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[Traver’s Mansion]

While sitting idly, in the rather hot atmosphere, Sol couldn’t help but wonder how the meeting between his women was going.

As a safe sail, he had asked Milia to take control of the situation if she thought that tensions were climbing too much.

He was sure that he didn’t have to worry. After all, since it was a direct order, Milia would do her best.

He didn’t know when, but the sound of the metals clashing against each other stopped.

Putting back his attention to Theresa, he saw her place the still red hot sword, on the anvil and take a pair of black gloves.

Once she put them on, she placed her fingers, now protected by gloves, and began to trace it on the surface of the glowing sword.


This was one of the reasons dwarves’ steel was superior to basically anything in this world.

Runes were a form of lost languages also known as the divine languages.

Runes could not create magic. But, they could bring magical effects when placed on objects, generally weapons.

For Sol, runes could be basically compared to codes.

By writing certain runes in a certain way, you could obtain a certain result.

The races who had the most knowledge about runes were the angels and the dwarves.

This was also why their two countries were the most developed.

The way Theresa drew those runes could only be seen as art. It was not only fast but also graceful.

He did not have much knowledge about runes, but he was pretty sure that only a few people could do something like this.

‘I guess she wasn’t the smith of the hero party for nothing.’

One hour later, after placing the weapons in a specially made water to cool it, Theresa, who had been so focused she didn’t pay attention to the outside world, yelped when she saw Sol and Nuwa standing not far behind her.

“Damn it. I wasn’t supposed to meet you guys like this.”

She knew she shouldn’t have begun working while waiting for Sol.

“You don’t seem to be particularly embarrassed about your attire.”

“Oh! That?”

She looked down at herself and did a little twirl. The robe flew a little higher, showing her beautiful naked butt.

Once she stopped, she looked at Sol with a smile,

“Hahaha, not even a blush or do you think I am too small?”

She was rather curious. Back then, just sitting on Mars laps was enough for him to become as red as an apple.

Messing with him and fleeing from the jealous Blaze had always been one of the best ways to pass time for her.

“It’s just that I have passed the level of blushing just because of seeing some bare skin. But I must admit, you are certainly beautiful. I am surprised your skin stays so smooth despite working in a forge like this.”

“Hehehe~! What a smooth talker.”

Theresa was surprised to feel her cheeks warm up a little.

There were no women who disliked compliments.

Even more so when it came from a handsome and confident man.

“So, what have you been working on? I have little knowledge of smithing, but your skills look impressive.”

If before Theresa was just happy at Sol’s compliment, now she was completely beaming.

More than beauty, smithing was what really made Theresa happy.

Her beauty might vanish with time, but the result of her skills would stay far longer.

Looking at the direction of the metal, she smiled,

“It’s a blade I am forging. This one and another one I am preparing will be specially made for your knight, Setsuna. I also plan to make a special weapon for Lilin. One that can support her fighting skills.”

Pride could be seen in Theresa’s.

“You seem to be really happy.”

“Of course I am. Could you imagine it?”

Her eyes sparkled as she continued, “I am forging weapons for legends! I may be weak, but thanks to my creations, people who stand at the peak of the world can fight with their full might. Be it in hundreds or even thousands of years, even after I have long become ashes, the tales of their feats will still resonate through the world!”

In the end, she was practically shouting.

“Money, love, youth. All those are nothing more than ephemeral truth. When I die, my money will not follow me. How could I be beautiful if I am just a bag of bones? Even the greatest love would gradually be forgotten after death. But those weapons—My weapons. They will still be there…”


Sol’s voice seemed to snap Theresa out of her trances.

Scratching her hair awkwardly, she coughed,

“*Ahem* I am sorry for ramblings.”

She was truly embarrassed, it was something that only happened when someone talked to her about her creations.

“No, there is nothing to be sorry about. I am happy that you are thinking of Setsuna and Lilin. I am sure your gift will make them happy. If you need any materials, tell me.”

Sol always found independent women really attractive.

Until now, Theresa had always been a somewhat frivolous woman in his mind.

But this impression of her had been completely swept off.

“*Ahem* *Ahem* Praise me more.”

“…And you completely destroyed the good image I just had.”


Laughing quite loudly and in a rather unladylike way, Theresa indicated both Sol and Nuwa to follow her.

“We need to talk about more important things. But, first thing first–”

She sniffed herself and frowned, “I really need a good bath.”

“Hah~! I really needed it. I really like smithing and all, but this isn’t easy sometimes.”

Now draped in another white robe, though this time, one that wasn’t see-through, Theresa filled her glass with alcohol and downed it in one swing.

Walking across the room, she took her seat on Sol’s lap as if it was the most natural thing to do and leaned down contentedly.

Swinging her legs, she turned toward Nuwa and asked,

“So, how is Sol treating you? He isn’t bullying you?”

Nuwa, who decided to stay standing, shook her head, “Everyone is treating me well…I even have a friend now…I think?”

She tilted her head while a frown gradually marred her face, directing her gaze at Sol. She asked tentatively, as if afraid of the possible answer, “Is Lilin my friend?”

Sol answered with a faint smile, “I believe you are. But you should ask her yourself later.”


“Oh~!” Nuwa cowed, “My little girl is grown up now. She is even making friends. Umu~! As I thought, you need some near-death experience from time to time to get experience and forge friendship.”

“Got it,” Nuwa answered while clenching her hand.

Watching those two acting like that, Sol could only show a wry smile.

“Could we talk about the important matters first?”

“Oh my, look at me.”

Jumping from Sol’s laps, she rushed toward her bedroom and came back with a little chest in her hand.

Once she opened it, a pearl could be seen in it.


The moment Sol’s gaze landed on it, he felt as if his heart missed a beat.

It was then followed by his blood boiling in his veins while his instincts began to scream at him to take this pearl away.



The chest was closed, and at the same time, the feelings that were almost driving him crazy slowly calmed down.

“Wha-what was this?”

He uttered with difficulty, his heart still beating wildly as if he had run for hundreds of kilometers.

“This…is what is going to make me famous for thousands upon thousands of years.”

Theresa’s eyes shined with a hidden madness as she gently caressed the chest in her arms,

“What you have seen isn’t just the eighth divine weapon, but more than anything — The first divine weapon crafted by a mortal.”

(AN: A little more exposition about Theresa’s personality. I think there will be only about two chapters left. To deal with Theresa and the weapons. My goal is that by CH 149, everything will be ready so that CH 150 or 151 will be the start of the adventure outside of Lustburg.)


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