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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 341: CH 310:HOLY DAUGHTER(2) Bahasa Indonesia

When the mass finally ended, the believers were walking out of the room with relieved expressions etched on their previously fearful faces. As if a great weight had been taken off their shoulders, they could finally see a ray of hope in these troubling times. They had a feeling that all was good in the world, as if everything had finally come back into the right track.

All this while, Aurore kept her characteristic enchanting smile on her face, never dropping it for a simple second as she waved her hand as they left the hall of the grandiose church.

When the hall had finally become bereft of all the followers and worshippers, she finally let go of her act, her expression dropping as she leaked out a sigh full of tiredness… The day had been greatly hectic for her, especially as she felt extremely weak…

“Great job there, your eminence, the Holy Daughter.”

One of the nuns in her service approached Aurore and handed her a bottle of water and a wet cloth to wipe the sweat off her enchanting face. The moment she had let go of her composure, her natural responses had kicked in as she started sweating profusely. The cloth had been a great help in that regard.

The nuns couldn’t help but pity her. Talking and standing for hours was a mentally and physically straining job and they all knew that Auore was still physically weak, so they were trying to do everything in their powers to help take some of the burdens off her shoulders.

“Thank you, everyone. But this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. So don’t give me all the credit as this event wouldn’t have been complete without each and every one of you.”

Aurore demurely replied, taking note to give them their due appreciation, and gave them a beaming smile. The humbleness in her actions and the frailty of her expression made them appreciate her even more than before, greatly elevating her position in their hearts.

Humans had a weird instinct to them that made them inwardly take care of the side of the weak and cute beings. For this gave them a certain feeling of superiority and stroked their egos. Aurora, being one of the core members of the Highlands, knew how to evoke the maternal instincts in the nuns taking care of her. This way she could easily make them do her bidding if she so wished. Which she was going to take advantage of right now…

“May I visit the main hall, please?”

The few nuns standing before her looked at each other with hesitant expressions, unsure as to how to reply to her. They really wanted to follow her request, they really did, but just yesterday, Camellia had absolutely forbidden everyone from entering the main hall at any and all costs. Reminding them that failing to adhere to that order would result in unimaginable consequences.

There was a very explicit reason behind that order. The main hall in question was the place where the portal leading to the Astral realm was placed. It was Sol’s only anchor to this world.

“Holy daughter… I’m sorry… We… We really can’t.”

“I see… I am sorry. My question must have inconvenienced you.”

Aurore looked forlorn and sad as she looked down, causing them to greatly panic…

“No no no… You did nothing wrong, your eminence!”

“I mean… You are the Holy daughter, after all so…”

“Yes yes yes… Technically, you do not have to listen to Lady Camelia.”

They were all searching for excuses, excuses to accept their request and take off the troubling mask from her face, but then…

“What do you mean by that exactly?”

A cold voice sounded behind them, causing the nuns to all freeze up in absolute fear and horror. Terror ran through their souls at the mere sound of that voice. Hurriedly, they immediately turned around and put one knee on the ground in perfect synchronization.

“We are truly sorry. May the Supreme Daughter punish us for our slight. Thousand deaths aren’t enough to pay for our sins. Please punish us, your holiness.”

They were all afraid. But, before Camelia could speak, Aurore acted instead, taking the nun’s side and shielding them from Camelia’s eyes…

“Please, dear sister, forgive them as they have done no wrong. I am the one who wanted to go there. The nuns simply wished to help me, that’s all. Again, I implore you to find it in yourself to forgive them, oh sister!”

Camelia stayed silent as she watched this absolute farce happening. Now, no matter what she said, the appreciation would fall to Aurore.

Sure enough, once Camelia waved her hand to dismiss them, the nuns stood up and directed a small smile full of immense gratitude toward Aurore before scurrying away like rats facing a hungry cat.

‘Sigh… Now it’s like I am the bad guy in this scenario.’

Ever since Aurore woke up, the atmosphere inside the churches walls had been weird, and that was putting it lightly. Camelia understood the reason behind the phenomenon quite well, which led to increasing her headache.

The relationship between the Supreme and Holy daughter was different from that of the King and the Prince.

The relationship was more horizontal in nature, which meant that the Holy Daughter had more power and responsibility than the acting Supreme Daughter of the same generation.

Furthermore, everyone knew that with the existence of Aurore, Camelia could thus die at any given moment.

Normal people may not know about the Divine rules, but they were not stupid to not notice the obvious. They could see how every time a new Holy Daughter appeared in the world, the previous Supreme Daughter never stayed long and departed for the life after…

If Camelia died, this church would fall into the hands of Aurore. So young nuns were already currying favor with her one way or another and trying to enter her good grace.

‘This is why I didn’t want to have a Holy Daughter for now.’

A ship could not work smoothly with two captains manning it.

“Sister, I am sorry if my demand was inconsiderate. I just wanted to take a look at the portal used by his highness, Sol.”

Camelia narrowed her eyes at that statement. She felt something fishy in those word of hers, “Why would you want that?”

“I… I have vague memories of his highness and I know how much grandfather cared for him throughout his life. I just wanted to pray for his safety and safe return.”

Camelia snorted with disdain, clearly not agreeing with her words, “Do you truly think that praying changes anything?”

Aurore gasped in shock and terror, “Sister! Do not disrespect the goddesses, please. We will be punished with Divine Retribution otherwise.”

‘Was I also like this?’

Camelia’s eyes twitched, as her body started to cringe at her reaction. She slowly remembered that she also used to have a feeling of awe and reverence toward the goddesses when she had been a Holy Daughter.

Of course, that feeling soon vanished completely after she became a Supreme Daughter and had the chance to directly interact with the goddesses.

Humans revered and feared the unknown.

This was the reason why science and knowledge was the bane of all religion since times immemorial.

This was also why people should never meet their heroes. It generally ended up in disappointment for the admirers.

‘Am I really looking too much into it?’

Camelia couldn’t help but doubt herself. Perhaps she was too sensitive because her place was being threatened?

After all, in terms of stature and age, Aurore was a better partner for Sol than her. If Sol ever went on adventure like his father did, the one to follow him would be Aurore, and not her.

This meant that her importance was sorely diminished and while Aurore still lacked the power now, she would one day become a King class being just like her.

Of course, there was also the matter of Camelia’s Fate weakening and her chances of dying increasing.

But this wasn’t as important.

“Sigh, forget it. I do not want to pursue this discussion. As for entering the main hall, it’s still a no, unfortunately. I can’t accede to that request of yours, I’m sorry.”

Camelia did not know if her doubts were legit or simple paranoia, but she refused to take the risk and let anything happen to that portal.

Until Sol came back, the main hall would stay closed. No matter what, no one would be allowed to pass, this was her conviction.

On those words Camelia turned around and began to walk away. But a thought just struck her,

“By the way, do not call me Sister. Just Saintess would suffice.”

“I see… But, I wish I could call you mother instead.”

Aurore covered her mouth as she let out a small laugh at the flabbergasted expression on Camelia’s face.

“Do I look that old?”

Camelia, despite her age, still looked like a woman in her early twenties. It was quite shocking to be suddenly called mother by someone who was a total stranger to her just a few days ago.

A mysterious smile floated on Aurore’s face as she shook her head in denial. An incomprehensible and mysterious look flashed in her eyes but it disappeared as soon as it came as she smilingly replied to Camelia.

“You simply remind me of my mother. I am sorry if I offended you, Saintess.”

Aurore gave a bow and left, her smile still tugging at the corner of her mouth as she left a confused Camelia behind.

(AN: I am not really happy with the two chapters. I feel like I let my own personal opinion bleed a little too much in them, which is a big no-no. I hope you still liked it. Aurore will without a doubt be a very important character.

Either way, things are moving in Lustburg. New events. New people galore. It will be very interesting when Sol comes back. Stay tuned to find out the next adventures of Sol in the mortal realm.)

The 2nd bonus chapter will come out later. Six or ten hours give or take.


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