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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 348: CH 316:FEELING AWED Bahasa Indonesia

When the ding sound of the elevator resounded Isis looked up silently toward Sol.

“Tiamat probably already knows what happened earlier but it doesn’t really matter. She will not intrude on my personal matters…”

Sol stopped there, not speaking for a beat, before shaking his head with a wry smile etched on his face, “Well she might tease me or mock me a bit here and there but I doubt she would do such things in front of you. In the end, all you need to do is pay your respects to her and your job is done.”

Sol suddenly felt like he was some Chinese Emperor who was going to greet and have an exchange of subtleties with the Empress Dowager with his concubines in tow.

It didn’t help much that Tiamat’s style of clothes looked to be Chinese in origin as well.

‘My bad habit of escaping reality when there are problems is rearing its head right now.’

Sol scoffed at this stupid habit of his and discarded all stray thoughts from his mind.

Then he held their hands and began to walk forward, his voice noticeably warmer than before,

“Nefertiti, you will present your apologies later to Isis. No matter what, you had no right to talk to her like you did, so it’s inevitable that you apologize.”

“Sol, it isn’t really a problem, I…”

“Do not interrupt me, please.”

Isis wanted to speak some more but held her tongue when she heard Sol’s words. She could see that Sol was giving her a pleading gaze.

<<Let me take care of this, please…>>

Isis was a little startled at the voice that suddenly sounded inside her mind, but since she was used to fusing with Sheherazade, it wasn’t surprising enough that she would show a reaction outwardly so Nefertiti wasn’t able to find out anything strange.

<<If you want to talk, just focus…>>


It didn’t take long for Isis to take a few tries and she was soon able to perfectly speak out her thoughts with just a few tries.

<<Since when can you do something like that?>>

<<I explored the limits of our contract. As long as the distance isn’t too big between us, I can discuss things like this with you. But we can speak about that later.>>

For divine beasts, such simple multitasking was easier than breathing. So the two of them were able to converse and walk at the same time without having any trouble or it feeling unnatural.

<<I won’t keep this up for long. You just need to understand that I got everything figured out. I will take care of Nefertiti myself…>>

<<Very well…I will not insist in that case…>>

What else could she say after he spoke like that? She wasn’t close enough to Nefertiti to clamor like there was no tomorrow.

Furthermore, she didn’t wish to get on his bad side by pissing him off for no reason. So, the only logical thing remaining was to agree with him.

<<I am sorry for having reacted so coldly earlier and thank you for not beginning a dispute with Nefertiti despite her slight towards you. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am because of that…>>

Isis was not the kind of good girl or even a pushover who would take an insult laying down.

The only reason she didn’t explode when Nefertiti spoke like this was that Isis could feel the difference between true malice and simple jealousy or loss of control.

Nefertiti was clearly in the latter case. At least, that was the case till now. You never knew what jealousy would turn into malice after all…


When they finally reached the large door that separated them from Tiamat’s throne room, Sol knocked on the door lightly, even though he knew he didn’t need to.

“We are about to enter. Please don’t forget to turn off any kind of force field you may have on.”

Once bitten, twice shy. Sol had no problem facing her passive gravity, but he doubted Isis and much less Nefertiti could do so.

Nefertiti was already feeling pretty down. There was no need to make it worse by destroying any self-esteem she still might have left inside her.

Silence greeted him for a few seconds before Tiamat’s voice finally reached him,

“There was no such thing in the first place, though.”

“Haha, indeed, I totally believe you.”

Sol’s lips were pulled into a boyish grin as he pushed the gate open.

All this while, Nefertiti was watching in awe, nearly forgetting how upset she had been a few moments before.

This was the Dragon Empress. The strongest Demigod alive on the side of Order and most likely the strongest one ever to walk on both sides and Sol was talking and even joking around with such an existence?

Normal people would say that it was normal since Sol was Tiamat’s grandson but Nefertiti knew firsthand that being 6 it’sFamily did not mean particularly much to Divine Beasts.

When she finally took a step in the throne room, Nefertiti gulped deeply and the only thing that stopped her from making a fool of herself was the fact that she refused to cause humiliation to Sol.

Plainly spoken, Tiamat was a scary being.

It didn’t matter what she looked like. At the current moment, Nefertiti could feel with all her being that all that was needed was one thought for her to be erased completely.

Isis was faring a little better than her, but this was simply because she was used to being in the underworld. Still, she had to admit that from the little she could see, Tiamat was worthy of her reputation as the strongest.

She averted her eyes, unwilling to gaze deeply into the soul of that monster.

Tiamat had long, waist-length hair as black as the darkness of nihility itself. The top of her hair was tied up with an intricate gold hairpin with a pale blue tassel hanging from one end.

Her right eye was of a deep golden, while her left eye was covered by a red eyepatch. Golden dragon-shaped earrings that matched with the color of her eyes and hairpin were dangling in the air.

This time, rather than her usual qipao, Tiamat was wearing an intricate black and white themed imperial dress. The dress was quite skimpy, not reaching past her upper thighs, in fact it barely reached it. The off shoulder dress revealed much of her upper boobs and cleavage and it was long sleeved in nature. The end of her sleeves being overly spacious keeping up with the imperial theme. To add the final touch, a dark colored robe, originating from her neck, flitted over her back and went past her dress to reach her feet.

Finally, unlike the last time, her beautiful dainty legs were not unprotected as she wore a pair of white stockings and traditional sandals. Her dressing sense became a mix of regality added with elegance but still paired with her usual sexiness.

Tiamat was a beautiful and enticing woman without a shred of doubt.

But there were very few people in this world who would focus on her beauty.

The regal aura she emanated, even when she tried to contain it, was simply too overpowering for the vast majority to focus on her appearance.

Of course, our dear brazen boy was without a doubt one of those people.

When the three approached, both Nefertiti and Isis bowed deeply in respect, almost instinctively so.

This was the normal reaction. The simple fact that they did not kneel down in fright was already a testament of their strength.

But Sol was different, it might be different if she actually used her aura to overpower him consciously, but there was no way he would be cowered by her natural Aura.

“You changed your look? For what occasion?”

Tiamat shrugged playfully, and raised her hands, “Since you are bringing your women to me, I decided to look a little more serious. What do you think?”

“Please, even if you walked naked, people would still worship you without daring to take a look.”

“Sigh, that’s true. I guess I am simply too powerful for mere mortals.”

“Bragging, I see. Still, I can assure you that your clothes clearly make you look like an evil enchanting Empress.”

“I cut out everything except the Beautiful Empress part, thanks for the compliment.”

Like this, the small banter between the two continued for a short while before she finally took a look at Isis and Nefertiti.

“Isis, was it? I did not have the occasion to talk with you until now. But I heard you showed off quite a bit on the battlefield. Great job.”

“Your words are too kind.”

Isis humbly accepted the praises, but inside she was jubilating.

After all, how many people could brag that they had been praised by the Dragon Empress?

“As for you…”

Tiamat looked up and down at Nefertiti before nodding, “Gabriel told me that you obtained your true name recently. I must admit that I am pretty impressed.”

The true name was the first step towards obtaining the power of a King.

At this rate, the Phoenixes would have two more King ranks.

The importance of a King rank did not need to be stated.

They were strategic class weapons whose presence could determine the flow of an entire battlefield.

‘Then again it doesn’t matter, those two are with Sol.’

Her grandson was truly surprising. It seemed like his best talent wasn’t Dimensional magic but rather picking up talented girls with some slight mental problems.

“Well…Since you are here, I can’t really let you go like this, right?”

Tiamat pondered for a moment, “Yeah

let’s do this.”

She snapped her hand and pointed at the two girls.

“I will give you two access to one of my lairs. There you can take any two treasures of your choice.”

She looked down at them with the smile that only a grandma who wanted to spoil someone could do.

(AN: I want to write fluff but fluff does not want to be written by me. Only bittersweet and darkness are my companions. I really need to take a walk. Been staying alone at home for like three weeks. Not good for me.)


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