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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 330: CH 299:HOME IS WHERE THEHEART IS Bahasa Indonesia

The power system in this world was rather simple when all things were considered.








7 steps, 7 ranks, 7 stages to becoming a god…in the theoretical sense…

For the level the goddesses stood at, while no one had ever managed to reach that illusory realm, it was theorized that one needed two crucial things to step into the playing field of the almighty.

Becoming the embodiment of a particular concept and evolving the territory in that concept, carving it as your own space in the pages of reality, to become a Divine Kingdom.

From Reinforcement to the stage of Manifestation, one did not need to be particularly talented to master them all, they could even do it in a short time with enough effort. It was, in a way, a simple application of mana.

Intent was where things truly became difficult and those with or without talents were screened in this stage. By filling mana with intent, one was imposing their thoughts on the world and bringing them to reality.

The process was simple. Generating mana from your body, using that mana to shape your will, engraving on the mana as your intent, then shaping it to impose your will on the world and changing reality to fit your whims.

The Zone was where things truly began. The first step of the true realm of power. By focusing on a fixed intent, realizing one truth from your intent, and opening one gate of your inner mind, people could finally obtain a Zone. Stepping on a completely new path toward transcendence.

For many, the Zone was the true start and it was the foundation necessary to create a sturdy tower that would enable one to withstand the adversities to the path of godhood.

A zone was the culmination of all of your skills and understanding of the world and had the goal to strengthen your own skills and bringing them to new heights.

It was at the King level that things truly began to be fixed for a individual. One could change zones without problem. But once one found a true name, the only way to change it was to start back from creating a new zone for yourself.

This showed how important a suitable Zone was.

But… At the end of the day, the zone was simply the foundation.

This was nothing more than the first step toward more concrete power.

This was what a zone was supposed to represent. Nothing more, nothing less.

But clearly, Sol’s case was an exception among exceptions.

Now that Anubis thought about it, Sol basically used a “Simple Zone”, so to speak, to fight two powerful demigods.

Even though he also used his dimension and didn’t give them any decisive wounds, the way he toyed around with them was astounding.

What if he had a True name when he faced those two?

Thinking about all of that, Anubis decided on a fact. Instantly, his eyes sharpened and his aura changed to a serious one.

“Sol… Do you know about the G.O.D project?”

It was time to stop doubting and evaluating things. Sol was more than qualified for this.

—– (AN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsN7E35LpJE&list=RDMM&index=27)

Both Sol and Anubis now stood on the roof of the small house overlooking the beach. To his right, he could see the waves of the sea crashing against the rocks in the distance. There was no one else here with them but the beautiful waves under the starry night sky.

The story of Anubis was quite surprising. It was the story of how three mortals, each of them with something special – so special that they could change the providence of the world with their uniqueness – met, went on an adventure, became friends, and progressively grew to the point where they stood at the peak of the world.

Grand Divine Order, later changed to the G.O.D project.

“You need to know, for some people, reaching the Demigod level was enough. Trying to reach beyond is futility and nothing but a waste of time. However, we were young. We believed in ourselves and we had the confidence to do the impossible. As such, we began the project.”

Anubis chuckled, “Soul, Body, and Mana. The three of us were the absolute masters in our domain. We have knowledge that rivals the goddesses but even that wasn’t enough. As such we separated. But we never forgot this.

“Ambrosia threaded her path to godhood through Knowledge. The knowledge of magic that one could accumulate was too limited. But that couldn’t stop her. In the end, she inspired herself from my power and created the witches.

“Each witch is basically an extension of her and with her Book, she can obtain all the knowledge and power of all the witches. I don’t need to tell you how scary it is. You met her, and interacted with her, you should know it for yourself.”

Anubis flashed him a grim smile. There were few people he feared in this world and Ambrosia was definitely one of them. He did not wish to fight her in the slightest. After all, she even had deep knowledge about necromancy.

Thankfully, no witch ever managed to learn or implement the concept of <<Death>>…

“Then you have our dear Echidna. From what I know, the two of you are enemies. I am sorry for your loss.”

“It’s fine.”

“Heh…” Anubis nodded as he remembered that Sol was a Reincarnator. It was hard for people such as them to develop deep feelings for their new family. It should be even more so for Sol since he was never actually raised by them.

“Echidna soon gave up on her own path to godhood. As you may already know, she is the First Blessed. One so powerful that she obtained the Blessing of both twin goddesses, Gula and Temperatia. Because of this, she was the most talented out of us three. But for the same reason, she was the most restrained.”

Anubis shrugged. Echidna was not from any race. She was a unique being created by the goddesses. There was only one such as her and there will always be just one— her.

Was it because of that? She seemed to seek companionship more than anyone else.

“What she wanted through G.O.D wasn’t to become a goddess herself but to create one. To bring life to the perfect being. This was her dream and it soon became her obsession. This is how the Chimera came to be and how she became known as the Mother of Thousand Monsters.”

Anubis sighed, in a way both Ambrosia and Echidna were not so different.

As the first witch, Ambrosia was, for all-purpose, not human anymore. She had given up on her mortality and became a being that lived off mana and life energy.

This was perhaps why she really began creating witches. All so that she could feel the love she could never have for herself. After all, she had put it up on a stake for her powers.

Echidna’s case was almost the same, or perhaps even worse.

Echidna was not a divine beast. She could not divide herself like them and the Chimera were not her children but her creation.

It was the precursor for a very lonely life.

“What about you?”


Anubis looked up at the sky, deep in thought.

Why did he want to become a god?

“It’s pretty simple. I…just want to return home.”

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