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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 357: CH 325:COLD BATH Bahasa Indonesia

Five women were in the bath at the same time, each of them more beautiful than the others, yet they didn’t fall behind each other either.

All of them had their own characteristics and personalities and were powerful enough to destroy mountains or entire continents on their individual right. Some of them could change the fate of an entire territory with just one word and others were beautiful enough to make everyone fall for them with a single gesture of goodwill.

The atmosphere was awkward but the two who felt it the most were undoubtedly the duo of Nent and Kiyohime.

The first reason for their awkwardness was that the two of them were partially avoiding each other for some time already. While their relationship became better, the wounds Nent inflicted on Kiyohime could simply never heal no matter how long it may take, maybe nothing would change throughout their lifetimes.

No matter how you tried to repair it, a broken plate would never go back to its normal state. Nent understood that, if not for the existence of Sol, Kiyohime would simply hate her down to her very bones. Now, at least, she tried to hold herself back and bare with her so she had no complaints.

The second reason for their awkwardness was definitely the small pink-skinned ball of chaos that was humming as she swam in the bath with no care in the world.

“Hmm~ Hmmhmm~ Hmm~ Hmmhmm~”

At first glance, she may merely seem like a cute girl with an exotic skin color. But all of them knew that behind this face was a dangerous Titaness that once stood on the side of chaos.

In a way, it was incredible how obtuse this Titaness was but for Kiyohime and Nent, who actually fought her kind since the day they were born, they couldn’t help but feel tense in her mere presence.

The only reason they were not being outright hostile was that they knew that one of the reasons the war went so well was because of the intel that this Titaness gave them.

“Why is everyone so silent, I thought you wanted to talk?”

Finally, as if she had enough fun already, Skuld swam back to them with a cryptic smile,

“We would have. But your arrival surprised us.”


Skuld looked up and down toward Nent,

‘Meeting people who should have died is always so fun.’

Skuld let out a girlish laugh, hiding her dark thoughts behind her cute mask…

“Well, I divined that you guys were going to hold a talk and I thought, why not bring the full team together?”

She then proceeded to reach a corner and hoisted herself out of the water before sitting on the marble floor. Her skin, still glistening with droplets of water, was a lustrous sight through and through.

“You guys may already know, but my name is Skuld. I am one of the Norns and also someone who betrayed the side of Chaos. But I am sure all of this doesn’t matter, right? Hahaha, the most important thing is that…I am Sol’s woman. Just like the rest of you here. It’s my utmost joy to be able to meet all of you.”

Skuld came out strong right from the start, unwilling to waste any time with any misleading talks, “I already know most of you guys. Nent, Isis, Kiyohime, and…”

All three of them should have died during the fight against chaos, knowing that they were alive thanks to her gave her a sense of superiority. But the real reason why she was here was different.

Her smile stretched further when her gaze landed on the last one, “You must be Nefertiti.”

Nefertiti tilted her head in confusion when she saw the obvious goodwill brimming in Skuld’s eyes. This was the first time the two of them ever met, so this left her pretty confused.

“Oh. Do not mind me. I am just happy to see someone so devoted to Sol.”

Skuld briefed her with a partial truth. Actually, she herself did not know why she was happy to see Nefertiti. For the simple reason that the girl did not exist in her memories.

This could only mean two things.

Either the girl died off in some ditch or…

“Heh…Well, should we focus on the present? I am sure most of you must have realized it by now, but we will be stuck together for a long time. Wouldn’t it be better if all of us were on friendly terms? Or at least be each other’s allies?”

“Sigh. I was wondering why you pulled me here but I see that this is just a waste of my time. I will go now.”

Skuld shrugged, “I would have never thought that the dragon queen was a coward when it comes to love, or perhaps it’s because you fear being betrayed again?”

Kiyohime immediately glared at Skuld but the Titaness simply smirked, completely unfazed by her menacing state that only promised pain and suffering.

She could even laugh in front of Tiamat, much less a mere Kiyohime.

“You say you want us to become allies but it seems more like you wish to sow further discord in our relationship. Then again, I guess it’s as expected from someone from the side of Chaos.”

“You call this discord, I call it a bounding experience. After all, to really give our back to each other, it’s necessary to know our flaws. As for me being from the side of Chaos, hahaha, at least I would never treat my offspring like lab rats like you.”

This time, it was Nent’s turn to scowl menacingly.

“We are not lab rats.”

Skuld gazed at Nefertiti’s strong stance before nodding, “The current you can without a doubt say this.”

Finally, she turned to Isis, “You… Well, I have honestly nothing to say against you. Though I also think that a normal girl like you really does not suit this harem.”

Skuld knew from memories that basically all the girls, if not them all then most, were broken in some way or another.

At this level, she even wondered if this was a coincidence or fate.

But in this large swarm of broken women full of trauma, there stood Isis.

The weirdest thing about her was that she used the power of undeath and the worst she went through was being disliked by some phoenixes who did not even have the courage to insult her to the face.

Both her parents were alive and loved her. She never really went through much suffering throughout her life. She was born as a perfect hybrid with all the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

Her father was one of the strongest demigods in existence and her mother was one of the most powerful Kings as well as the Queen of the Phoenix realm.

In a way, the girl was even more blessed thant the true Blessed themselves.

In another way, she was like a luckier version of Sol.

“Haha, now I feel so refreshed.”

Skuld really hated how she couldn’t orchestrate the death of a few of them. As such, the most she could do was tell everything she had in her heart right this instant.

This was a very important moment and she could not afford to fuck it up.

Out of all of the women here, three should have died and one was someone she had no memory of.

In short, they were all uncertain factors and for a seer like her, the more uncertain factors existed, the worse she felt.

Spying the future was becoming incredibly harder.

Sol’s future was in a constant flux. Changing so fast that it made her want to barf.

Even if she gazed at hundreds or thousands of futures, one second was enough for that same future to crumble and change to completely different outcomes.

It didn’t help that there were so many singularities or demigod powerhouses in those futures, making it so it was even harder to predict things.

Skuld did not like the current situation. But she had to deal with it.

The least they could do was to let her curse out a little now, right?


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