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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 339: CH308:MORNING AFTER Bahasa Indonesia

[Dragon realm.]

On the beach house, standing on the island that was assigned to Sol, a woman clad in a black robe with red eyes and black hair, dangling down her head parted to both sides in equal distance, was walking and humming leisurely.

The sounds of the crashing waves and the cry of the seagull made for a lovely combination of sounds that helped in soothing her nerves.

Ever since he had woken up, she had been on this road many times. But every time, she would get cold feet and walk away from him.

It was pretty embarrassing. Even more so since she knew that he could feel her coming close and then walking away without even trying to contact him.

But this time… She had decided to not run away. Acting cowardly like this would not change the situation.

It was with such a thought that she finally opened the door of the room but what greeted her was a powerful and rather stimulating scent.

Blushing as she realized what this scent was, she couldn’t help but let out an outcry

“Ugh! It reeks of sex.”


“Ugh! It reeks of sex.”

A lovely voice woke up Sol in the morning or at least what his internal clock was telling him should have been morning in the mortal realm.

It was really hard to get used to the eternal night system.

Looking down, he could see Skuld still sleeping soundly in his arms. There was no way that her senses didn’t pick up the sudden intruding situation. So she must have simply gone back to sleep after judging it wasn’t a serious matter.

Once this was done, Sol sniffed a little and gave a wry smile. Now that he wasn’t in the midst of the action, the ‘odor of sex’ as the intruder so gracefully pointed out was indeed overpowering.

A few hours ago, after a rowdy activity and a delicious bath, Sol had simply changed the sheets and gone back to sleep with Skuld.

“So, did you really come to me just for that?”

Laughing quietly, Sol gently pushed Skuld away and covered her with the blanket before standing up.

“You are pretty shameless.”

Of course, he was completely naked and his thick penis was hanging down unhinged.

“Well, you should have been able to guess what state I would be in when you entered. Furthermore, you have already seen everything. Right, Isis?”

Isis blushed faintly as she made the action of looking away. Of course, her eyes were still trailing down to take a peek. This was after all the thing that took her precious virginity.

“Put on some clothes, please.”

Sol shrugged, unbothered by his nudity. Shame was dead to him long ago. One could say that he had reached the level of a sage in other such matters.

After all, whenever he did something intimate, it was with the knowledge that someone may be observing him.

In Lustburg, it was the witches.

In the Astral realm, it was either Gabriel or Tiamat.

And every time, there was the possibility that the goddesses were watching.

If Sol still cared about shame and privacy despite all of this, he would have gone crazy long ago.

“So, what brings you here? I thought you were avoiding me?”

“I… I wasn’t avoiding you.”

“Heh, said the person that didn’t come to visit me even once.”

Sol gently teased her while searching for a pair of pants. He knew that Isis had, in fact, been visiting him regularly.

It was just that she would only come up to the beach, stay around and fidget for a while before finally walking away.

Sol could have come up to her and stopped this farce but in the end, he did nothing.

For one, it was simply too funny and interesting seeing her acting this shy about meeting him.

Another reason was that he knew that whatever was stopping her was something she had to deal with on her own.

He could more or less understand her feelings. Even though they signed a contract, it was done in a hurry because of the pressing situation.

Even though they did have feelings for each other, those feelings hadn’t been cultivated enough in his opinion. Ideally, Sol would have liked to spend a few more months with Isis before advancing their relationship to the next stage and thus forming a contract.

The first contract was no joke after all.

Marriage was only a contract that could be torn at any moment and unlike earth, there was no such thing as losing your wealth or any other such consequences.

This mainly stemmed from the fact that most people simply lived too long. Even a peasant, as long as he was careful and didn’t meet any sudden death could live up to a hundred years or a little more with no problem.

How many people could stay as a couple for a hundred years if not thousands?

Because of all of this, the importance of marriage was pretty low, outside of forming alliances.

But a contract was different. More so in the case of the first contract.

Isis had a part of his soul in her and he had a part of hers in his. The two of them were now linked forever in the most intrinsic way possible. Even if Isis were to ever leave or if she died, the CP used to form the contract would never come back to him.

For a human, the first contract was a very important matter. After all, the vast majority of humans who even had enough CP to form a contract would only be able to form one in their whole life. Their first one would be their only one.

Sol was luckier in this case, but he still had to be careful.

‘Well, Isis is perhaps the best choice possible for my first contract.’

Sol smiled and finally found the pants he was searching for and added a white shirt.

“Let’s walk outside.”

Sol approached Skuld and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “You can go to sleep for real now.”

He chuckled at the smile that tugged at her lips as she still acted asleep.

“Let’s go.”

Isis gave a look to the contended Skuld and gave a light bow, “Thank you.”

While she didn’t have a clear picture of everything that happened, from what Sheherazade told her, the existence of this Titaness had been paramount in the success of the war.

Like all divine beasts, Isis felt a sense of revulsion toward Skuld. But she stomped down on that instinct and threw it into the trash.

As the direct recipient of misplaced discrimination from the divine beasts because of her origin, Isis knew how hurtful it could be to be judged solely based on what you were rather than who you were.

“I hope we will have more time to know each other.”

Then she left.

Now alone in the room, Skuld opened her Obsidian eyes and looked at the room devoid of presence now and surveyed her surroundings.

Her thoughts went back to the delicious time she just had with Sol. It was like she had been receiving premium-grade food.

For Isis, this Sol reeked of sex, but for Skuld, it was like a heavenly scent as her instinct made her think of this place as her territory.

Thankfully she had enough control over those instincts of hers.

‘That girl… Isis is a good girl.’

Skuld smiled, she had no memory of Isis. After all, Isis died shortly after making a contract with Sol in the other timeline.

This was also one of the reasons why Anubis had been helping Sol in his plan to reset the world.

Skuld smiled and went back to sleep. All the little and big changes she observed made her happy. It means that they were walking on the right road to success.

Anubis became an ally much sooner. Tiamat wasn’t an enemy.

Those two facts alone changed everything completely.

But, there was one worry gnawing at her mind.

‘Is it one of the memories I sealed?’

If she could feel like this, it means she had unsealed that memory not long ago. She easily deduced that it must have been shared with Tiamat.

What did this mean?

It simply means that it wasn’t her problem to worry anymore. If the situation was really dire, all her memories would automatically unseal.

Skuld had put many fail-safes in place.

‘Everything for a better future.’

Now there was only one step left to instigate; for this dream of hers to become a reality.

They had to save Lilith.


Skuld massaged her throat, feeling a phantom pain at the memory of the searing pain she received when she fought Lilin.

From what she knew, both Lilin and Lilith were the result of an experiment by Sol’s grandfather with Lilin being the perfect product and Lilith a more or less failed one.

Even then, Lilin was a monster who managed to create an art that could directly affect the soul.

Immortal Slaying Art.

A name that perfectly fit what it could do and much more. Skuld couldn’t even count the number of dead bodies that Lilin left on her trail.

But every time she would marvel at this, she was always told the same thing.

Lilith was much more dangerous.

Of course, this wasn’t just a question of power. Not saving Lilith had been one of Sol’s lifelong regrets.

In this life, her goal was to make sure Sol knew no bitterness.

That was all.

It was with such thoughts that Skuld drifted back to sleep. Dreaming of a perfect world where her beloved only knew happiness.

Of course, in that perfect world of hers, she was the queen and Tiamat was her dog.

The smile on her sleeping face couldn’t help but stretch wider at that thought.


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