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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 177: CH 156: PHOENIXES Bahasa Indonesia

[Phoenix realm]

After finally meeting the leader of the phoenixes, Gabriel, Sol had to admit that even though he was still angry, he was also a little thrilled.

After all, Gabriel was a legend. She was also one the guardians of his kingdom and one of the oldest beings in existence.

Even though he would have loved to discuss with them, the second woman had asked him gently to take a bath first. Something Sol was happy to oblige. Being covered in blood and flesh looked cool and all, but it was honestly disgusting. It didn’t help that the blood of those monsters smelled like rotten fruits.

When you added the mental exhaustion of being in a desert all day, it was a wonder he didn’t fall asleep in the bath.

The ones who helped him bathe were two beautiful veiled women wearing what looked like Arabian clothes.

He did not know from what race they were, but they were clearly not humans. He had tried to exchange some words with them, but since they stayed silent, he was happy to let them pamper him without further exchange.

Once he was bathed and given new clothes, a white and light ensemble that seemed like a robe, Sol confirmed his thought.

‘I am in Egypt?’

From the desert and the clothes, it really seemed like the world of Phoenixes followed an Egyptian theme. It didn’t help that the second vermillion-haired woman who was next to Gabriel when he appeared called herself Nephthys.

When he finally changed, the two servants who had helped him bowed as they said,

“The queen awaits you to partake in her dinner.”

He was not particularly hungry, but he guessed that it wouldn’t be conducive to his stay if he refused a direct invitation for dinner.

There was also the fact that he needed to ascertain what was the current time difference between the Astral Realm and the Mortal Realm.

If he missed his timing, he might come back home only to see that Lilith was already dead. Which would be rather awful and traumatizing if he had to be honest.

The palace of the phoenixes was sparkling. Every stone, from the ground to the ceiling seemed to be made in a sort of special marble that easily reflected light.

Even now, if he looked down, he could easily see that the women here were rather bold, as they walked without underwear.

If he wasn’t already used to being around women day and night, he would really have a hard time controlling himself.

When they reached a large door that seemed to be made out of gold, the two servants stood on either side of it before opening it for him.

A wide room, with a table large enough to accommodate a dozen people standing in the middle. The table was filled with meat and wine, which surprised Sol a little since after his encounter with that monster he expected this world to have different kinds of meat.

Seated on the table and waiting for him were not two, but rather five women with different features, though what they all had in common were their golden pupils and slightly tanned skin.

The moment he entered the room, he felt like an ocean of energy was rushing at him.

It wasn’t anything conscious or deliberate on their parts. Sol understood that this was the natural reaction when too many powerful people gathered in the same room.

Anyone else in his place would have most likely kneeled in fright. But for Sol, this was nothing more than a breeze.

‘Compared to a room full of my usual girls, this is nothing.’

All the women around Sol were either Duke, King rank, or even demigod rank.

Even though he could feel that the four women here, aside from Gabriel, were at the king rank, for some reason he felt as if their aura was far inferior to that of Lilith, Camelia, or that of the witches.

When he was finally directed to the other end of the table and took a seat, Gabriel stood up with a smile.

She had not been surprised by Sol’s lack of reaction. She remembered clearly how ferocious he was during his fight.

This wasn’t even a test she prepared for him. But rather, this was how all high-ranked people discussed.

After all, how could two people even be considered equal if one couldn’t even bear the natural pressure of the other?

“My dear daughters, you may be curious, but let me introduce you to the prince of Lustburg, Sol Dragona Luxuria.”


One of the women, one with black hair, raised her eyebrow as she asked.



A smile formed on her face as she and others nodded to him.

If before, the phoenixes had looked at him with simple curiosity, he could now feel a little respect.

It seemed that wherever it was, one’s own birth would always be the greatest measuring stick.

They didn’t seem to care that he was blessed. They only reacted to the fact that he was related to dragons.

“Sol, let me introduce my daughters to you. You already know Nephthys. She is my representative in this world. The other three are Nent[1], Hathor, and Neith.”

Sol hid a cough.

If he had any doubt about the Phoenixes following Egyptian lore, then all of them vanished.

Nent the goddess of earth, Hathor, goddess of Drunkenness, Neith, goddess of arrows and Nephthys the goddess of funerals, were four of the five great goddesses in Egyptian myth.

The fifth one was—Isis, goddess of motherhood and magic.[2]

Giving his most charming smile,

“I am happy to have the chance to meet such beautiful women.”

Women would never dislike being praised. Even more so if the one praising them was an equally handsome man.

Gabriel smiled as she sat down, “Before we begin, I would like to present my apologies for the earlier events. Even if I wished to test you, I should have at least had the courtesy to welcome you first.”

Gabriel began the conversation. Even though she was apologizing to a mortal, none of the others presents seemed surprised.

The same went for Sol. But his lack of surprise was for different reasons

Mortal rulers did not apologize, for the simple reason that they could not acknowledge their inferiority. Even if they wished to, a mortal ruler could not apologize for it was a sign of weakness and a loss of prestige.

But the rules were different when people had enough power to control a dimension.

At those apologies, Sol scoffed inwardly. He didn’t particularly feel elated that a demi-god apologized to him. If apologies were enough to sweep everything away, then there would be no war nor hatred.

He had nothing to gain by flaring up aside from some childish sense of fulfillment, but at the same time, it wouldn’t sit well with him to keep this in his heart. This was why,

“If I am to be honest, your little test was not something I really appreciated. I have been under great stress during the last few days, and this didn’t really help.

But, I recognize the fact that you may wish to understand what kind of man I was before letting me form a contract with someone dear to you. So, I am willing to let bygones be bygones.”

Gabriel was rather surprised at first, before a smile of satisfaction formed on her face,

“I am sure that Tiamat would have been proud of you if she could see you right now.”

Gabriel loved watching heroes. People who were ready to face any adversities and could laugh even at the moment of their death.

For her, there was nothing purer than such people.

Even though Sol did not fit her traditional understanding of heroes, she found that he had all the main characteristics necessary to be one.

‘I wonder if I should take Isis’ place.”

Such a thought went through her mind before she immediately discarded it.

Forming a contract with a human was not impossible. But doing so would have tremendous consequences.

After all, doing so would mean breaking her contract with Castitas, thereby losing all her divine power as well as her territory and becoming as weak as a newborn phoenix.

Meanwhile, in another place.

A flicker of light moved around before stopping and landing on the head of a young black-haired girl.

Opening her eyes, her scarlet Irises flashed in the barely lit bedroom as she asked the little fairy that used her head as a chair,

“How was it?”

“Ohh, you wouldn’t believe it! He was sooo dreamy! Like a prince!”

“He is a prince.”

“Hehehe~! I know. Still, he was very handsome and his aura was so gentle and warm and, and…”

“Sheherazade, calm down.”

Sitting on her bed, Isis gathered her legs under her and closed her eyes once again.

Initially, she should have participated at the banquet, but she had refused. She did not wish to meet that so-called prince.

That’s why she had sent her one and only friend, Sheherazade, to scout the situation a little.

Sheherazade was a youthful green-haired woman. She wore a yellow robe that seemed to be made out of pure light. Her greatest characteristics were the insect-like wings fluttering behind her and her frame small enough to fit on a palm.

She was a fairy.

Fairies were a race of elemental creatures attuned to woods and water. They lived in the territory of Yggdrasil, the divine beast of Humilitas.

Sheherazade had entered the Phoenixes territory by mistake and would have been dead if not for Isis saving her. For this reason, the two of them became great friends.

Once Sheherazade calmed her excited feelings, she blushed and apologized,

“Sorry, it’s just, from where I am, dragons are like superstars you know!?”

Isis chuckled,

“Well, anyways I will meet him tomorrow, whether I like it or not. So I will make my own decision.”

Laying down, she curled up on her bed, while asking,

“Sheherazade, please tell me another story.”

“Boo! You do know that I already wrote one thousand stories because of you?”

Isis gave an impish smile, while her eyes stayed closed, “Then let’s make it one thousand and one.”

[1]: The normal and most used traduction for Nent is Nut. Nent or Nuit or Nunut are older traditions. Even so, Calling someone Nut, weirds me out XD. So I chose Nent.

[2]: In myth. Isis is basically the strongest deity thanks to her magical powers. She is also a goddess of death and funeral. She is also a necromancer in myth since she resurrected her dead husband, Osiris, as an undead mummy. She is the first and oldest necromancer in a way.

(AN:In chinese myth, phoenix, the original one, had five colors. Black, white, red, green and yellow. Each color represents the virtues of Confucius, making phoenix the most virtuous being of all, meanwhile Dragons in most myth, are slothful, lustful, greedy, prideful and wrathful, making them the most sinful beings. Man, it always feels great to plan things so thoroughly. Though it hurts my head and makes my pace quite slow. Also, I don’t need to say who the black phoenix will be.)

Trivia: For those curious about the five virtues of Phoenix in Chinese myth. It’s

Ren: Kindness: altruism, humanity and compassion.

Yi: Honesty and integrity: loyalty, and consideration for others.

Zhi: Knowledge.

Xin: Faithfulness and Integrity.

Li: Propriety: courtesy and correct Behavior.


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