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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 219: CH 194: BROKEN RELATIONSHIP Bahasa Indonesia

‘This is a true Dragon Roar…’

Looking at the light ray that completely obliterated the fleeing ship and reduced it to nearly nothing, Sol could only stare in awe.

From the moment that dragon appeared to the moment everything ended, only a few seconds went past but it was enough to subvert the world view of Sol.

Tearing away his gaze from the scattering dust, Sol focused his attention on the massive beast flying a little above them.

It was a beautiful snake-like dragon, more commonly known as Oriental Dragon. It had deer-like horns, a long serpentine body, and flowing whiskers. The blue scales covering its body were reflecting the light of the stars, giving it an awe-inspiring appearance.

Once the dragon was seemingly satisfied with its job, it nodded and, with a flash of light, vanished.

What replaced it was a petite blue-haired girl wearing silver arm and leg guards as well as a blue skirt with a blue top. If Sol didn’t see her transform firsthand, with her appearance and her unicolor, Sol would have thought he was facing a witch.

“Hello everyone. I am Kiyohime, though everyone simply calls me Kiyo. Happy to meet you.”

This was Sol’s first official meeting with a dragon.

‘So this is my nephew.’

Kiyohime looked up and down at the sole man in the little group and frowned a little.

‘He really looks like that man.’

Kiyohime did not like Mars. In fact, most dragons did not like him. His ways and actions were simply too different from the rules and personalities of the dragons in general. It didn’t help that Mars was the indirect cause of Blaze’s death.

Though she died in an honorable way by fighting a worthy foe, it did not take away the sadness they all felt at her death.

For Sol who looked so much like his father, the amount of resistance he would face in the tribe would increase by two or three times at a minimum.

‘Well, at least, I hope that the similarities are only physical.’

Shaking her head at the thoughts, she began to introduce herself.

“Hello everyone. I am Kiyohime, though everyone simply calls me Kiyo. Happy to meet you.”

It was only after doing so that she began to observe the little team behind him and she was astonished by what she was seeing.

‘Nent? Anubis’ daughter? A fairy and a…A cat?’

The last one seemed more outlandish than anything else, but aside from it, the rest were quite an interesting bunch.

There was nothing to say about Anubis’s daughter. As for that fairy, Kiyohime could recognize her as one of the members of the Springs Court. The cat was just a cat, though it seemed to be a little unusual.

The only problem was…

“What are you doing here? I think I was pretty clear five hundred years ago. Only Hathor is allowed to enter our territory.”

Her expression became frosty the moment she finally recognized the woman accompanying Sol.

An imposing aura filled the atmosphere suddenly. It was as if they were in the face of a famished predator ready to tear them apart.

Sol could instinctively recognize what it was.

<<Dragon Fear.>>

Even while facing such a pressure, Nent’s easy-going smile did not slip as she shrugged.

“Your face is as grumpy as always, Little Hime.”

“Do. Not. Call. Me. Like. That. You already lost that right long ago.”

An expression of pain flashed in Nent’s eyes, but it vanished so fast that no one could see it.

What replaced it was a taunting sneer.

“If you aren’t happy, then talk to your mother. She is the one that allowed me to come.”

Kiyo’s eyes flickered, deep in thought.

With her current authority, chasing off Nent was no problem. But since her mother was the one that allowed it, she might destroy some of Tiamat’s plans by acting rashly.

She groaned a little, torn between the choices, but in the end, her sense of duty triumphed over her personal duty.

“I see. Do not forget that you are unwelcome. Be sure to not give me chances to expel you… As for the child of death…”

She frowned as she looked at Isis. Like any divine beasts, she had no love for necromancers. This was even more so because necromancers had the bad habit of searching for dragons’ corpses to use as material for their undead.

Though she had never officially met Isis, she knew very well who she was. In the end, she decided that she would only decide after observing the situation more closely.

After calming a little, a gentle smile replaced her earlier expression when she faced Sol.

“My dear nephew, I am really happy to finally meet you.”

Though she didn’t really like how Sol’s appearance reminded her of his father, she liked his eyes.

They showed that the dragon’s blood was strong in him and she hoped that it meant his personality would be to their liking.

Sol, who had been observing the situation, nodded and returned a smile.

He had been a little surprised at the vehemence she showed after meeting Nent and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of grievances they shared but…he could satisfy his curiosity another time.

“There are many things that I need to tell you, but this is neither the place nor the time for such a discussion… Hum, are you able to fly?”

She had asked out of curiosity because most hybrids had a hard time manifesting wings and had no way to fly.

If it had been the case, she would have been forced to transform into a dragon and take him in her claws to fly with her. There was no way she would let him or anyone for that matter, ride on her back.

“Excuse me. I have a question.”


“Tiamat, Or should I call her grandmother?”

“Tiamat is good, or call her big sis. She hates being called grandmother.”

Aside from her direct children, all the other dragons could only call Tiamat by the title of Supreme Dragon or Dragon Empress.

But she knew how fond Tiamat was of Sol, even though she didn’t even meet him.

Kiyo felt a little bitter, but she was already used to this feeling since it was the same when Blaze was alive.

Tiamat was someone who could be extremely strict to some while she would spoil others to death.

Sol on the other hand was a little taken aback about why he should call his grandmother, big sis but remembering how Gabriel looked, he had to admit that calling someone like her as grandmother would always feel weird.

“…That is weird, but anyways… My question was why didn’t she just teleport us to wherever she is?”

This is what he couldn’t understand. Even Gabriel, who didn’t have full control of her territory could teleport control the space in it.

For Tiamat who was not only the most powerful divine beast but also a dimensional mage, it should have been a piece of cake.

Kiyo cringed a little, it was a perfectly legitimate question, but explaining the reasons currently was so embarrassing.

She couldn’t really say that her mother did all this just to show off and brag about her territory to her grandson, right?

It would be a total humiliation. Even more so if she had to say it in front of Nent. But she wasn’t the kind to lie either. That’s why…

“*Ahem* Mother wishes for you to see the territory as it is now and to observe everything carefully in order to open your eyes.”

…She chose her words carefully to express the whims of her mother and changed them into something far more respectable.

Sol felt like something wasn’t quite right, but couldn’t pin point his finger on the matter. He also ignored the snickering Nent.

In the end, he decided that he didn’t care for now as it was something unimportant. The most important thing now was to meet this grandmother of his.

“Then, which direction are we going?”

He looked all around him, though since they were in the middle of the sea, all directions looked the same.

Kiyo gave a meaningful smile as she raised a finger and indicated the sky,

“She is at the top of the Nine Heaven.”

[Phoenix Territory]

“Stop gazing at the place. She is gone now for her adventure.”

Nephthys showed a bitter smile at the remonstrances of her mother.

“I am not just worried about my daughter. I wonder if it was really a good idea to send Nent rather than Hathor. You know that her relationship with the other divine beasts isn’t exactly harmonious. It is even worse with the Dragon Queen Kiyohime.”

After the events of seven hundred years ago, Nent’s personality had greatly changed and she slowly began to alienate herself from everyone, her previous war buddies included

She even caused many little incidents that made it so that she, who was initially the ambassador of the Phoenixes in other territories, was banned from entering them. The one who replaced her was Hathor. After all, many divine beasts owed their life to Hathor.

Gabriel showed a sad smile, “This is exactly why I sent her. You should have noted it, but since she got into a relationship with Sol, her obsession settled down a bit. I was hoping that she could mend her relationship with Kiyohime now.”

Back then, Nent and Kiyohime had formed the best team on the battlefield. When the two of them fought together, they were basically unstoppable.

She didn’t know if they could regain their previous relationship, but she hoped that at least, they could once again become friends.

‘I guess everything will depend on Sol.’

Gabriel laughed lightly. She wasn’t that worried. Sol had many deficiencies and he was still relatively weak. But, when it came to soothing women, that boy was already at god level in her opinion.

She really wondered how many divine beasts he would conquer by the time he leaves the Astral Realm.

(AN: I remember the days when this story was just supposed to be a smut story about a prince fucking everyone around. Sol’s rod is the rod that will pierce Heavens XD.)


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