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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 266: CH 239: HERE WE GO AGAIN Bahasa Indonesia

[A few moments ago…]

Sitting in the open garden, Nent fidgeted and asked herself if what she was about to do was the right solution.

Something had been bothering her for a while now and she did not know how she should face the situation.

It was truly weird. After all, with her age and experience, she could manage to always keep her calm no matter what happened. Even in the face of death, she would not show the slightest fear.

But this time it was different. It was something that touched her very being greatly and could determine her future.

She knew that she had no obligation to tell him anything but, not doing so and keeping secrets from Sol might bring unexpected negative results.

There was no eternal secret in this world. Rather than gambling on the small chance that she wouldn’t get caught, she liked taking the initiative.

“You have been awfully silent. This isn’t like you. Did something else happen again?”

Sitting in front of her was none other than Kiyohime, the last few days, the two of them had been meeting each other quite regularly.

Nent knew that there was nothing ambiguous about those nightly meets. It was Kiyohime drinking and venting the dissatisfaction inside her heart.

But she still appreciated them since it showed that they had become somewhat closer. This was another reason she was very thankful to Sol.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about how Sol was doing.”

Kiyohime shook her head, “He didn’t seem to be doing very well. I guess it’s understandable.”

Filling her glass once again, Kiyohime continued, “Still, you shouldn’t worry about him. The boy is strong and he is getting stronger. The chances of him losing if he doesn’t hold back are very slim.”

She nodded to herself, “Either way, after this, there will be great changes in this territory.”

“What do you mean?”

Talking with Kiyohime helped her distract herself from the problem that plagued her and she was very curious.

“Be it Nidhogg or Kaiser, the two are the best seeds even after many generations of dragons. Do you think they will simply accept their eventual defeat? The vacant title of Prince isn’t the only way to obtain the title.”

It didn’t take long for Nent to understand, “A challenge.”

Heredity meant nothing to a dragon. A title could only be obtained through power. The four Princes were the four strongest dragons below the four Kings. They didn’t need to be the direct children of Tiamat.

“Indeed. If I have to be honest, I have long been dissatisfied with the current four princes. Sadly, most of the dragons never reached the level necessary, or for those who did, like Lagon, they were not interested.”

What Kiyohime didn’t add was that if Nabu was reinstated as a member of the dragon tribe rather than a traitor, she might also take a title.

‘Of course, we have to survive the ordeal in front of us first.’

Nent couldn’t know, but the reason Kiyohime had less resistance to her wasn’t just because she needed to vent. It was also mainly because she didn’t know if she would still be alive after the incoming storm.

No matter how powerful Tiamat was or how good the plan they made turned out to be, destiny was the hardest thing to decipher.

That was why she had decided to live the way she wanted without caring about the limits she usually placed on herself. She wanted to have fun. She wanted to explore many things. So, after finishing the whole bottle, she asked.

“Tell me…Is he really that good in bed?”

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Nent widened her eyes and the wine she was drinking went down the wrong way, immediately causing her to cough like there was no tomorrow.

It had to be said that this question from the prim and proper Kiyohime was something she would have never anticipated.

After the initial surprise, Nent calmed down easily and talked smoothly, after all, she was no shy maiden.

“He is even better than you can imagine.”

Kiyohime watched the grin on Nent’s face and sighed. Her mind wandered for a short moment as she thought back to every decision she made until now and she realized that this wasn’t so crazy after all.

This was why,

“Let’s meet him.”

Nent felt her heartbeat increase suddenly and her face flushed.

Once again, she was neither shy nor a naive maiden.

With the flow of their discussion, for Kiyohime to ask to meet Sol now could only mean one thing.


Gulping, she nodded hurriedly and began to advance towards Sol’s bedroom while pulling Kiyohime by the hand.

She had to act fast before Kiyohime decided to not go with it. The only reason she didn’t outright run was that she didn’t want to seem too desperate.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

“Sol? Are you free right now? I need to speak with you.”

‘Answer, answer, answer fast, I swear I will blast open your door.’

Thankfully, she didn’t need to go through with it.




When the door opened and both Kiyohime and Nent strolled into his room, Sol raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He wondered what could bring those two women in his room at this time.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but give another look at the two beautiful women. The contrast between them brought a certain allure that few men could resist.

The clash between the color of their hair aside, ocean blue and scarlet red respectively, the difference in height and curves was also pretty prominent.

Nent was a tall buxom woman with a fiery temper. Her clothes consisted of a red robe that displayed her deep cleavage and two slits that reached until her hips, showing her long and delicious-looking legs and thighs with every step she took.

Kiyohime on the other hand, while by no means flat, was still on the lower end of the spectrum. She was a rather petite woman with slender but very attractive curves and a toned ass to die for. Though she mostly resembled a human, she had black-red horns that seemed to bend back along with her hair, similar to goat horns.

As for her outfit, it consisted of a black bodysuit with gold accents on the legs underneath a white and purple bodice with long ends similar to a tailcoat, with a separated pair of sleeves to match.

The bodysuit in particular accented her form in a way that attracted him greatly.

‘Sigh, I am being too horny…’

Sol pinched his eyebrows and tried to banish all lecherous thoughts from his mind.

“I am surprised to see you two here. You said you had something to tell me?”

Sol beckoned and took them to the only table in the bedroom. Thankfully, there were four chairs around the table, so everyone could sit.

But, just as Sol was about to bring the chair, he felt a hand on his chest pushing him in the direction of the bed.

He looked up in surprise only to see a lustfully grinning Nent and a shy Kiyohime looking at him with feverish eyes.

“Do you really think we come all the way here just to talk?”

Sol’s eyes widened and he once again looked at Kiyohime before understanding dawned on him.

While he was interested in Kiyohime, he would have never thought that she already shared the same interest in him. Much less that she would be so bold.

Since this was the case, what was there to hesitate about?

Those last few days had been quite strenuous for his mind and while he had a good time with Skuld not long ago, his libido was simply too high to be satisfied by that alone.

He didn’t understand why Kiyohime decided to go with it now but, did he really need to know?

All that mattered was that this would be another night to remember.


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