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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 270: CH 243: WHY IS IT ALWAYS PAINFUL? Bahasa Indonesia

After a session of intense exercise with Kiyohime, Sol found himself in the bathroom of the castle, with Kiyohime resting with her back on his chest.

“You were pretty wild a few moments ago.”

“Haha. Sorry, sorry. I guess I let myself go a little too much.”

“Hum…Well, it wasn’t so bad if I have to be honest.”

While they only went at it for a few hours, Kiyohime had never felt so tired and at the same time so refreshed. She could now understand why Nent changed so much in such a short time.

She could see herself becoming addicted to it.

“Aren’t you curious? About why I came to you.”

Sol mused a little at the sudden question,

“Not really.”

Sol laughed as he realized that, like Nent, Kiyohime was also one of the oldest virgins in existence. The same went for Skuld.

‘Man, the difference in age doesn’t even matter now.’

But this wasn’t why he wasn’t curious,

“The reason you came to me doesn’t matter. But since you did, now you are mine and I don’t plan to let you go anytime soon.”

“Oh? Quite the bold declaration for someone still so weak.”


Sol grinned and cupped one of Kiyohime’s breasts in his hand before gently biting her right ear, causing her to stiffen and shiver.

Finally, he let go of her ear and muttered close to it,

“You should know I don’t need to be stronger than you to subjugate you.”

Feeling her breath hitch, Kiyohime was forced to admit that Sol really had his way when it came to dealing with women.

“Furthermore, the difference in power between us will only shorten. It hasn’t even been a year since I awakened.”

This was another thing Kiyohime had to concede.

His father, Mars had broken all records when becoming a demigod. But now it was clear that the new record would be broken by Sol.

After all, as long as he became a King, the ascension to the next level wouldn’t be hard for him since he already had a territory.

By then, just by virtue of being able to bring out his territory wherever he wanted, Sol would automatically become one of the strongest demigods.

Even for a Blessed, this was a little too much. Kiyohime could understand why Fate was throwing all those tribulations at Sol. After all, the situation was too unbalanced.

‘Is he really just Luxuria’s Blessed?’

It was disconcerting how Luxuria was able to create so many high-level Blessed since the start of the Kingdom Era.

During the last war, none of her Blesseds were that talented and in fact, the Blesseds of the other goddesses were the true powerhouse.

But now it was like everything was the opposite. Each new generation of Luxuria was scarier than the last and this all seemed to culminate in Sol.

Everything had a price and the goddesses weren’t exempted from this rule. She wondered what kind of price Luxuria paid to create such a monster.

“A coin for your thoughts?”

“Hah…I was just wondering how the others divine beasts will react when they learn we have our second demigod.”

This wasn’t a lie. For Kiyohime, her personal pride came second to the pride she had for her race as a dragon. The stronger the dragons became overall, the happier she was.

Kiyohime was sure that it was one of the reasons her jealousy for Blaze never devolved into something uglier.

“By the way…”


“When do you plan to let go of my breast?”

Sol grinned and Kiyohime blushed when she felt something poking at her from behind.

“Shall we go for another round?”


After another session with Kiyohime and after he put her limp body in her bed, Sol, who found his mind freshened up, decided to visit Skuld again.

The more information he absorbed the better it would be. He had no time to lose now that he was well and rested.


Sol’s lips curled up slightly, “Do not worry. I am well. Let’s do it.”


Skuld opened her mouth many times and wished to oppose his decision, but she decided against it.

Closed her eyes she began to search.

A future where Sol had more time to learn.

A future where Sol came sooner to the Dragon dimension.

A future where Tiamat taught everything to Sol.

Moving carefully, slowly in the maze of hundreds of futures, doing her best to not get lost in all those potential futures, she stretched her hands and placed her on Sol’s head.

“Prepare yourself.”

Speaking softly, she slowly began to pull the knowledge of the future and then, pushed it in toward Sol.


Sol’s eyes opened wide as a blazing hot pain flashed through his mind.


Forcing his mouth to stay close, refusing to let out the slightest cry of pain, Sol huffed and puffed while his veins bulged and his eyes became bloodshot.

Not long ago, he thought that the pain of his core creation was the greatest pain he would ever have to go through but he now knew that he was wrong.

“Bind me! Kuh.”

Giving his all to shout those words, Sol crouched down and began to bang his head against the ground hoping to at least knock himself out. Sadly, the only result was the ground getting destroyed

It hurt. It hurt. It hurt so much.

He wanted it to stop. He would give anything for it to stop.

Biting his lips until he drew blood, he began to scratch at himself while traces of blue veins showed on his body. The blood of his own blood having gone haywire.

Fighting a sob, Skuld moved her hand, and a chain of mana appeared on them before binding Sol as he asked and stopping him from hurting himself.

The pain Sol was currently going through was unholy. Even having all his bones broken was far less painful than this.

Sol had never cursed having such a powerful body more than now.

Any normal human in his stead would have already fainted, the brain, shutting down the body in order to protect it. But no such release was accorded to Sol.

Information after information filled his mind. From the most important to even the slightest one.

Tears of blood streamed from his body his nose bleed seemed to go on without end. His muscles were screaming and aching and his mind seemed split asunder.

How long did it last? He did not know. A few minutes, or even a few hours? It did not matter. His entire world was dictated by pain and only that horrible pain mattered.

Then, as fast as it came, the acute pain vanished and was replaced by a dull throbbing headache worse than his previous one.

*Huff* *Huff* *Huff*

His breath rough, Sol tried to calm down as his mind slowly woke up from the haze that was enveloping it. Already, he could feel all the small wounds on his body vanish until the only proof remaining of the hardship he went through was the dried blood on his face and on the ground.


Skuld wanted to ask if he was alright at first but knew how stupid such a question sounded. Of course, he wasn’t alright.

At his beseech, she had added a few more days compared to the first experience and the result was clearly quite devastating.

“Let’s go a little slower next time, okay? Please?”

Moving slightly his head and then wincing because of the immense pain, Sol looked could see the tear and snot stained face of Skuld. Clearly, while she didn’t have to go through the same pain as him, watching him suffer was something gut-wrenching for her.

Even though she knew that it was necessary and even though she had already had the resolve to go through it, it hurt her so much to see him hurting. It was almost physical.

“Haha *Cough* Untie me first please…”

In the first place,

“Why did you even tie me like this?”

Sol let out a laugh of disbelief. The way the chains twined around him made the scene seems like something out of some hardcore book about BDSM.

More precisely, it was the Tortoise shell. How the hell did a Titan even learn such a thing?

Thankfully, no one else saw this or he would have died of embarrassment. At least, he hoped no one else saw it.

‘No one else saw it, right?’

Sol began to ask himself some serious existential questions.


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