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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 131: CH 118: PAIN Bahasa Indonesia


Huffing and puffing while holding the two rifles in his hand, Atch looked at the princess he had previously dismissed as nothing more than a prey. His eyes were bloodshit and his whole body was throbbing with pain.

His other seven rifles were laying on the ground, completely destroyed. Even the greatest mechanic in the world wouldn’t be able to repair them.

*Cough* *Cough*

Blood flowed from his blood and lips and his heart was beating fiercely.

Just now, he really faced death.

When he thought about that moment, he still felt chills go down his spine. If he didn’t sacrifice his rifle by using them as a shield, he would have been completely cut into two. It had been a long time since he was so close to death.

But even so…

‘My…My soul.’

He couldn’t help but curse in both pain and frustration.

A wound on the body was nothing. But one on the soul was a completely different matter.

Even now he felt like using his power was harder than before. He could forget about using his zone.

‘What’s this monster!’

How could a simple sword cut the soul? What kind of technique was this?

The worse was that he had clearly blocked this attack.

Didn’t it mean that this ignored all defense?

The name Immortal slaying was indeed not for joke.

Thankfully, he survived. The girl was standing up with blood covering all her body, with two large bloody holes in her body.

The cause of such wounds? The two bullets she had previously received.

Those bullets weren’t just normal ones. They were also filled with a powerful poison. It had taken longer than he thought it would, but thankfully, it worked just before he got offed.

Still, he felt a deep unsettling feeling as he watched her. It was as if what he was facing had stopped being completely human.

Those eyes, and now that he thought about it, those hair. Even attacks that seemed to bring fantasy into reality.

He shuddered at the thought that suddenly came to him, but immediately discarded it. Both Lilith and Lilin were pure humans, he was most likely wrong.

‘I have to flee now. ‘

He already discarded all thoughts about continuing. He was completely crippled. Any random soldier would be able to deal with him at his current price.

If he didn’t find someone to heal his soul fast…He would never get back to his peak.

This was really a bitter price to pay.

They say bad news never came alone. He paled when he saw a golden pillar rose in the sky from the direction of the church.

Feeling the meager remains of his strength leave him and watching this light covering Lilin and healing her wound, he could only curse once again.

“Damn! I shouldn’t have underestimated her.”

He regretted not acting more decisively from the start. It was when he was about to move that.


It was purely through his years of experience that he managed to escape from the surprise attack.

“The fuck! How can you still move? You received more than three times the dose of poison.”

*Huff* Huff* *Huff*

“I…I will not…let you hurt her…*Huff*”

He could see that the girl was a complete mess, even more than the princess. So much blood flowed from her body that it looked like she was wearing a crimson dress.

It was clear that even walking was currently impossible for her, but he knew clearly that a cornered beast was not something to be taken lightly.

Weighing his options, he made his decision immediately.

‘Let’s get the fuck outta here’

If he had any reservation, now his decision was made.

He touched his ring and murmured, “Open.”

But nothing happened.

“Well, shit!”

He immediately understood that the cause of the failure was the large golden barrier.

It seemed that he could only flee the good old way.

“Time to run!”

Immediately withdrawing all the energy in his body, he began to flee from the scene. He could feel a very scary being coming here at full speed and didn’t wish to die.

All he could do was hope that he didn’t get found too fast.

[Loki’s Mansion]

A little earlier, on Sol’s side, while Lilin was facing Atch, the situation wasn’t looking pretty for the prince.

He wasn’t just fighting Zehn, who was already extremely strong on her own, but he was also facing Drei.

From Sol’s perspective, this fight was extremely depressing.

Not only did he have to use his power to stop the invitee from killing themselves at any moment, but Drei would actively send tens of curses against him on the slightest occasion.

Thankfully, those curses were pretty weak, and thanks to his resistance they became even weaker, but they were still disturbing him greatly.

What’s more, each time they felt like he was about to enter his dimension, they would threaten one of the hostages.

Because of this, Sol had the nagging feeling that the goal of those people was for some reason to waste as much time as possible.

It was as if they weren’t going all out to give him the feeling that he had a chance to save the hostage, and each time he was about to give up, they would reignite his hope.

This was pissing him off so much because he knew that his lack of experience was showing in this situation.

Currently, many choices stood in front of him.

The first one was to stop caring about the lives of those people and simply go all out.

The second choice was to do his best to save as many as possible and discard the rest.

The third choice was to fight and try to save everyone at the risk of his own life.

He felt that those three choices weren’t simply a question about the current situation, but would determine his entire future.

What kind of man did he wish to become? What kind of king did he wish to be?

This was a question that had always plagued him and it seemed that he had no choice but to find the answer in this situation right here right now if he didn’t want to be led around by the nose.

Meanwhile, while Sol was hesitating about the decisions, he wasn’t the only one who was frustrated.

Zehn was also feeling extremely frustrated.

Her control over the mind wasn’t a permanent skill. Not only did it only work on people vastly weaker than her, but the longer she kept control the more tired she became.

Keeping control over all the people in the mansion wouldn’t have been possible if not for the drug specially prepared by Drei.

It was the same drug Neun used to slowly control the duke heir, but simply more concentrated and in greater quantity.

Such a drug by itself would only lower the inhibition of those inhaling it, but when it was used in conjunction with her power it became a deadly combo.

Initially, if everything went alright, they would have simply taken control of the prince and everything would be done.

Even in the worst case, he would be simply detained in the barrier and unable to go out.

‘Why is it taking Zehn so long to accomplish the mission?’

Out of all of those dispatched for this mission, the one with the most important part was without a doubt Zehn.

All of them were nothing more than bait used to lure the tiger out of its nest.

That was she didn’t simply kill those useless humans under her control.

It was clear that if the prince had no more reasons to stay here, he would leave and if it happened, their entire mission might fail.

It was when she was thinking so, that she suddenly felt incredibly weakened.

What’s more, she could also feel that the barrier that they had created was slowly being eroded. Soon, it would be destroyed.

‘What is happening?’

“Argh! That bitch cut a part of my soul!!”

She was brought out of her thoughts by the sudden screams.

Those screams could only be described as howls full of pain and anger as Drei forgo his usual polite way of speaking and kneeled down while bleeding from his ears and vomiting blood.


“Forget me! Kill them all! We must go. Now! We were tricked.”

Zehn, who belatedly realized that things were going south, was so shocked that she didn’t properly hear his order.

This opening was something that wasn’t missed by someone who had patiently waited for the occasion.

“Zehn! Move! Behind you!”


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