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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 376: CH 344:ORGY (3)** Bahasa Indonesia

After making sure that Skuld was down for the count, Sol focused on the remaining four girls, wondering once again just who he should choose to make love with this time.

They were all so hot and looked absolutely delectable in those gorgeous bikinis. He was unable to make a proper choice. In the end, he decided to simply go by process of elimination and the one who still didn’t really have her fill of fun was none other than the blue-haired dragon queen herself.

‘Kiyohime I choose you.’

Sol seriously felt like a scumbag after thinking up of that remark. However, there was no way in hell he would give up on the girls he loved just because of some stupid sense of morality that was instilled in him in another world.

“Excuse me, then.”

He slid the bikini bottom aside to take a look at her marvelous pussy. It had a lovely color and texture to it. It was of a pure pink color. The exterior glistened with leaking strings of love nectar, splattering all around her pussy lips in a sticky show of her arousal. This was explicit proof that…despite the hard shell she usually put up around her, she was still a sexual being, at the end of the day.

She also had carnal needs, even though she was too shy and proud to show it openly.

“Heh. It’s twitching in the lewdest way Kiyo.”


His indecent commentary made her clench her teeth in utter humiliation but she did not retaliate in the slightest nor did she even try to escape from his depraved clasps. Sol loved this scene immensely. Words weren’t enough to describe the glee and high he felt right now. There was just this side to him… He just loved watching this straight-laced woman fight and lose against her pleasures as she fully surrendered her everything to him.

He pushed the throbbing, sensitive head against the soft opening of her tight and pure arousal and felt his member slowly sinking into the pleasant warmth of her most secretive place.

Her beautiful curved back quivered from pleasure and her beautiful blue hair spilled down across her cheeks.

“I’ll take my time to loosen you up, okay?”

He slowly, oh ever so slowly, pulled his hips back. Love juices filled the space his receding dick vacated and then he pushed his dick straight back in. With nowhere else to go, the love nectar squirted out of her vagina with great momentum, spilling all over. Most of it still splattered on Sol’s muscular thighs, however.

Her low muffled groans gradually turned to pleasured moans as time passed.

His thrusting picked up speed to pound her honeypot harder and harder, producing even more indecent noises.

Standing on the side, Nent could not help but observe this scene with a certain sense of curiosity.

Kiyohime was a war companion with whom she roamed the battlefield and made a name with. They were also lovers for a time, though Nent had simply been using her and did not really have romantic feelings for Kiyohime in the least.

Was it perhaps because of that? She couldn’t really remember Kiyohime ever showing such a clear expression of pleasure to her when they were together, making love and enjoying each other’s naked embrace.

‘I guess she really likes Sol… Or he is just very good at what he does. Probably, it’s both.’

She simply decided that it was most likely both the cases at the end. So, she just decided to relish the faint feelings of pleasure spreading through her body coming from the link between all of them. This new skill of Nefertiti’s was truly marvelous if she had to say so herself.

Sol could feel that Kiyohime was restraining herself out of pride but he would have none of that. He grabbed her rather meager tits from behind and started thrusting harder into her small snatch. The slapping of flesh meeting flesh, lathered in each other’s juices, echoes through the room, producing reverberations of absolutely depraved noises.

He could feel that both Nefertiti and Nent were approaching him from either side of his body as if they had premeditated that movement already.

By the time he understood what was happening, Nefertiti and Nent brought their faces to his chest and began licking his nipples like it was the sweetest piece of candy. As though they just couldn’t get enough of it.

As soon as the tips of their rough tongues touched his skin, nipples and sensitive pecw, it felt like a jolt of electricity had run through his chest straight to his spine and finally into his brain. It reminded him of what Milia had once done to him in a way.

He was well and truly startled to finally realize the fact that he was actually really sensitive when it came to that area. It was rather awkward thinking about it but Sol just put all his senses into focusing on the feeling of pleasure instead of worrying about such meaningless things.

Isis, refusing to be left out, soon approached him and started her own form of make out session filled with all the passion she could muster for him. The position was rather awkward, and it wasn’t really the best occasion to indulge in such a thorough kiss with her, but it felt enjoyable to him nonetheless. Probably because he was surrounded by the girls he truly loved right now.

“Does it actually feel good when I lick you here?”

Nefertiti asked with a naughty tone latching her coquettish voice. For her, discovering another way of pleasuring her lord was a pleasure in itself. She couldn’t help but feel euphoric bliss course through her mind.

‘Ugh, I’m going to cum soon.’

The unexpected attack brought him to the edge faster than he would have wanted. But he never stopped his relentless attack on Kiyohime for even a moment.

This position placed her full weight on it, so it had to be a powerful momentum that would hit her deepest depths to make her feel the most amount of pleasure.

He would pull her body down so far her legs had to spread wide and he would thrust up into her at the same time. He took her arms to make sure all of his thrusting force entered her.

Her body trembled in his grasp and she cried out, finally unable to stop herself.

“Sol~ ”

His name being muttered with her oh-so-sweet voice made him feel like he was the king of the world. As if he had just won an important prize in the most prestigious tournament of the century.

With the three phoenixes’ caresses driving him mad, Sol let his lust take over and roughly thrust his hips with no technique whatsoever.

He had done his best to last as long as possible, but he finally reached climax and his manhood exploded inside the vagina of the Dragon Queen.

When all that semen slammed right into her cervix, Kiyohime arched her back, convulsed, and writhed around in agony and bliss. He had cum so much inside of her that the semen flowed back out of her vagina with a momentous rhythm.

The grandmother, granddaughter, and niece trio breathed envious sighs as they watched Sol and Kiyohime basking in the afterglow of their respective orgasms. They rubbed their dripping breasts against him and stared at the cum-dripping union with rapt attention and anticipatory gazes.

His semen flowed out of her vagina when he pulled his penis out and Kiyohime sadly watched it leave her honeypot. Her mating instinct had taken over for a short while but she knew that Sol was using a spell to avoid possible pregnancy.

The combination of cuteness and lewdity tickled Sol’s heart and he nearly went at it once again. But he knew he wasn’t done yet. There were still three very thirsty women waiting for him and he couldn’t disappoint them now, could he?

He debated going and finishing on the bed but immediately rejected the idea. After all, in the end, they would still have to come back here and take a bath so might as well finish things here.

As such Sol finally placed his attention on the three phoenixes. All related by the thick bonds of blood and sexiness.


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