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Sins Paradise: Domination System – Chapter 336: Discussion with Queen Eve Bahasa Indonesia

The Queen told us clearly, but I didn’t answer her yet.

Sana also stayed silent. She knew that I had a plan for the Queen and sent Beatrice to her side to influence her. That was why we had a silent agreement that any discussion about the Queen’s coronation or something related to that would be left to me unless I asked Sana to take care of it.

I also proposed for the church to support the Queen, and Juriel already approved it. I doubted the Pope didn’t tell Sana about the plan, as this cute Archbishop was smart and loyal to the church.

“Have you finally decided on it, Queen Eve?” I asked seriously and narrowed my eyes.

Actually, I didn’t need to ask and already knew about it from Beatrice about her decision. However, I didn’t hear the details from the primordial Succubus yet, so I planned to dig it from the Queen herself.

“I have decided on it. The Grand Marshal also supported my decision.” She answered calmly. “However, I have several conditions in our cooperation. Of course, I have also prepared some offers in exchange for those conditions.”

I nodded my head.

So far, it was just as Beatrice had reported to me earlier. Thankfully, I had already prepared my answer for her condition. But it would be strange if I knew about it before Queen Eve told me.

My relationship with Beatrice was only known by a few people now, only those close to me and people in the Border City. The Queen only knew that Beatrice came from an Underground City and was chased away by a Vampire, and Juriel had already told her that the Succubus wouldn’t harm her.

“Let’s hear it.”

Nodding, the Queen inhaled softly and began.

“Firstly, I wanted to recognize those from the Devil Races, such as Succubi and Vampires, as our citizens. Of course, it’s limited to those with higher Virtues than their Sins.”

Once the Queen revealed her first condition, I noticed Sana’s body jolted slightly. The cute Archbishop must’ve never expected that.

I meant the previous government and citizens saw those Devil Races as Sinful Races. It had been that way since a few hundred years ago. History had spoken for themselves, and I doubted the Vampires would forget the Vampire Hunt incident a decade ago.

While I didn’t know about the details of that hunt, I found out from Mia’s title description that it was an inhuman hunt where they would cripple Vampires and make them unable to do anything after killing them many times to reset their Levels to 1.

Because the church had nothing to do with it, the government actually threw those Vampires to the edge of the world, the South border, with the revival chamber the Vampires used to revive.

‘It doesn’t seem like Lucy and the other people in Border City hate the government, but I don’t know about the other Underground Cities or settlements. However, that doesn’t matter. This condition is something I want to be implemented. If there is some hate left, I will help the Queen take care of them.’

“That’s really a commendable thing to do, but it will be hard. I believe you understand the consequences of implementing this.”

“I fully understand it. However, I want to bring change to the Virtue Kingdom. This Kingdom has turned worse in each generation.” Queen Eve’s expression turned grim as her smile stiffened slightly.

“In the past, this Kingdom was beautiful. Many Races lived together, not minding each other. We only care about Virtues and not how people look or their Races. That’s also when the war between the two Kingdoms hasn’t started yet. I want to bring that old Virtue Kingdom back.”

‘Where the war hasn’t started yet…’ I repeated what she said in my mind.

That meant the world was still balanced, and the Virtue Kingdom and the Sin Kingdom had balanced Virtues and Sins. But now, I didn’t doubt that some people in the Sin Kingdom had higher Virtues than Sins, and the opposite in the Virtue Kingdom.

‘Alesia wasn’t born yet at that time.’

“As long as you have already decided, we have no problem with your first condition.” I nodded to show my support. “I also hope that all Races can get along with each other.”

That made it easier for me to enjoy my life, and the 20 Succubi in the Castitas Church wouldn’t need to hide and could act like ordinary nuns. Garcia’s <Illusion Magic> wouldn’t be needed to hide their small horns and sharp ears anymore.

“Thank you. Hearing that really makes me happy.” The Queen smiled brightly, but she wasn’t done yet. “I am afraid that the second condition might not be that ideal for the Castitas Church, but we can talk about it more.”

“Please, do tell me about it.” I urged slightly, gesturing for her to continue.

Beatrice didn’t tell me anything about this. I thought the Queen only had one condition: to have all Races live in harmony.

‘What could it be?’ I thought, listening quietly.

“… Is it possible for Ertha to return to the Royal Castle and help me as my Prime Minister?”


That was totally unexpected. I couldn’t say anything about that because I knew nothing of Ertha’s situation.

Sana seemed to know about it from the frown that appeared on her face. And the Queen noticed it and quickly continued.

“I knew that it might not be possible considering the past king, my father-in-law’s mistake. However, if it’s possible…”

“Forgive me, Your Majesty.” Sana suddenly cut off Queen Eve’s words with a calm but clear voice. “But that’s not possible. I am certain Your Majesty is aware of the exact reason why Bishop Ertha blindfolded herself.”

“I see…” The Queen’s voice sounded a bit dispirited as her lips dropped into a sad smile. “Very well. That was my only condition. Also, Your Holiness. Is your offer still on the table?”

“Of course.” I nodded.

The offer she talked about was about my training Prince Thomas and Prince Edison.

“May I accept that offer? I felt like what you said was correct. I shouldn’t underestimate the nobles who tried to influence Prince Thomas and Prince Edison. Please, teach them how to defend themselves in case a danger is targeting them.” Queen Eve bowed her head slightly at me, showing her sincerity.

“Raise your head, Queen Eve. I said that I would do it. However, just as I said back then, I probably am able to teach Prince Thomas and Prince Edison once every 7 days. Is that acceptable?”

Hearing my answer, Queen Eve raised her head with a bright smile, “That’s enough, Your Holiness. How can I thank you for this?”

‘Maybe by joining my private party.’ I answered in my mind and smiled at Queen Eve.

“Please, you don’t need to do anything. I have told you that I felt responsible for this. Also, I hope with this, the government and the Castitas Church can have friendly cooperation again. I also pray that Prince Thomas and Prince Edison will grow to be an upstanding individual.”

‘By helping me to get their mother’s heart.’ I added.

Oblivious to what I thought inside my mind, Queen Eve teared up slightly as she said, “Thank you.”

It was all according to my plan. The groundwork to get the Queen had been paved.

The rest of the discussion was about the speech we would hold later. Sana also calmed down from her little outburst about Ertha earlier and joined our discussion.


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