid.”

“Hehehe~! Really!? Yeah!” Giving a bashful smile, she twirled, showing some glimpse of her red panties.

Mars hurriedly turned his head aside before also complimenting her dress, making Theresa even happier.

After Theresa, the other woman also approached and wished merry Christmas and also gave their congratulations.

Blaze watched all of them with a happy smile.

Even though most of them were her competitors of sorts, they were also precious friends she would never give up for anything in the world.

Looking down, she gently caressed her belly as she murmured inwardly,

“I pray that you will grow into a gentle and handsome young man. I pray for your life to be full of happiness. I pray for you to grow healthy. Finally, I pray to be by your side until the day you become a grown man. Merry Christmas my baby Sol, this will be the first out of many.”


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