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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 232: CH 207: FIGHT (1) Bahasa Indonesia

<<Dragon Roar: Phoebus Catastrophe>>


The moment Sol flew in the sky, all the chaos spawns immediately raised their heads in unison.

Unfortunately for them, before they could even react properly, a powerful roar filled the air, followed by a light beam rushing towards the clouds.

Just as they were confused about the direction of the attack, the beam fell back toward the ground while scattering into a literal rain of light.

It was beautiful, so beautiful that they were lost for words. It was as if hundreds of stars filled the crimson sky showing a deep contrast between the two.

But as beautiful as it was, it was just as destructive.


Explosion after explosion filled the surroundings as the beams of light fell and destroyed everything indiscriminately. Nearly everything in a 700 meters radius was erased without any chance of survival.

…At least this should have been the case.

Even though the ground was filled with nothing but corpses, it didn’t take long before many of them began to regenerate.

In the end, though many of them died , there were even more that were still alive.

Sol, who was still floating in the air, observed all of this indifferently before swiftly flying away. His speed was so high that he easily broke through the sonic barrier.


Hidden underground, Dordonii groaned as he felt the ceiling shake.

“How many times has it been, now?”

“I believe it’s the seventh attack in two days.”

“What about the casualties?”

“About 60% of our army has been wiped out. The others are going restless and it’s harder to keep control over them.”

‘Is it really a dragon attacking us?’

Dordonii couldn’t help but grow frustrated at how the situation was dragging on. Over his long life in this hell, he had seen many elite young dragons. But no matter how powerful they were, they all suffered from the same arrogance and stupidity.

They would always recklessly attack the army by relying on their powerful bodies and magic. Forgetting how restricted they were in a stained territory and believing that nothing could happen to them.

The current bastard though was too patient and careful. He would always appear unexpectedly, launch a powerful attack and, no matter the result, would turn around and run.

In their original plan, they were supposed to completely exhaust the energy of that young dragon by throwing hordes of monsters on him. But now? Because of that tactic, he was steadily culling their numbers.

The last time he had felt so frustrated was when a female dragon filled their territories with powerful poison, killing most of them in one go. It had been the greatest massacre in all of his memory.

At least, she had come fast and left for the 5th circle fast. Right now though, it was pure agony to wait.

“What about the other Lords?”

“Aside from Lord Drachmae and Lord Liya, only three others answered positively. The last four said nothing.”


“Those bastards!! They want to use us as bait and measure sticks.”

Dordonii seethed. He knew that the Lords were no kind souls. After all, each of them evolved after eating countless members of their own kind. The ones who answered positively were those who had chances of being on the path the dragon would take toward the gate.

The others were not only more powerful, but they also had more remote territories. In the end, he sighed.

Getting angry was useless. They were no friends and he also had tried to use them. The fact that five lords were willing to help was already enough.

From his hereditary memories, he knew that a dragon at the Duke level could fight evenly against ten normal Duke. But they were no mere Dukes. They were Lords, spawns of Chaos, a pedigree no inferior to that of a dragon in the later stages.

No matter how powerful that dragon was, it was impossible for it to win against six Lords at the same time.

Once they reached his territory…It would be time.


A few hours later, Sol, who was sitting on a rock deep in the jungle, opened his eyes.

“I guess it’s time.”

Sol had been very careful since entering the 4th floor. After all, he was greatly weakened here.

Not only did using mana becomes harder, but even all his senses were hampered. As if it wasn’t enough, his mana and health regeneration were seriously diminished and he couldn’t use external mana. Even absorbing mana with his core was extremely inefficient and gave him nausea.

He had asked Kiyohime if absorbing the mana here was dangerous, but she had said that it would be like drinking a disgusting juice. Even if he absorbed too much, it wouldn’t kill him, but it could make him seriously sick.

“Seriously handicapped and alone in enemy territory. Was it how the war was?”

Sol sighed as he stood up. Thanks to the small evolution he went through a few days ago in the 3rd circle and his own talent, he had managed to more or less take back full control of his body.

During those two days, he had been slowly whittling away the army that was facing him. He had no doubt that he would soon face the lord itself.

In order to always keep himself at hundred percent, every time he attacked, he would immediately fall back. His hit and run tactic had been very successful since even though there were few Chaos spawn that could fly, they were simply too weak.

If he had rushed in carelessly, then it would have been a pyrrhic victory for him and there were high chances he would have gotten killed later by the Lord.

Thankfully, soon it would be time to go all out. After all, there was no way the Lord would watch him eradicate all his army without acting.

Sol was sure that this time, he would be able to fight for real.

Flying in the sky at high speed, Sol stopped once he finally found the place where the army was.

This time, the protection had completely changed, and just in plain sight, Sol could see many wards, magic shields, traps, and other such things.

Those were incredibly crude, but since they were powered by using the bodies and blood of many dead Spawns as well as living ones, they were also incredibly sturdy.

This was one of the reasons he hadn’t managed to wipe out the army despite all his attacks even though his first attack had been so devastating.

This time, the wards were a little different.

‘Cloaking devices.’

He could feel, or rather…couldn’t feel some places. Even after extending his senses, some places were blank in his mind.

He was a hundred percent certain that those places hidden in his perception were hiding ambush or deadly traps. Either way, it showed that this would most likely be the final act of this long-drawn fight.

Of course, this wasn’t all. Floating in front of him was a being entirely clad in armor. Though, with how he could feel the armor pulsating, it seemed more like the being was the armor itself.

Either way, from the power he was emanating and the light in its eyes, Sol was sure that he was now facing a superior Chaos Spawn.

‘I wonder if they also have a domain?’

He thought idly.

“You seem relaxed, young dragon. Does the sight of me and my army give you only amusement?”

They were quite far apart, but Sol perfectly heard the voice of the man, causing him to sneer in derision.

“What else should such a pathetic army under a pathetic lord give me?”

He could feel that the guy was way stronger than Rio and White. But he didn’t think he would lose. The only reason he suffered so much against those two was not only because they were teaming up, but also because Rio’s skill was a perfect counter to his abilities.

In one vs one, Sol was sure that only very few Duke could possibly win against him and at the very least, that Dordonii was not one of them.

“I wanted to end this fight today anyway. Now that the Lord showed itself, I guess it’s time to erase all of you guys.”

Sol grinned as he released his bloodlust.

At the level where he was, even without training his killing intent, he was still at a higher level than Lilin. If he so wished, he could already become a Duke by using it as his truth.

But since Tiamat had forbidden him from forming his zone for now, he decided to wait.

Feeling the pressure of the killing intent in the air, Dordonii also grinned. For someone like him who rose after stepping on the corpses of thousands upon thousands, killing intent was the last thing he was afraid of.

“Since you mock us so, let me witness your power, young dragon!”

“Hahaha! Then, I will not hold back.”

His aura greatly increased while he laughed madly. Horns made out of energy formed on his head. At the same time, his skin grew slightly tanned.

<<Dragon Force: First step>>

“Let’s dance, shall we?”

The two of them grinned. Each of them perfectly hid their true trump cards. Victory would follow the one who hid them the best.


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