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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 296: CH 266:TO YoU 700 YEARS LATER(1) Bahasa Indonesia

The moment Surtr appeared on the battlefield, one could have expected the army on the dragon side to fall in panic.

In fact, this was one of the tactics Drei had come up with. After all, Surtr was at the peak of what could be possible for a demigod.

Sadly for him, he was disappointed to find that while there was indeed some unrest, the dragon Kings did not seems worried at all and the unrest was easily calmed.

Drei might be a king-ranked being but in front of powerhouses like Nent, Fafnir, or Welsh, he was simply too young.

A demigod?

What kind of demigod they didn’t see?

Their job wasn’t to worry about such things.

Mortal to mortal and gods to gods. Surtr may be powerful, but they had someone no less powerful.

This was why, even when Surtr brought down his blade, they did not feel fear.

And as they thought…


A terrible roar that seemed to cause the very structure of space to tremble filled the battlefield as a gigantic dragon flew out of the territory to meet the titans.

Fafnir did not waste time admiring the mighty form prowess of his mother and immediately sent a message to Kiyohime who was still on the island and had finished dealing with the rebels.

‘Big sis, activate the islands.’

The 9 islands were the pillars of Tiamat’s territory and were only created thanks to her mastery on dimensional power.

9 heavens, 9 islands. This was of course done intentionally. The 9 islands could create a shield that would stop all outside interference and not even a dimensional mage would be able to enter the territory now.

This was something only Tiamat could do and this was the reason why others divine beasts could hardly leave their territories.

After all, it was nearly impossible for them to create a shield at the same level as the one created by the nine islands. Even if they had protection measures, the effect was in reality quite limited. Which in turn limited the movement of divine beasts.

This was one of the reasons why Tiamat didn’t ask for help from the other divine beasts. The fact that it would have alerted Ymir of their plan, aside, it could have been very dangerous for the divine beasts if they left the territory without protection.

As for being too prideful to ask for help? Tiamat never considered such absurdities. After all, there was a difference between Pride and stupidity.

When Kiyohime received the message, she nodded and gave a signal to Hydra before rushing toward the 8th heaven.

The four princes were already up and waiting.

If the four Kings were those who take care of the attack during the war, then the four princes were those who took care of the defense.

On the battlefield, four Dukes were pretty useless but it was different when they were helped by the formation.


The war went up to its final stretch now that the demigods appeared on the battlefield.

Funf, the fifth member of the Wings of Freedom, also a Chimera who was once part of the Zodiac, the royal guard of Echidna, was frowning heavily.

As the bearer of Lion star, her power was the ability to have a skin that could stop neither being slashed nor pierced. Her skin was more akin to an armor in a way.

Not long ago, she had dropped back from the rank of King to the rank of Duke in order to strengthen herself and become even more powerful After all, her goal was to unseal her lord and mother.

This was also why she accepted to participate in this crazy operation. Her goal was simply to capture Sol and flee with him. After all, only the blessed of Luxuria could use the divine sword and that sword was the key to the seal.

But the war had been going on for so long and she had not even seen a shadow of her target.


She seriously wondered if she should stay here. Already, she could see that Drei was slowly going bonker and she was not loyal enough to sacrifice her life for the Wings of Freedom.

The worse was that she couldn’t even flee now. Some pesky dragon was stopping her from doing so.

At first, she was able to beat him up and push him back, but the more the fight went on the more she felt like he was catching up to her.

The dragon that was facing her, Kaiser, felt like he was about to cry out of joy.

‘This is it. This is the feeling!’

Lately, his confidence in his zone and his overall ability had been quite low. First up he had been beaten up by Nabu in such a straightforward way that everything he did seemed useless.

Then, not long ago he faced Sol and he realized that his zone that was based on growth through combat was completely inferior to the pure talent Sol had.

But now?

Now he realized that it wasn’t his zone that was bad. He had just been unlucky and meet two freaks of nature.

The battle between Funf and Kaiser was quite heated.

As a former King, the skills of Funf were undoubtedly superior to that of Kaiser.

This was a fact.

But there was another simple fact that rendered this reality useless.

Kaiser was Dragon.

Nothing else needed to be said.

In the Duke realm, only singularities or other divine beasts could hope to really suppress him and if one couldn’t suppress him from the start, they would slowly realize that Kaiser was becoming stronger as time passed.

It was a cheat-like Zone in a way.

Kaiser had simply been unlucky until now.

“Are you sure you should waste your time with me? Isn’t that girl there in need of help?”

Kaiser a little, he knew very well that Isis was in danger. He could see it in his peripheral vision.

But Funf wasn’t so easy that he could take away his eyes from her.

“Isis! You have to hold on.”

Kaiser shouted in hope of helping her calm down and not act impulsively.


While Kaiser and Funf were ducking out, Isis was facing quite a dire situation indeed.

“Heh, so two kings were sent my way. Should I say that you thought a little too highly of me?”

Facing her were two kings-ranked Titans and a few Chaos spawn at the Duke level.

She had advanced a little too far in the enemy camp but still, it was surprising that they threw so much at her in one go.

Isis was in no way stupid, ‘I am targeted?’

She was quite surprised at the notion. She really wonders who had the courage to try to kidnap her.

The two titans were silent. They were feeling quite humiliated now. After all, they would have preferred to fight and devour a stronger opponent rather than such a weak little girl.

This was why they decided to end this farce as soon as possible and go to the true battlefield.

She was quite leisurely even though she was being surrounded but,

“Isis! You have to hold on.”

When Isis heard Kaiser’s shout, far from being happy or relieved all she felt was cold anger.

‘I am being belittled?’

Her eyes narrowed. It seemed that people took her for easy prey.

[Throne of Heroes] [1]

When one thought of Necromancer, they would think of rotten corps and deathly aura. This was the case currently on the side of Drei battlefield.

But Isis was no normal necromancer.

She was a girl born between the first Necromancer and the Phoenix whose main power was the Holy flame.

Life and death intertwined and gave birth to something that shouldn’t exist.


The moment her zone appeared, hundreds of scarlet knights filled that seemed to be made entirely out of flame appeared at her command. Some of those knights were mouting birds, or nightmare horses or unicorns, and so on.

If Sol was here, he would recognize that one of those knights was none other than Rio and below her was her friend, White.

If there was something that had to be mentioned…It was that all the hundred Knights were at the Duke level.


The two Kings Titans were flustered. Even for a king, facing hundred of Duke was no mean feat. Furthermore, the holy flame of those knights were extremely dangerous.

As if it wasn’t enough, those knights all obtained the intangibility Phoenixes were so famed for. Making it so they were extremely hard to destroy.

As if it wasn’t enough, even if one of them was destroyed, she only needed to spend some of her mana to make them go through something akin to nirvana and since she was a perfect hybrid, she managed to awaken her core like Sol.

Her mana was endless.

Which means that her army was immortal as long as she didn’t die.

It didn’t take long for the two Kings to understand this and they were ready to take some blows in order to reach her.

In the first place, the weak point of a Legion was always the necromancer himself.

Sadly for them.

Isis chuckled. Clearly not feeling threatened by the two kings.

<<My name is Ereshkigal>>

Even though Isis knew her true name, since she still wasn’t a King, it was impossible for her to bring the true power of her name.

But…It didn’t matter.

Lifting her hand high, a soul condensed in it.

“Father was right. The outside world is very dangerous. Thankfully, he gave me some insurance.”

What she held was the soul of a King ranked swordsman her father killed in the past. Even so, her father considered him as one of his strongest opponents and keep his soul.

Now that Soul belonged to her.

[Soul Resonance.]

The two kings halted. Dread overcame them when they witnessed the ball of light in Isis’s hand transform into a beautiful silver sword.

At the same time, the aura of isis began to grow until it entered the King’s realm.

One of them gritted his teeth, the situation was really becoming bad for them,

“Her power up should only be temporary. Let’s hold on.”

Isis laughed. Not intent on giving any hint.

Feeling the power of a King’s rank coursing through her veins, all she could feel was elation.

‘I only have a 30% synchronization with this soul. Let’s move fast.’

“Hahahah~! well then, I think it’s time to end this.”

She tightened her grips on her sword and a hundred knights around her blazed with the power of their zones.

“I am no damsel in distress in need of a knight on a white horse.”

What followed was a total massacre.


While all the parts of the battlefield were going on a crescendo, only one part was as calm as a dead sea.



Standing in the void, two old friends who have not seen each other since seven hundred years ago finally faced each other.

It was time for Nent to make a decision.

[1]: What do you think of Isis’s power? She is a mix between a holy priest and a necromancer. Furthermore, thanks to her father, she doesn’t even need to create her own undead. Her father can give her the most elite ones at any moment. Once she become a true King she will be quite frightening.


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