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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 352: CH 320:DRUNK (1) Bahasa Indonesia

After an emotional moment with Nefertiti, Sol had seriously considered ending the night with him in her.

But in the end, he decided against this. Nefertiti was now his slave in both mind and body and he knew that she would only feel no dissatisfaction even if he was to abuse her.

But he wanted to treat her right. Not abuse her. After all, being a submissive didn’t mean you wished to be treated like shit every time. [1]

A pet didn’t need abuse. It needed as much care and love as any other living being.

Of course, Sol didn’t really know yet all the kink Nefertiti might have. He wouldn’t make the mistake of once again assuming without at least trying to understand her better.

‘Well, there is also the fact that she fell asleep.’

Sol looked down at the sleeping Nefertiti with a smile full of love.

As a divine beast of the Duke rank, the need of sleeping was extremely small for them. The fact that Nefertiti collapsed like this showed just how stretched and tired her mind have been.

He couldn’t even begin to fathom the level of stress and emotional pain she must have gone through because of him and he would make sure that she never had to go through such pain again.

‘I will need to slowly heal the wound in her heart.’

He let out a long sigh as he shed the calm and coldness he had shown while speaking to her.

Sol was truly not used to act like this towards his women.

He always wanted to treats them like the princess they were and bring them warmth and happiness.

Initially Sol planned to directly apologize to Nefertiti but then here came the problem.

Apologize for what exactly?

Apologizing for leaving her on the Phoenix realm?

For not signing a contract with her?

For not understanding her sooner?

He didn’t know.

He was lost and could simply do what was the best possible at any given moment.

After all, at the end of the day, the experience Sol had was simply too shallow.

In front of his women, he needed to show a strong front to give them confidence.

But inwardly, he knew very well that he was still fumbling and trying to find his way.

He had been lucky until and this led him to arrogantly believe he could easily understand them all.

This arrogance and lack of foresight were what hurt Nefertiti this time.

‘I am sorry. I promise I will do better.’

Sol caressed the hair of Nefertiti, careful in not waking her up.

He might be wrong, but he believed that what Nefertiti needed earlier was a clear set of direction to appease the fear deep in her heart.

Now that this was done, he would slowly give her all the sweetness in the world.

The time they lost could never be brought back but they could make better and more meaningful memories later on.

And Sol had learned a valuable lesson.

He would not repeat the same mistake.

‘I wonder if I could use my power for something like this.’

Sol seriously contemplated trying to find the answer through his zone. After all, he could find the ‘best path to victory.’

This didn’t necessarily need to be a battle, right?

But he discarded this thought.

It would be cheap and would cheapen his feeling for the girls as well. Cheating in a fight was perfectly normal. Not so much in a relationship.

Thinking like this, Sol stood up after putting a blanket over Nefertiti.

There was someone else he might have hurt because of his negligence. He needed to act to right his wrong.


While Sol and Nefertiti were now resting after an emotional talk, Isis was walking in the garden.

She liked the atmosphere and she wanted to think a little more about her current situation.

Soon, she would go live in the mortal realm with Sol.

The good news was that since Anubis was a mortal demigod and Nephtys was a Phoenix, the two of them would be able to visit her in Lustburg.

Sheherazade was no divine beast so as long as there was a portal it shouldn’t create any problem. She would have to verify this with Sol later just in case.

‘I wonder how life will be there?’

She had never visited the mortal realm. For one she knew that the flow of time there was constant, unlike the flow in the Astral realm that changed constantly.

She also knew that the structure of space was different and the relative amount of mana was far lower.

In short, it would be like going to a backward village after having lived in a castle her whole life.

Isis chortled at this thought, well intent on sharing it with Sol later on. She was dying to see what face he would make. Though she was sure that he would retaliate fiercely.

After all, she never won any of their arguments.

‘Perhaps I should take lessons in rhetoric?’

Banters with Sol were always fun and while she never won, Sol never went too far, always staying within the margin of what she could take.

It was a little infuriating in a way how good he was with words. Then again, it was a necessary skill for a king and a womanizer.

“You seem to be in good mood.”

Isis looked up, and saw Nent, walking with a bottle of wine and two glasses in her hands.

“Well, I was about to drink a little. Care to share with me?”

Isis hesitated a little. The two of them had never really been all that close, but then, remembering her goal of creating a faction, she decided that a drink wasn’t so bad.

It wasn’t like alcohol could make her drunk.

At least this was what she thought.

…She was wrong…

[1]: I regularly do some research on BDSM, even contacted and discussed it with a Dominatrix once. But I am not a pro and my knowledge is still shallow. So I am sorry if I don’t get everything right. I worked around a little with Masochists (Camelia etc) but a pure Sub like Nefertiti is a new ground. I think Skuld and Milia also fit the submissive in a certain way but at the same time not really. What do you think guys? Would love to have your opinion on this topic.

(AN: I really wanted to write smut just then for Nefertiti but I felt like it wouldn’t do her justice. One of her hangups is how she is nothing more than a sex partner for Sol. So having them fuck just after he calmed her down seems counterproductive. Wesh. But Nefertiti will have a scene no matter what before the end of this volume.

Now time for Nent. After this, I think all the important girls of Book 2 will have had their turn. Man, the bigger the harem the harder it is to develop them all.)


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