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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 6: CH 6: HEATED BATH Bahasa Indonesia

Done messing a bit with a sexually overdosed Setsuna, Sol now laid down inside the lukewarm water of his bath, prepared for him to relax and blow away some of his fatigue, as his body was being scrubbed clean and tended to by five maids, with luscious bodies that would make any men drool at their mere sight.

Even though he was originally from the world of modern times, he didn’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable being tended upon by the skilled and dainty hands of his maids and in fact relished it, quite a bit. Any man would enjoy being tended upon by willing women, said enjoyment increased proportionally to the beauty of the woman involved.

His bath was more akin to a large swimming pool full of hot steaming water rather than the traditional bath usually found in the empire’s nobility. The maids bathing him were wearing a mixed assortment of white and black micro-swimsuits, of his own creation, that barely covered any of their womanly features from the eyes. It made their sights even more tantalizing than them being fully naked.

Glancing at their half-naked and tantalizing forms, his dick couldn’t help but slowly become erect with anticipation of a quick romp. One would need to be gay or a eunuch — or, perhaps, in full control of their mind — to not get a hard-on in such a situation. Never mind that he had already cum five times since yesterday.

Still, simply opting to close his eyes, he paid no further attention to his now aching groin protesting for some much-desired action. It wasn’t his first bath nor his first time getting a hard-on during such baths. Usually, the maids would just ignore it with a professional smile and finish bathing him, ending their task of the day.

Today, however, proved to not be a usual day, it seemed…

Feeling a soft hand gingerly caressing his shaft, making it throb into life, he opened his slightly perturbed eyes and looked quizzically at the maid who was so bold to manhandle his little brother.

The figure of a maid with a rather petite build entered his gaze, only answering his queries with a coquettish smile devoid of any fear as she became busy handling his meat slab. He never really tried to remember their names since they always rotated their shifts for his bath time.

Feeling his questioning gaze drop on her, the maid froze, then looking at him she let out a bashful smile, questioning or rather asking for permission.

“Your highness. Would it be alright for us to take care of you today?”

Understanding the hidden meaning behind her query, Sol raised an eyebrow at her bold and brazen remark. He had never used his authority to make the servants around him to serve him, sexually or in any forceful way, for that matter, against their own consent and interest.

The way he was now, in this new life of his, he could be said to be many things — a rapist, and a tyrant, both surely weren’t among them, and he did not think that anything was exciting about having a quick shag with an unwilling partner.

“What brought this question? This is rather sudden and unprecedented.”

The maid began to giggle at his statements as one of them, a catgirl, voiced out a response with an impish smile hanging on her luscious pink lips.

“We always wanted to do it, Nya~!…”

“We just thought that your highness wasn’t interested in lowly beings like us.” Another one, with the pointed ears and the dark skin of a dark elf, continued while licking her dark ruby-colored lips.

“But yesterday…”

“All the maids heard the sweet moans coming from your room and…”

“Our suspicions were proven correct after seeing Setsuna’s state today…”

“So we thought we would try our chances.”

He was as impressed and bewildered about their synchronization as he was about their scandalous proposal, that neither hid nor had any intention to mask their desires towards him.

Five maids. A cat, an elf, and three humans. All of them were rather beautiful and with well-developed bodies.

He nearly gulped in anticipation, but he refused to show them weakness, preserving his stoic demeanor in front of them.

‘Seems like I will get to realize one of my dreams. Having an orgy.’

He let out a charismatic smile, affirming them of their wishes…


Done deciding on a suitable order, they synchronously moved towards the part of the bath where the water was shallower than the rest, shallow enough for them to enjoy a depraved session unhindered.

Lining up in front of him in practiced order, they got down on all fours, and stuck their butts out towards him, eagerly waiting for him to appraise their derriere and do with it as he pleased.

Viscous streams of steam filled the room, and floating lights, held and weaved together using magical phenomena, illuminated the room, he saw a lewd assortment of a white ass, a brown one, and a beastly ass, protruding a tail from the girl’s tailbone, flickering above her smoothly toned butt with mischievous dexterity.

Unsure in his mind whether he should call the sight fantastical or breathtaking, he stood mesmerized as the beholder of the hedonistic sight, but one thing he was sure, the dreamlike scenario was more than enough to stir up his animalistic lust.

Caressing the gals’ bodies to his heart’s content, he inserted his finger in their wet honeypots, enjoying the subtle differences in their makeup and the variances in their reaction to his touch.

A few moments achingly passed, he was now holding on to a chocolate-toned ass and pumping this chocolate beauty, of dark elvish origin, from behind like there was no tomorrow.

His penis, oozing with both of their bodily fluids, was still going rhythmically in and out of her salmon pink vagina, it was an unbelievably obscene sight. The other girls — hot, naked, and bothered, reeling in the depraved sight — were all watching the scene in front of them with feverish eyes, quietly whispering amongst each other, a depraved discussion fitting the scenario.

“A, Amazing…..! She is usually such a quiet girl, but now she’s letting out those kinds of voices…”

“Is it really that good?”

“I mean, just look at it, it’s so thick and sturdy… “

“Ahh… T-the sex is so indecent it almost seems like two animals are copulating with wanton abandon!”

“If my insides got stirred by such a thing, my stomach would likely tear… How delightful!!!”

Sol didn’t pay attention to their murmurs, solely focusing on the unceasing moans of the dark beauty under him.

“Ah~! Please more!! I-It’s reaching, it’s hitting me so deeply!”

Cornering her intensely as he pumped smoothly from behind, he made her shiver and tremble as she experienced a violent surge of pleasure along with her first-ever internal orgasm, the dark elf’s vagina was convulsing erratically as he finally spurted his thick semen right into the deepest depths of her core.

All the girls synchronously swallowed their saliva as they eyed him with a mix of curiosity, fear, and…desire, as he pulled his still hard and throbbing penis out of the fainted tanned nude body. A mixture of blood and semen immediately began to flow out of her still quivering snatch, her body probably still being rocked by the throes of her repeated orgasms.

He sported a rather confident grin as he asked them the question, they all were excruciatingly waiting for.

“Now then, who’s next?”

Getting red in the face and quickly averting their gazes, the girls eyed each other before one of them finally gathered enough courage to step ahead and go near him.

Sol didn’t urge any of them. Sex was a willing act of pleasure between two or more people. Forced sex shouldn’t exist.

He boldly embraced her slender body, of the one that proposed herself, and massaged her rather modest breasts with one hand while his other hand trailed downwards before stirring up her insides.

It was already quite obvious that she was hoping for such a development as her sweet moans leaked out and fear was quickly replaced by a growing sense of pleasure.

Several voices whispered together in an entangled note all pointing out in an envious tone, their desires to replace the girl ahead, as the rest of the girls could only patiently wait for their turn.

What followed was a pure storm of relentless lust. As he went all out and vented as much as he liked.

The girls didn’t mind either. Even though he vented, he still cared enough to make them feel as much pleasure as he could possibly deliver to them. He used his tongue and fingers to bring them to the height of happiness.

It wasn’t long before they were piled up in a total mess of quivering flesh and echoing moans.

This time Sol wasn’t behind them but was rather laying down under a mattress specially used for bathing purposes…

They straddled his arms, legs, torso, and face. They used their own fingers to spread their pussy lips and pressed the contents against him.

Then, they all began moving their hips.


Moans and ecstatic shouts echoed in the wall of the bathroom.

Girls straddled Sol’s face, limbs, body, and dick and they all rubbed their wet pussy lips against him.

The girls were essentially latching their sensitive flesh against his body to masturbate.

Their juices had already started overflowing as they waited for Sol to stick his manhood inside each of them in turn.

They produced plenty of love juices, so they quickly smeared his entire body with their shameful nectar. He almost felt like all of the bathwater had been replaced with the girls’ love juices already.

“A-ahn~! Yes! amazing! ”

The girls’ voices echoed through the bath. They were likely aroused by this perverted group masturbation session.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves even more than normal as each one’s pleasure amplified all the others’ pleasure. It was difficult to believe that those girls were all virgins just a few moments ago.

‘Ahh, I feel like my entire body is wrapped in their wet flesh… It’s like I’m inside a giant pussy…’

Though disgusted at his own imagination, it was indeed the only way to describe his current state. His naked body was entirely surrounded by the girls’ bodies. He was soaking in feminine flesh more than the bath.

In that world of utter perversion and unending depravity, his entire body twitched as he felt pleasure from all sides and nerves.

His penis throbbed violently — a milky liquid erupted from the tip as he filled the cat girl, that was straddling him, with his copious spunk.

“Nyaa~! A-Amazingg~!! This is, this is sex…? Having sex with a human male feels this good!”

The girls watched in utter fascination as their friend twitched and moaned like a deranged mess, her eyes rolling up the sockets of her skull, a sign of her immense pleasure, before one of them yanked her out and hastily replaced her with herself.

The cycle continued like that again and again in endless loops.

In the end, the girls could only beg for Sol to stop.

Standing naked, his dick hanging freely covered in bodily fluids of too many origins, and the girls covered in his semen and their mixed juices, laid on the floor with hazy expressions and smiles full of bliss. Sol only had one thought in his mind, at this depraved sight.

‘I friggin’ love this life.’

When he left the bath with a towel rolled around his hips, Sol let out a sigh of deep satisfaction. It was truly an exciting and spiritually relaxing event.

In the bath, what was left were five completely exhausted women covered in a veritable shower of semen from head to toe. This was such an erotic sight that he almost went for a new round, but remembering that he still had to attend breakfast he left reluctantly, but not without speaking out some words,

“I am really satisfied. We need to do it again another time.”

Having changed into clothes easier to walk around with — trousers and a shirt — Sol began to calmly advance towards the dining room, it was time for lunch.

Along the way, maids of different races and origins bowed and curtsied to him with respect etched deep into their bones.

The tower of Babylon was divided into four vertical sections. Upper, middle, lower, and the illustrious underground section.

Only the closest confidants of the royal family could enter the underground area and the upper part, furthermore, in all of the upper parts, Sol was the sole man taking residence.

From the guards to the cooks and even the servants. Each and every single one of them was a woman. Most of them were from different races.

With the enchanting presence of mana, encapsulating the world, the difference between genders was practically useless. A dainty little woman could have enough strength to shatter a rock while a muscular and rugged man could be unable to even put a dent in the same.

‘All the feminists on earth would kill to live in a world like this one.’

Discarding those humorous thoughts, about his old world, he stopped his gait once he reached a large door decorated in lavish arcs of gold and silver etchings of ancient aesthetics.

Despite the lavish expanse, it was in no way gaudy. The royal family had to keep appearances. As a noble, being modest wasn’t a virtue. It was a plain display of weakness.

Humbleness was a taboo in the world of nobles, from time immemorial till the eternal end.

Thinking so, he finally opened the door to the dining room.

It was a large room with only a single table as the primary decoration. The ceiling was painted with what looked like a map of the star-filled sky, said stars were shining thanks to a complex array of spells created a few years ago by the court witch.

‘I need to meet my teacher later.’

Scanning the room, marveling at the wondrous sight, his eyes went past the maids standing close to the walls before stopping on the sole woman seated at the very edge of the long wooden table.

She was as beautiful as always. Her long purple hair combined with her black dress could only emphasize her eternal elegance and enchanting beauty further and further. She was overflowing with the thick pheromones of a mature woman, in the prime of her life.

As if that wasn’t enough, the dress’ chest was kept boldly open, exposing the lovely curves of her bountiful cleavage. The two large and soft-looking white mounds of flesh and fat looked on the verge of popping out of the skimpy dress.

This was truly a woman of sin. This sinful woman who was his aunt gave a swift order after seeing him enter.

“Girls, you can leave the room. I need to discuss some private matters with my dear nephew.”


The maids all bowed in unison before walking in perfect synchronization without making the slightest bit of sound.

Once alone, Lilith, finally let out a faint smile as she indicated with her hand toward the seat on her right.

“Why are you still standing? Come take a seat.”

His face mirrored hers, a smile marginally broader than Lilith’s sat on his face. He elegantly walked, sitting next to her once he arrived at his seat. Everything from his posture while walking to the one he adopted while seating was visual perfection. The results of years of training in martial arts and etiquette bloomed in his every action.

He took a look at the table full of beautiful but light dishes before asking with a solemn tone.

“My aunt, before eating, I believe it’s time for you to explain to me what’s happening.”

He really wanted to understand why she was in so much hurry, throwing so many women at him as she did was too suspicious. Setsuna and Milia aside, those five maids had clearly been given orders even if they pretended otherwise.

Too weird. Too abrupt. Too…fake. He of course knew that he was about to awaken. But it seemed like he was still in the dark about some important information. Information that was fundamentally tied with his origins and his future.


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