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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 129: CH 116: SABER AND BERSERKER VS ARCHER Bahasa Indonesia

A few moments ago, after getting shot by an unknown enemy, Lilin, Nuwa, and Theresa crashed quite badly.

Thankfully, Lilin had used her reinforcement to protect her body, while Theresa used a special defense gear she had created to absorb most of the potential energy of her fall.

As for Nuwa, Lilith watched in shock as Nuwa crashed down on the ground, from a height of nearly One kilometer, at full speed without any protection, but stood up and brushed the dust off her maid clothes quite nonchalantly.

With the few scratches on her body, one would think that she just fell while running and wounded herself rather than imagining what really happened.

Standing up with difficulty, Theresa shook her head to clear her mind and looked around before whispering,

[If everyone is alright, we must rush. The enemy is a powerful shooter, we can’t stay in one place.]

Nuwa looked at the wyvern as she asked, “What about it?”

Even though wyverns had powerful bodies, the earlier shot had completely torn open his wings while the crash aggravated the already large wound.

Lilin looked sadly at the wyvern and asked, “Can you still fly?”

Wyverns weren’t stupid animals. Their intellect could be compared to that of a young child.

The wyvern whined a little before nodding painfully.

In the first place, magical creatures like wyverns or dragons didn’t only use their wings to fly. They mostly used magic. After all, it was impossible to lift their heavy body with just their wings.

That’s why, even though it was quite wounded, it could still fly slowly at low altitude. Though, it couldn’t take anyone on his back.

Theresa was about to propose to kill off the wyvern or use it as a bait but she simply decided to keep her mouth shut.

Even though her proposal would be the most logical and adequate in the situation, she knew very well that the two of them would hesitate or refuse and this would make them lose precious time.

Even in the past, she had faced such a problem with Mars many times. He had always been too soft.

She immediately began to run toward their destination. She knew that this action of hers would compel them to follow and as she thought, after giving one last pat to the wyvern, they began to follow her.

While running, Theresa began to summarize the situation

“We already lost too much time. We do not know the strength of the enemy nor do we know their numbers. Nuwa and I are non-fighters. Well technically, Nuwa is a fighter, but let’s not count her in our fighting strength.”


She ignored Nuwa’s outcry and continued, “ I have some handy gadgets, but nothing that can hold long against a true powerhouse. This means that everything will be left to you. Can you do it?”

Saying so she sent a glance toward Lilin, who nodded quietly.

Seeing this, she couldn’t help but remember her time adventuring with Lilith and the others.

Even back then, they had been in many such situations, but no matter how dire it had been, she knew she could always leave her back to her friends.

Could she do the same for Lilin?

She wished she could say yes but the truth was,

‘I can’t.’

Just because she was the daughter of her friend didn’t mean she was as trustworthy. Still, she couldn’t hesitate.

‘Haha~and I thought my life would be boring.’

Laughing lightly she began to speed up, she might be weak but she could pull her own weight when necessary.

As a dwarf, she was extremely skilled in metallurgy and since one of her friends was the supreme daughter of Slothtein, she had been able to create armor that fused the technology of the dwarves and the angels.

‘I can somewhat hold on against a Duke class. Well, enough to not get one shot. But if we face a king class….’

She shuddered. People at that level were walking disasters. Even if the armor itself could take the damage, her own body would be obliterated.

‘Well, I already wrote my will, and Sol is set to inherit everything I own.’

Until now, she had miraculously escaped many situations that should have killed her, but she had never become complacent because of this. Even a demi-god like Mars could die, so what about a shrimp-like her?

Discarding the gloomy thoughts, she gave a light tap on her right earring.

Immediately, a holographic map appeared in front of her. This map was created by sending weak mana pulses in a radius of five-kilometer. The echo from those pulses created the map. This was a technology based on bats’ sensory perception.

Sadly, those kinds of gadgets were extremely hard to make and cost more than a castle. Even for her, buying more than four had been the limit she wasn’t willing to go past.

On her map, she could see quite a few small red dots. Next to her position, she could see two-dots larger than her own. Those were Lilin and Nuwa. She could also see another dot that should belong to the Wyvern.

But the one that she really paid attention to was one very large dot rushing toward them from behind.

“Let’s accelerate.”

She deactivated the radar. Now that she had used it to find the enemy’s position, it was useless. After all, anyone with a modicum of skill would hide their mana signature if they felt an unknown mana sweep through them.

This was also one of the reasons this radar wasn’t spread. It was quite useless and people endowed with special power or who had enough talents could do the same without any need for machinery.

Nuwa and Lilin had indeed felt the weird mana, but hearing the urgency in Theresa’s voice, they didn’t ask and simply accelerated.

But the more they ran the tighter Theresa and Lilin’s expression became.

Finally, two of them just stopped and Nuwa simply followed them.

Giving a bitter smile, Theresa said, “We can’t continue like this. We are just wasting energy. What’s more, even if we manage to outrun the enemy and reach Sol, this could make this situation worse.”

Lilin nodded, while she didn’t have Theresa’s experience, her two years of adventure weren’t just for show.

“Theresa. I-”


“…Ok, Aunt Theresa, I have a proposal. Take Nuwa with you and rush toward Sol to give him the weapon.”

Theresa hesitated for a short while before asking, “From my radar, I can deduce that the enemy is most likely a Duke class. Are you confident?”

Lilin frowned a little before answering, “I am not confident in winning, but I barely reached the Zone. So I shouldn’t be too far. At least fleeing shouldn’t be a problem.”

Theresa wasn’t shocked that Lilin had managed such an impressive feat and nodded, “Ok, then, I will trust you. Nuwa?”

“I am going to stay. I want to fight.”

“I refuse, you were not trained in any way. You staying would be more of a liability than anything.”

“I am strong. I can serve as a shield if necessary.”

Theresa’s expression twisted for a short while as she struggled between which choice she should make. Finally, deciding that they were wasting too much time, she simply nodded.

Ideally, she would prefer to stay and fight with Lilin, but Nuwa did not know the way toward the Gorfard estate.

Sighing, she simply began to dash ahead, “The two of you should flee the moment it seems you are about to lose. Remember, dying with honor only sounds nice on paper. In order to survive — crawl, beg, cry, scream — there’s no action too shameful when it’s necessary to save your life.”

Now alone, Lilin asked, “Why did you decide to stay?”

“I do not know, I just want to try fighting.”

“You do know that we might die, right?”

“Do not worry, I run very fast.”


“As long as I run faster than you I should be able to survive.”

Lilin was dumbfounded for a while before letting out a chuckle. It was the first time that she saw someone admit so openly they would run for their lives and use their companion as baits.

Still, this was somehow rather refreshing.

Thinking so, she took out her weapon, a very long and thin double-edged sword, and swung it a few times before putting it back in its scabbard.

Even though she didn’t have Theresa help to create her weapon as her mother did, the elf was no slouch when it came to creating magic weapons and she had received this one as a reward because of all the help she gave.

“Do you use a weapon?”

Nuwa shook her head, “I am strong. My body should be enough.”

Lilin was about to refute but remembering how a fall from 700 meters high only left some scratches on Nuwa’s body, she decided to wisely shut up.

Focusing, she closed her eyes and began to emit an overpowering aura, and a sphere only visible to her began to spread around her.

Lilin and Lilith’s techniques were fundamentally the same, but because of their difference in understanding, they followed different paths.

Lilith followed the path of absolute sword mastery. In the immortal slaying sword technique, she focused mainly on the sword aspect.

But Lilin was different.

Taking an Iai pose, she slightly pushed her sword outside of the scabbard and, with her eyes still closed, she waited.


*Bang* *Bang*

Two bullets were shot at an incredible speed and speed toward her, but, the very moment they went through the red sphere,

<<Immortal slaying sword style: Flash sword.>>

She drew and put back her sword at such an incredible speed that she created a vacuum and cut not only the two bullets but — even all the buildings standing in front of her.

This was followed by another two bullets even stronger but even then, she seemed to barely move as she once again cut them.

*Whistle* “The young lady is pretty impressive.”

Gentle steps sounded as the previously invisible enemy appeared.

It was a slim white-haired dwarf.

“Hello! The name’s Atch, and I am here to kill you! Don’t you think dying under such a night would make for a splendid poetic piece?”

The more he walked, the tighter Lilin’s grip on her sword became. Even though he seemed completely unguarded, she felt like one wrong move would result in a bullet in her head.

Meanwhile, Atch continued to walk toward her with a completely harmless smile even though he had uttered such chilling words.

‘Come closer. Just a little closer.’ She prayed inwardly.

But, just as he was about to enter her domain, he stopped.

“Oh my! One more step and I would have lost my head it seems. But you really lack experience, little lady. You shouldn’t have shown me the limit of your reach.”

The previous shot had been more prob than anything else and he was already sure to have grasped her limit.

Lilin simply stayed silent.

“Well, this is getting boring. I am pretty sure it won’t last long.”

Saying so, he took a few steps back and was about to begin the fight at full blast when he finally looked at the woman wearing maid clothes next to his prey.

Then, his eyes widened in complete shock, “How is it possible!?”

Atch couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was not just because he recognized her as a chimera, but rather because of the patterns on her body.

He had no doubt. After all, those marks were the same as the one on Funf, one of his comrades in the wing of freedom and she was,

“A royal chimera.”

(AN: Lilin’s sword is based on the sword of Sephiroth from Final fantasy. So you can imagine how long it is. Atch is 8 in German and Funf is 5. Finally, Lilin domain with her sword flash isn’t a zone. Imagine the En in HunterxHunter.)


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