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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 145: INTERLUDE 9: PATH OF THE QUEEN (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Ashen snow danced about nimbly. It all started with a single flake, morphing into several others flocking together and eventually covering the land.

Under this scene, a purple-haired girl stood, raising her head toward the sky while closing her eyes.

“What am I?”

This was the first question the girl that will be known as Lilith asked to the man standing next to her.

Not who, but what.

After all, from the very beginning, she had never seen herself as anything more than an object.


Standing next to her, a handsome middle-aged man wearing a white coat turned to face her.

His most striking features were his golden hair and his blue eyes.

“You are the tool that will allow me to reach success.”

“…I see.”

The girl nodded expressionlessly.

Even though she had just received such a vicious and heartless answer, her heart produced no ripples.

‘So this is snow.’

Raising her head once again, she began to admire the beautiful scenery.

It was then that, a grunt sounded in her ear.

Curious about the source, she began to walk in the direction and finally found it.

A young teen swinging a sword, torse naked and sweaty.

Watching the sword move up and down, the girl was mesmerized, as if bound by a spell.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Who is he?”

She could see that the teen shared some resemblance with the man behind her.

“Him?” An expression of disdain flashed in his eyes, as he said, “He is my son. At least his body is.”

Showing a scornful smile, he continued, “Your role will be to serve the royal family until you die. So I guess he is your master?”

“My master…”

Looking at the teen’s movement with his sword, the girl once again grew enamored with those movements.

It was so beautiful and graceful.

Could she move like this one day?

The man, uncaring about the thoughts of the girl, turned around and began to walk away,

“Come. You will now receive the adequate training to show yourself in society. After all, you will be introduced as my daughter.”

Tearing her gaze away from the scene of the boy swinging his sword, the girl simply nodded and began to follow the man, faint anticipations brewing in her heart.

“How dare you reject my brother!?”

Looking at the back of the golden-haired girl walking away, Lilith screamed harshly.

It has been a few years since that day under the snow.

Since then, she had been introduced as the daughter of a concubine and became acclaimed as the princess of the kingdom.

Age-wise, she was now 14 years old, and only a one year away from awakening.

“Excuse me…But who are you?”


Lilith showed an expression of shock. The fact that the girl she was so jealous of didn’t even know her existence was quite a blow.

That’s why she presented herself,

“I am Lilith, Lilith Luxuria!! Never forget that name.”


Camelia, hearing this, chuckled, before sending a daring smile, “Make me, if you can!”

Saying so, she sent two jabs in the air, looking extremely cute.

It was the first meeting between her and Camelia

Back then, she was still very innocent.

Even though she was born from unholy means, she did not understand the weight of this reality and was bathing in the illusion that she was really a princess.

Even though she did not understand its meaning, she was proud of the name her creator or rather, her father bestowed her so lovingly.

She had a gentle and considerate brother, even though she didn’t really like the dragon he was contracted with. After all, with his Capacity, he could have had another rank S as a contract.

Even then, they had a somewhat good, if strained relationship.

She had someone she could call a rival in Camelia.

She was loved and appreciated by all the servants and she was the jewel of the Kingdom.

Even though her father did not have much power, thanks to the obvious power of Mars who was already nearing the King rank, the nobles had slowly begun to take steps back to avoid angering him.

Her life was happy.

Everything was perfect.

Soon, she would be 15, and then she would awaken her talent and show to her father that his works hadn’t been in vain.

At least that was what she thought.

It was the dream of her life.

Sadly, just like most dreams, this one was ruthlessly shattered by reality.

“Your Majesty…The princess has…”

A priestess gulped as she was sent to announce the result of Lilith’s Capacity test.

“Zero. Her capacity is zero.”

Even to this day, Lilith could still remember this scene vividly.

After all, it was the day she went from the beloved and spoiled princess to the greatest failure in history.

She could remember the uproar that swept past the kingdom as the news of her lack of talent was transmitted to everyone because of the nobles who wished to suppress the royal family.

She could remember the mockery and disdain of those that previously fawned up to her.

But more than anything, she could remember the look of disgust and disinterest her father threw at her before leaving those cold words as he turned his back to him.

“So, in the end, you were also a failure.”

It was then she understood the ugliness of the human heart.

She understood that all the love and pampering she received was just the result of the expectations they had on her, and now that she failed those expectations…She lost all her value in their eyes.

The fairy tale she thought she lived in was ruthlessly destroyed and trampled by the cold harsh reality.

On that day…she became nothing–At least it would have been the case if not for him.

Thanks to his words, her dead spirit regained the previous luster.

On that day, she swore that she would become someone great.

On that day, she swore to prove that she wasn’t a failure.

On that day…She swore to become a weapon–A sword dedicated to cut everything standing on his path.

(AN: Damn, as I thought, Lilith’s backstory would be perfect for a xianxia story. Her story is less dark than Milia and the others but still dark. I really wonder how it happened. This was supposed to be a light-hearted smut story initially without any complicated plot. I wonder what you think of the story compared to the 1st chapter? Also once again avoid curse words to not have your comments erased by WN.)


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