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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 124: CH 111: THREE WITCHES ENTER A BAR Bahasa Indonesia

[Loki’s Mansion]

Watching the prince kill Loki in cold blood and hearing those words, Drei couldn’t help but click his tongue in dismay.

His true body was still too far away from Lustburg and the current puppet he was using was just something weak and useless.

At this rate, the prince would escape, but this was too soon. It would throw a wrench in their plan.

‘I need to keep him here longer.’

What Sol didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one who wanted to stall for time. After all, if their true goal had simply been to wreak havoc, there were hundreds of ways they could have done it.

‘Still, to think that this prince had such an attribute. What the hell? Thankfully he doesn’t seem to have a great control over his own dimension. Otherwise, if he did a <<dimension overlap>>…’

Just thinking about this brought him chills even though his true body shouldn’t be able to feel such sensation anymore.

His eyes flickered as he began to go through all the way they could keep him here longer.

‘Well, I guess it’s time for everything to go boom!’

What none of them remarked, not even Sol, was how Sol’s shadow flickered for a very short instant before coming back to normal.

[A bar in the Gorfard zone]

The bar was nothing particular and had nothing different from most rundown bars that could be found anywhere in the capital.

What’s more, because of the mass that was held at the plaza, it was nearly empty.

The only presence in this bar was a girl in red and a crow.

Suddenly, the crow’s eyes changed and the number 3 appeared deep in its pupil. “Kali, the situation changed. The prince might be able to escape sooner than we thought. I will try to buy as much time as possible, but I need you to increase the lure.”

Looking quietly at the crow, she understood that this was the last step before everything went to shit.

“I told you that I will not hurt any civilians. We are clear, right?”

“Do not worry. The zone is practically empty, go wild.”

“I see.”

Saying so, she stood from her chair and took her large pointed hat before putting it on her head.

As she stretched her hand in front of her, four large magic circles immediately formed above her in a circular formation before fusing into one.

At the same time, another magic circle appeared next to her before taking the shape of a circular shield.

Her pupils changed into a full black spade and her power became so immense that the bar and all the surrounding immediately began to tremble.

The power was so great that it could already be felt a few kilometers away from her position.

Witchcraft was the power born from the knowledge of the world. In order to be activated, neither words nor gestures were necessary. But because of the need to focus, when creating a spell, all witches would always associate the activation with one keyword or one special movement.

For Kali, her keyword was simple. She just needed one word, and everything around her would be erased and that word was,


This happened in an instant.

Buildings, roads, trees, even the air itself. Absolutely nothing was spared.

The blast itself covered a three kilometers radius, shining like a star of death and leaving only destruction in its wake.

In one instant, aside from Kali herself and the crow, covered in a red barrier, everything else was sent to nothingness.

“Incredible. You are really worthy of your name.”

Kali felt no happiness at his praises and as such didn’t bother answering. This spell was so powerful that even her, as the wielder, wouldn’t be spared if she didn’t place the appropriate protection.

‘This does not matter, at least I felt no life in the zone of the blast. One more and this will be enough to draw all the attention to me.”

But, just as she was about to walk away, she heard a voice she hadn’t heard for a few centuries.

<<Partial Rewind>>

The world suddenly stopped before everything slowly went backward.

Even Kali herself, despite being conscious of the change happening, could do nothing but watch as the world itself seemed to go back.

Finally, everything stopped and it was as if she had never used her spell as if it had been nothing more than a dream.

But she knew. She knew very well that what happened wasn’t a dream.

“Medea, so you went out.”

“Not just Medea, I am also here you know?”

Kali’s expression stiffened as she heard this voice. It was then followed by two young girls appearing in front of her.

One fully in black, with her long silver-white hair and her pupils looking like a divided square.

The second fully in pink, with short pink hair and a witch hat, as well as her pupils looking like a broken heart.

Watching her two sisters, even without saying anything, Kali knew that there was no way she could escape this fight.

Then, looking at the crow, she said, “It seems like I won’t be able to do more than this.”

The crow(Drei) simply tilted its head in disbelief. It was one thing for the witch of space to be present. They had already taken this possibility into account.

But the witch of time as well?

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Wasn’t she imprisoned because of the royal family? Why the hell is she helping Lustburg?’

Drei felt so much rage he thought he would go crazy.

No matter how much destruction they wrecked, with the witch of time, this would mean nothing.

The only grace was that he knew that her rewind couldn’t bring back the dead.

He couldn’t help but scream in frustration, “Everything is fucking going wrong!”

Then, calming down as fast as his anger took over, he continued “No matter. At least you managed to pull two witches with you. Keep them as long as possible.”

The crow gave one last order before laying dead.

Those witches may not practice necromancy, but he couldn’t take any risk and be tracked down.

Hearing those thoughtless orders, Kali sighed before adjusting her hat.

In a one vs one she feared no one. But even for her, fighting her two sisters at the same time would prove taxing.

Just as she was about to gather magic again, Freya spoke, “Let’s go a little away from the city, shall we?”



Kali had no time to react; she simply sighed inwardly.

This was why she hated fighting against those two.

They might be far weaker than her, but their powers were such a pain to deal with.

When she got back her bearings, it seemed that she was in the wilderness.

“Where are we?”

“This is the mountain range near Greed Dike.”

Kali couldn’t help but groan at how fucking crazy this space magic bullshit was. They were basically two thousand kilometers away from Lustburg.

Medea meanwhile sighed, “Kali, you went too far. I think it’s time to remind you why we are the big sisters.”

Freya grinned as she continued, “What Medea is saying, in short, is that we are going to spank you until your ass becomes as red as your dress!”

[Barrack of the black knight]

Sitting proudly on a horse was an old man whose face showed the years of fighting he went through.

The horse on which he sat had two horns on its front and razor-sharp teeth as well as red eyes. Its black mane fluttered beautifully in the air.

Behind him, a row of black knights in full armor sat at full attention on their horses.

Normally, using a horse in the city for a fight would have been the most stupid move possible, but that was only so for normal horses.

One of the knights, after watching the big explosion then the rewind far in the horizon gulped,

“General Gerald, what are your orders?”

Sighing, Gerald took his helmet from under his arms and said with sadness, “My brother, the fake queen and the supreme daughter conspired to usurp the throne. Loyal soldiers of Lustburg can you accept this!?”

His last words were practically shouted, but the content of his words sent all of them into confusion.

The fifty of them were old but powerful knights who had given up the battlefield and became instructors for the future generation.

Even so, they were still a force to be reckoned with and their influence in the army was no joke. What’s more, the title of black knights meant they stood at the summit in terms of power, skills, and experience in the royal army.

But the most important was that they had followed Gerald on the battlefield for decades and trusted him even more than they would trust their own family.

“Knights of Lustburg, My dear old friends. We must bring down the traitors at all cost. Are you willing to raise your spears and stand behind me!?”


“Then, it’s time to bring down the traitors.”

Turning around, he put back his helmet, thereby hiding all his feelings of guilt.

[Castitas’s church]

In the basement of the church, standing in full ritual clothes, Camelia was kneeling in the center of the magic circle she had drawn in advance for this very moment.

She had felt it the moment the blast of destruction reduced one-tenth of the capital to nothing.

She could have stopped it, or at least greatly reduced the power of the blast, but she didn’t act. They had already decided what to do to stop Kali if she appeared.

At the end of the day, even though they had shifted their main target to the Wings of Freedom, Camelia had never forgotten that this plan had been initially created to catch the traitors — all the traitors.

The chaos that was about to spread was the best occasion for all those with evil intentions to manifest themselves.

What’s more, she could feel it. The wings of freedom had yet to show all their cards.

She needed to know all her targets and distinguish the enemies from the friends to assure the maximum effect.

That’s why she was waiting.

Like a spider, she was slowly waiting for the prey to get stuck in her webs.

Then…She would devour them all.


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