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Sins Paradise: Domination System – Chapter 39: Can’t Hold it Anymore! Bahasa Indonesia

A/N: The last bonus chapter this week.

I will increase the update to 2 chapters a day once I locked chapter 38 next month.


“Thanks for your cooperation. You may sleep.” Emilia said in a tone devoid of emotion, knocking Tasia out with her hand. She gently lowered the spy against the wall and stood up.

“Yawn~ That was boring.”

The questioning part was so boring that I almost fell asleep. I still listened to it, though, as I wanted to know the mastermind who hid in this Kingdom.

I stretched my arms as I saw Emilia lift Agares and throw him beside Tasia. Well, Emilia was really strong.

I became curious about her status, so I used <Appraisal> on her.

Name: Emilia Dixon

Race: Human

Lv: 48

Sins: 0 (Can’t Increase)

Virtues: 0 (Can’t Increase)

Note: Women who got dominated by the Paladin can’t increase their Sins or Virtues.


HP: 100/100 (MAX 100)

MP: 60/60 (MAX 100)

STR: 40 (MAX 100)

VIT: 35 (MAX 100)

AGI: 31 (MAX 100)

DEX: 45 (MAX 100)

INT: 55 (MAX 100)

LUC: 80 (MAX 100)


[Lv 3 Water Magic] [Lv 4 Wind Magic] [Lv 3 Ice Magic] [Lv 1 Hand-to-Hand Combat]


[Paladin’s Woman] [Dominated]

Looking at the blue panel in front of me, my smile widened. Well, now I see that my ‘Domination System’ and my Paladin title affected something else. My girls wouldn’t be able to increase their Sins and Virtues, making them forever stay at 0.

‘Then I shouldn’t worry about them.’

Honestly, I was worried that they would gain Sins and become unable to live without being looked at with a repulsive gaze in the Virtue Kingdom. But apparently, I didn’t need to worry about that, which was a great thing for me.

“I am done, Arthur.” Emilia approached me with a frown. Stopping in front of me, she sat on the small chair. “To think that the mastermind is that man. I can’t believe it if not for the fact I know you used [Truth Potion] you concocted on them.”

“Well, the truth is sometimes stranger than a lie,” I replied, shrugging my shoulders. “That’s why we can’t really judge people. Even the kindest man could be a cold-blooded murderer in secret. Even a strict teacher could be a pervert who masturbated while thinking of her student.” I grinned at Emilia.

She blushed because she knew I was referring to her in my last sentence. Both of the spies were out of the cold, so we could talk without caring about them.

“Well, I like that teacher, so it’s not a problem,” I added with a playful smile, causing Emilia to blush further.

Teasing Emilia was fun. But I should end it here as I noticed a blue dot that belonged to Rania running toward this room at a fast speed, followed by 4 dots that probably belonged to the knights.

“Rania is coming.” I stood up from the chair and warned Emilia.

Emilia’s expression hardened. “Rania?”

‘Oops, I made a mistake.’

I forgot that I should call her with Instructor Rania unless we were alone. Because I was only with Emilia and I was in a joking mood, I made the simplest mistake.

But I didn’t say anything to Emilia because her expression as she looked at me suspiciously was rather interesting.

“I will tell you later,” I said while walking toward the small chair beside Emilia.

She pouted because I didn’t answer her, but then she quickly regained her feet and put on a strict expression again. A smart woman like her would surely understand that I had many secrets that I couldn’t tell anyone, even the girls I dominated.

“Alright.” Emilia nodded, returning to her teacher mode.

I nodded at her and looked at the door, waiting for Rania to burst in. The only fortunate thing was they didn’t see how I interrogated these spies, so I could keep my [Nightmare Lamp] and [Truth Potion] a secret.

In 40 minutes, the effect of [Truth Potion] would wear off. It only worked for at least an hour, depending on someone. And if I kept feeding them with it, their bodies would create some kind of resistance, further decreasing its effect, creating a skill called <Poison Immunity>.

And I had <Lv Max. Poison Immunity> already. So poison and potions that seemingly had bad effects wouldn’t work on me.

After a while, Rania arrived in front of the room, pushing the door open.


It slammed against the wall, and she appeared with a frown. The four knights also entered and stood behind her in full-body armor. They looked rather regal.

“I brought them here. Where is the spy?!” She asked me while scanning the room. But when she noticed my calm expression, Rania looked puzzled and tilted her head slightly.

“Calm down, instructor. The spies are there.” I pointed at two spies at the corner. “They are sleeping nicely.”

“Huh?” A confused voice escaped her lips. She turned to where I pointed, and her eyes widened slightly when she saw their appearances. Maybe not them, but at Agares, who was tied in a bondage manner.

I noticed Rania’s face flushed slightly red, probably imagining herself being tied in such a manner. She was a huge masochist, after all.

Turning back to me, she let out a cough to hide her flushed face and proceeded to ask, “What are you doing to them? Seeing their… position, I guessed you have done your… private interrogation.”

The way she deliberately tried to make her sentences not be misunderstood was a bit cute. She jittered uncomfortably; her breasts were swaying slightly from her movement.

“I already did. You can take them to the Knight Order’s base for further investigation, instructor Rania. I will share what I know later on. I am a bit… busy right now. Teacher Emilia asked me to return to class after this and asked for my cooperation.” I glanced at Emilia.

Emilia nodded. “Indeed. The class about the basics of MP and Mana will start soon. Student Arthur will show how to use Holy Magic and I will explain the theory behind it. I will make a report about their confession and submit them to the Knight Order as soon as possible.”

Rania looked at us with an understanding expression and nodded. “Very well.” She then turned to the knights and instructed them. “Please bring them to jail. We will interrogate them later.”

“Yes ma’am!” The knights saluted and began to work.

Even if she had retired, it seemed like the knights still respected Rania. Two knights worked together to carry each spy, and they dragged them by holding their hands and legs.

After the knights left the room, Rania turned around to us again.

“Please excuse me, teacher Emilia. I will go with the knights to hear the interrogation. Let’s exchange information we gained from them in the near future.”

“Certainly, instructor Rania. May Goddess Teri’s blessing be with you.”

Nodding, Rania turned around and left with the knights. She closed the door with a slam. And once the door was fully closed, only Emilia and I were left in this room.

At that moment, a rough breath came from Emilia. She fidgeted around, rubbing her thighs together as her hands moved to undress her suit.

I looked at her with a grin as she undressed. Her large breasts, which were covered with a sexy laced black bra, popped out from it. They bounced from her, pulling her suit down.

Then with a sultry voice and flushed face, she said. “Arthur… I-I can’t hold it anymore!”

And she lunged at me, planting a deep kiss against my lips as I heard the notification of my quest being finished, giving me extra 15 Sins, boosting my Sins all the way up to 47.


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