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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 120: CH 107: SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN Bahasa Indonesia

Even though it was night and the moon hung in the sky, the ballroom was illuminated by a plethora of lusters hanging on the ceiling.

On a wide dancing floor seemingly made of gold, nobles could be seen mingling and chatting while slow and soothing music filled the air.

The males wore beautiful black or white suits while the women wore different kinds of dresses, showing their personality.

Laugher, smile, and happiness seemed to be the rule. But every now and then, those oh so high noble would direct a worried glance toward the main door.

Clearly, they were waiting for something or someone.

Their wait didn’t last for long, since the moments the door opened, the servants standing on the side of said door shouted,

“His highness, Sol Dragona Luxuria, son of Mars Luxuria and the sole and legitimate heir of the throne, is now entering!”

The moment this introduction was made, the music stopped and all the nobles lowered their heads in respect.

In the then-filled music room, the sole sound came from the slow and steady steps of the prince.

‘So, this is the prince.’

‘He is even more handsome than I thought.’

‘What a demeanor.’

Such thoughts filled their minds as they watched, with the corner of their eyes, the prince slowly walking toward the center of the room, where a middle-aged man stood proudly with his head held high.

The contrast between the two was pretty overwhelming.

Sol was young and vigorous. His short golden hair gave him a somewhat boyish look, but the air around him broke no argument about his royal origin. His blue and gold suit fitted him perfectly and gave him an aura of elegance.

The Duke, Loki Gorfard, on the other hand looked like an amiable and somewhat overweight old man who wouldn’t even be able to hold a sword, much less fight. His clothes screamed ostentatiousness and arrogance.

The moment Sol advanced toward the Duke, all the nobles suddenly felt as if they were being crushed.

All of them understood that a silent confrontation between the old and the young man was happening. They were nothing more than collateral damage.

This fact greatly surprised them, after all, not only was the Duke openly facing the prince in front of so many nobles, but he was in no way losing.

“Ohoh!? Your highness, you are approaching me?”

“I cannot say hello to you without coming closer after all, don’t you think?”

“Ohoh! Then, come as you like.”

The moment Sol finally stopped in front of the Duke, the very atmosphere in the room seemed to be separated into two. Though no matter where the nobles stood, all of them had an ugly expression.

They didn’t understand why this was happening.

Before coming here, they had an inkling that something would happen. But, no matter what, it was too fast for them to tear all pretense so fast.

The Duke had a sneer as he looked at the prince. Watching this face so close reminded him of that infuriating man.

Still, even though they looked alike, this likeness was only from afar. Aside from the fact that Sol had cut his previously shoulder-length golden hair, everything from his demeanor to his aura was different from his father.

Sol, on the other hand, had an impassive smile as he inspected the man who created so much trouble for him.

Since the start of this little journey through the different ducal house, Sol had learned many things and he had to admit that each of the previous three Duke had something incredible about them. Something unique. Be it an unparalleled charisma, incredible skill, or a supreme talent.

Compared to that, the Duke Gorfard was,

“You look so small.”

The expression of the Duke didn’t even change. He wasn’t the young and rash kid he had been in the past nor was he stupid like his son.

In terms of heights, Sol and the duke stood at nearly the same level. As such, one didn’t need to be a genius to understand that Sol was looking down on him from a mental point of view.

But so what?

Why would he need to care about the yapping of a young boy who is about to die? Thinking so, his smile changed into a little smile as he gave a bow, “Your highness is indeed the mightiest, I admit my loss.”

Sol who was still accumulating energy stagnated a little bit, before receding his aura, a frown on his face as he looked more attentively at the Duke.

Sol understood one thing. Those who were driven by emotions weren’t dangerous. Rather, they were easy to goad and manipulate.

But those who were driven by ambition and who could bear all humiliation for the completion of their goal were people one should be wary of. After all, you never knew how far they were willing to go.

‘Why did I underestimate a Duke? Even if only for a moment?’

His frown deepened at this. No matter how the Duke looked. A Duke was still a Duke. Even more so, the Gorfard family was the most influential of them all. How could the leader of such a family be someone to be underestimated?

What’s more, fighting was only the last resort.

Sol understood perfectly well that no matter how many precautions they took, the moment à fight broke out, many lives would be lost and many infrastructures would be destroyed.

No matter how slim the chances were, Sol had to at least try to appease his conscience. Of course, even though he was willing to try a pacific solution, he didn’t have any naive thoughts about it succeeding.

Thinking so, he shook his head, “Duke, your words are misleading. I am still far from being the mightiest.”

Even if his brain was flooded, he wouldn’t call himself the mightiest.

There were simply too many unparalleled existences in this world for him to think something so stupid.

The Duke gave a fake a smile and raised the glass in his hand, “Tonight is a night that will be remembered for a long time. Now that the prince graced us with his presence, I think it’s time to dance.” Turning toward the orchestra, he mouthed, “Music.”

New music began to fill the room once again, turning back to the prince, the Duke said, “I have organized this party for you, so I hope your highness will appreciate it.”

‘After all, this might be your last.’


In an unknown place, two people, whose appearances were covered by a red and black cloak, were discussing.

“Nihil, why did you suddenly call me? I am a little busy organizing a play.”

Even though his appearance was covered, his frivolous but manly voice gave the impression that he was a young man enjoying a prank.

“Drei, how is the operation in Lustburg going on?”

From the voice of the one who answered, and her voluptuous form, it was easy to guess that this person named Nihil, was a woman.

Drei, who heard the tone of her voice, answered more seriously, “The situation is stable. Neun gave me a report and she should be able to infiltrate the target soon. Acht and Zehn are already on standby. As for the witch, she is still on our side, same for the Duke and the General.”

The cloaked figure began to tap her finger on the ivory table they sat around, as she pondered for a short while,”No more games. Once Neun gives you the okay, you will begin the operation. Remember, no failure is allowed.”

Saying so, she stood and went away. She had already begun to prepare herself for what was to come.

No matter what, no one would stop them from accomplishing their goal.

Drei, who was wondering how long he would have to wait, suddenly received a message,

[I have reached the first target. Begin the operation.]

A maniacal grin split his face at this very moment.

At the same moment, the same maniacal grin could be seen on the face of a servant in the Gorfard mansion.


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