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Sins Paradise: Domination System – Chapter 62: Reward [1] (R-18) Bahasa Indonesia

Suddenly, Sana pulled me out of the office after she stashed the Gold, and we went to the third floor through the stairs located beside the office. She stopped two nuns who walked past the hallway, asking them to take care of the Sinner inside her office.

I was taken inside one of a few rooms on the third floor. It was her room.

The room was grand and spacious, with high ceilings that seemed to stretch up towards the heavens.

The walls were painted a soft lavender shade, giving the room a peaceful and calming aura. The floors were made of smooth marble, which felt cool beneath my feet as I walked toward the large, luxurious bed at the center of the room while Sana was pulling my hand.

The bed was fit for a queen, with crisp, white sheets and a fluffy duvet that looked like a cloud. It was so large that it could easily fit three people, but it was all for the Archbishop alone. The bed was surrounded by plush pillows of various shapes and sizes, each covered in soft silk or velvet fabric.

To the right of the bed, there was a large mahogany vanity table with a gilded mirror and a variety of cosmetics and perfumes neatly arranged upon it. To the left was a cozy seating area with a plush velvet armchair and a small side table.

A chandelier hung above the bed, and a large wardrobe stood against the wall. The wardrobe was so large it could fit a dozen dresses and still had room for more.

That was surprising. The number of plush pillows and dolls wasn’t what I expected from the shrewd and sly Sana.

Overall, it was a luxurious but cute room.

And I was pushed down the bed without giving any kind of explanation, with Sana riding above my crotch, leaning forward and kissing me so suddenly.


She was acting a bit strange.

Her face was flushed red, and her eyes glowed bright blue. Her lips were parted slightly as they pressed against mine. My heart pounded hard within my chest, and I couldn’t help but let out a groan when our tongues met.

Instantly, I realized what she did as her thanks, and I couldn’t help but feel happy.

My tongue explored her mouth passionately as she moaned. I ran my hands over her back, feeling the soft round butt cheeks which weren’t hidden by her leotard. They were firm yet pliable, and I squeezed them lightly before running my fingers along the crack between her asscheeks.

“Mmm~!” Sana gasped, breaking off the kiss and looking into my eyes. “Sir Arthur. I can only think of this as my thanks. Please forgive me for being unable to prepare a fitting reward.”

Sana’s voice was filled with lust, making it impossible not to understand. She had fallen to the pleasure of having sex with me, and now she wanted to make sure I enjoyed myself too.

I nodded silently, smiling softly at her.

“It’s the greatest reward.”

I loved how sweetly innocent she acted despite her cunning mind.

Our kisses became heated as we embraced each other tightly. We both started panting heavily, and we rolled onto the bed until we ended up lying on top of each other.

We kissed again, and then… My finger slid across her pussy.

At first, Sana didn’t react much, just moaning quietly as if nothing had happened. But once I slipped another finger inside her, she shuddered and trembled under me.

As soon as I removed my fingers, she immediately grabbed hold of my wrist and held it close to her body. Then, she leaned closer to me and whispered seductively in my ear.

“Please use my body as you please, Paladin. My breasts might not be as big as Garcia, and my body is smaller than teacher Emilia you’ve dominated. But I am sure I can pleasure you too.”

‘She knew, huh?’

That meant she had <Appraisal> skill too, and she used it on Emilia when they met. That explained why she was able to know that I had dominated Emilia.

But seeing how she didn’t really oppose it, maybe she didn’t mind if I dominated girls? That was good news.

For now, I would focus on pleasure for myself and her.

“I will certainly use your body as I please. But Sana, I also want you to enjoy this.”

Sana smiled gently and nodded.

Then, I placed my hand around her waist and pulled her towards me. She lifted herself up, straddling my hips and lowering her upper half onto my lap. We kissed again, and she began grinding her pelvis against me.


Sana moaned softly while pressing her lower body firmly against mine. Our bodies were warm and sweaty together, and I felt her arousal through our clothes. It made me harder instantly, and I gripped her buttocks and rubbed them roughly.

The friction sent sparks flying throughout my entire body.

Sana broke away from the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes, letting go of my arms and moving her hands all over my torso instead.

Her touch was light, but it drove me crazy nonetheless. I closed my eyes and sighed happily, enjoying the sensation of being touched by her delicate fingertips.

“Mn… Sir Arthur.”

Sana stopped touching me after saying those words, and I opened my eyes to see her staring straight at my eyes. She slowly undressed me, taking off my uniform and shirt. My pants were next as she moved away. Once everything was gone, she moved her gaze downwards to look at my cock.

“Your penis is very large,” she said teasingly. “Even though it isn’t fully erect right now, it still looks quite impressive. You must have been blessed with great genes. It’s really impressive now that I take a look at it carefully.”

I chuckled lightly. “Thank you, but I don’t believe there are any special talents involved here. This is simply the result of living a healthy lifestyle.”

Sana giggled cutely and took my semi-erect member in her small palms. Her grip was gentle enough so that I wouldn’t feel pain but strong enough to keep me hard.

“Hmm… Your skin feels smooth like silk.”

Sana stroked my shaft gently, causing goosebumps to form all over my body. The feeling was heavenly, and I couldn’t help but let out a soft grunt.

After some time, Sana released my dick and got back on top of me without warning. As expected, my erection grew even bigger and stiffer within seconds.

“Mmm~! Ah!”

This time, Sana wrapped her legs around my waist and lowered herself down. She parted away her leotard and revealed a wet slit between her thighs, dripping with her love juices from grinding her crotch against mine earlier.

“Fufufu.. I’m glad you’re ready already. Let’s get going then.”

With that, Sana sat upright on top of me and guided my rock-hard cock into her tight slit. Her slim figure and small stature fit perfectly in my lap. However, despite her petite frame, she managed to engulf my entire length.

“Oooh!” She screamed in pleasure, her tongue stuck out of her mouth, and her face flushed red.

It only lasted for a few moments before she started riding me. Despite her slender build, she could move her hips freely and ride me vigorously. I gripped both of her butts cheeks tightly to make sure that my hardness stayed inside her.

Our bodies slapped together loudly, making us moan and groan.

“Nngahaha! Mmph!” Sana grunted every time we collided, sending shivers down my spine.

As she rode me, she reached behind her back and grabbed my shoulders.

“Sir Arthur! This is good! Ahn! More!! Oh, Goddess! I can’t hold it anymore!!”

She leaned forward, grabbing my head and kissing me passionately. While doing so, she kept thrusting her hips upwards, pushing more and more of my thick meat deep into her pussy.

Soon, she came undone.


Sana’s voice rose high above the bed sheets, echoing across the room. After screaming out loud several times, she collapsed onto my chest and panted heavily until her breathing returned to normal.

However, I wasn’t done yet. She said I could use her body however I wanted, didn’t she? That meant I should do just that.


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