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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 204: CH 183: NENT AND NEFERTITI (1)* Bahasa Indonesia

“Soooo…not that I am complaining, but what’s the link between freedom and making love with me?”

Laying down on a queen-sized circular bed, Sol spoke with clear bewilderment as he looked at the two stunningly beautiful women wearing beautiful dresses standing in front of him.

One was a mature woman with sinful curves that made it hard to relate with the word chastity. Meanwhile, the second one was a young girl, with a slim body and an angelic beauty that defied common sense.

Watching the two of them with their glistening, tanned and healthy skin, Sol, despite all his experience, couldn’t help but feel his throat dry. A hot feeling shot through his body when he also thought about the identity of those two. After all, despite the opposite vibe they emanated, it was easy to see that they were related.

“Of course it’s linked to our previous discussion. A phoenix’s first time is very important, you know?”

Giving a sultry smile, Nent walked to the bed, coming near him.

“Come here, Nefertiti. Quit standing there and join me with Sol.”

“I thank you for this opportunity.”

Bowing slightly, Nefertiti followed in the steps of Nent and joined them on the bed.

Nent appeared to be a woman in her late twenties while Nefertiti had the appearance of a young teen between 18-20 years. When those two stood together, rather than a grandmother and her granddaughter, they looked more like two sisters.

“We took the time to change in the style that matched Lustburg just for you. What do you think?”

Rather than the usual light and partially see-through robe he saw people here wearing, the two of them were currently wearing evening dresses worthy of the most beautiful nobles in Lustburg.

Nent wore a chic evening dress and evening gloves with her crimson hair worn up and adorned with a flower decoration, giving her an adult charm. Conversely, Nefertiti wore a cuter dress with frills on the cuffs and around the chest. The way she wore her hair up on the sides was more youthful as well.

The older sister wore a gold necklace adorned with small gems and the younger wore a simple silver necklace. Sol had decided to address them as sisters in his mind because otherwise, it seemed a little too weird.

Sol on the other hand was wearing nothing but his birthday suit, with only the sheets covering his most intimate part. Feeling the heat fill his body and focus on his groin, Sol couldn’t help but think about how this situation came to be.

After he ended his discussion with her, she made him rest in her palace. Who would have thought that just as he was about to sleep, she would appear with Nefertiti behind her?

“Before we continue, I need to understand what is happening.”

A charming smile formed on Nent’s face.

“All this while I tried to make Nefertiti become your contract partner. But, after my discussion with you, I understood that you wouldn’t let your lust make the choice for you and Isis was the best and most obvious choice. Thankfully, a contract isn’t the only way a relationship can be formed.”

She began to gently rub Sol’s shoulder, helping him relax a little. If it were to be known that Nent, a King ranked divine beast was willing to lower herself to please a man, hundreds of hearts would break. After all, she had her fair share of admirers

She wasn’t the only one doing so either. Even Nefertiti, despite being completely red, began to massage the other side of his shoulder in tandem with Nent.

“How is this? Is it to your liking?” Nent whispered to his ear, sending her hot breath alongside her words.

“I’m honestly surprised how good you are at it”

Nefertiti laughed mischievously.

“We practiced a lot for this day.”

Clearly, massaging him had given her the time to calm down a little. She was not an unwilling participant.

All her life, Nent had taught her that her body was a sacred temple that would only be given to a worthy man. During the few days she had spent with Sol, while she didn’t share any adventure with him like Isis did, she had found herself more and more attracted to his radiant aura and personality.

The reason she was here was that she had personally requested it, and seeing Sol’s reaction, she couldn’t help herself but beam in happiness.

Nent, who was alternatively observing Sol and Nefertiti, didn’t find her feeling weird. Even though Nefertiti had received a good education, she had been sheltered all her life and had very few interactions with males of her age.

For such a girl, a boy like Sol was basically a complete bomb that rocked her world.

Nent never forced marriage. She simply made it so the different sides developed enough feelings on their own.

Furthermore, she wasn’t indifferent to Sol. Not only was she attracted to him physically, but from an emotional standpoint, he was the first man with whom she shared her secret.

“Excuse me, but I will be using my hand now.”

Blushing, Nefertiti pushed away the sheet hiding Sol’s manhood.

“Oh my…”

Both Nent and Nefertiti gasped at the view of the fully erected penis standing proudly. Initially, Sol was already a little above average. But, after his final transformation, his size had slightly increased again.

He was no monster cock, but he was definitely more than above average now. Gathering her courage, Nefertiti jumped on the bed and lowered her hand between Sol’s thigh, gently grasping his penis.

‘So this is what it looks like in reality.’

She had already received a complete sexual education, but all she had ever seen were illustrations. Seeing the real thing was a little shocking at first.


Blushing as she murmured, she suddenly yelped when Sol took her by the nap of her neck and kissed her.

Instinctively resisting at first, it didn’t take long for all resistance to vanish as Sol pushed his tongue between her lips. The kiss between them continued to heat up while Nefertiti pumped his penis up and down slowly.

During the process, Sol’s other hand wasn’t idle.

Taking Nent by the waist, he brought her on his side and began to gently caress her supple body.

Seperating from Nefertiti, he turned his head and kissed Nent the same way. Since she was already somewhat prepared, she did not react violently and accepted his lips on hers and his tongue in her mouth.

She had to admit that it felt very nice. She had always thought that kisses were nothing more than piling lips on each other. But right now, she felt as if a mysterious heat was filling her heart and it was making her squirm.

Like this, Sol continued to kiss each of them, one after the other. Their previous expression of confidence was nowhere to be seen, as their eyes seemed to be filled with a hazy mist of lust.

Pride filled Sol’s heart at this sight. He may be drastically weaker than Nent when it came to martial prowess, but on the bed, he was the King.

‘It isn’t enough.’

Now, his lust was fully ignited. Using his wealth of experience, he deftly loosened the strings that held the robes of the two beautiful women.

The dresses opened like a flower and fell away, revealing their bare bodies below.

Although they were ashamed, the two of them were already too deep in lust to care about their nudity. Their boobs squished against his chest and their fine skin slid along him. They embraced him from either side and rubbed their boobs against his torso and their soft pussies against his legs.

They were so hot and wet down there that it felt like their love juices were pouring out endlessly.

The pleasure was enough to numb his mind.

Not wanting to only be a passive participant, he moved his fingers to their hot honeypots. He parted their wet flower petals and gently began to stir their insides as a sticky nectar flowed out.

“You two, turn back on all four.”

He was so hard he wished for nothing more than to slam into one of them and release all his pent-up lust, but he knew that this wasn’t the way. At the very least, for their first time together, he wished to be tender.

The two of them were a little surprised at his order, but they complied without much fuss as curiosity and anticipation filled their minds.

Staring at those two beautiful and plump brown-colored butts wagging in the air, Sol felt like he was about to explode. His cock throbbed in response, kicking the voltage of his arousal up a notch. For him who had always liked butts more than breasts, this was like a heavenly sight.

The sadist in him reared its head as he began to talk dirty while he fingered them from behind.

“Your pussy is this wet already? You must be really sensitive.”

“Ah, nh…th-that’s not true.”

Nefertiti protested feebly. Her beautiful voice trembled with embarrassment, but her lower mouth was much more eloquent.

He intentionally made as much lewd noises as he could while fingering her pussy. The embarrassment must have added to the pleasure she felt because she soon had trouble staying on her feet.

Meanwhile, Nent refused to answer as she gritted her teeth to keep her moans from leaking out.

In the end, his hands moved faster and faster and their juices gushed more, wetting the bed.

Their bodies were shaking and shivering as they could no longer hold the moans of pleasure coming out of their throats.

Finally, the moment he pinched their clitorises, the two of them released loud moans before slumping on bed, their asses still in the air.

Taking out his hands, Sol brought to his face and licked his finger. He knew that he certainly looked like a pervert but he did not care. He was surprised to find that their juices tasted sweet.

Now then, it was time to make a choice. Which one should he take first and in what position?


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