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Sins Paradise: Domination System – Chapter 259: Reporting and Action Bahasa Indonesia

‘Well, as far as I know, the lotion is still relatively safe, and its side effects are probably only an addiction because their pleasure is enhanced. But if we use it sparingly and not every day, there should be no problem.’

Perhaps this lotion would be able to be sold in the Virtue Kingdom as long as we dilute the aphrodisiac effect a little.

‘That’s my main goal. I want to be in charge of its production and control where I can spread it. Just like Border City, I will probably let another person manage it and report it to the church.’

That way, not only could I limit it to Underground Cities, but I would also hold control of a business. And I wanted to make sure it had nothing to do with Duke Blacktomb before I visited him.

If the distribution indeed had something to do with him, I wanted to know what that was. This matter could be left to Alesia. She surely understood her assignment, as I mentioned ‘new friend’ earlier, to investigate the Duke.

‘I also can’t sit idly. After visiting the church and looking at the Succubi nuns’ condition, I would visit Nina to discuss this matter with the professional. Probably she knows more than Alesia about the lotion.’

Who knew that Garcia’s surprise at coating herself in the pink lotion and giving me a massage would turn into this?

And so I bid farewell to Emilia and went to the church.

When I arrived, I noticed that Sana wasn’t in her office. In fact, she wasn’t in the church.

‘It’s strange.’ I thought. ‘Is she going out on an inspection or not? As an Archbishop, I thought she wasn’t allowed to leave the church without any clear reason.’

I had [Earring of Communication] connected to Sana but didn’t contact her. It dawned on me that she said she would report the matter of the Princess to the Pope.

‘She probably was called to the Holy City after she reported it. That’s a plausible explanation.’

When I checked my radar again, a blue dot was walking toward Sana’s office. That dot entered casually and stayed inside for quite some time. When I brought up the name, it turned out the dot belonged to Ertha.

“Oh? Perfect.”

That nun with twin-tailed blue hair was a talented Bishop who temporarily replaced the Archbishop in the Bluerose Duchy and was a Holy Maiden and one of the Goddess’ Holy Bodies, meaning she was someone whose body could be used for the Goddess when she descended to this land.

And at the same time, Ertha was someone who was responsible for the Succubi nuns.

“Let’s meet her before checking the Succubi.”

Stopping by the training area could wait until later. I wanted to see how the church responded to the information I would give them about the aphrodisiac lotion that was spread lately.

I went through the main entrance and saw some people praying to the naked Goddess statue. When I looked at the Goddess’ face, it had a resemblance to Beatrice’s.

“Hahaha…” I couldn’t help but laugh. Somehow, I guessed the Goddess statue in Luxuria Church in the Sin Kingdom was the same or even the younger version of this one as a primordial Succubus turned into their young form when they didn’t experience an orgasm once a day. “I can somehow see that.”

Many nuns walked past and smiled nicely as I went to the inner area of the church. Arriving in front of Sana’s office, I knocked twice because the one inside was Ertha.

“Is there anyone inside?”

“Y-Yes! Ertha is inside, Your Holi– Kya!”

Thud! Crash!

A loud sound echoed from inside, followed by a crashing sound. It was so loud that I could hear it outside and was worried, so I pushed the door open.

The sight of Ertha’s butt with her string white panties as her skirt lifted up entered my eyes first. She was buried under papers and grunted in pain. The table in the middle of the office was knocked slightly, and her feet trembled.

‘Did she just slam her toes against the table and tumble down?’

That was possible, considering Ertha was blindfolded. But how did she work on a document like that? Strange.

“Ouch ouch. T-That hurts.”

Bishop Ertha raised her body and fixed her custom nun dress.

“Bishop Ertha?” I called out to her, and she smiled wryly as a warm green light covered her toe. She activated <Heal> to ease the pain.

“H-Hahaha. P-Please excuse my shameful display, Your Holiness. I wasn’t familiar with the layout of this room yet.”

“It’s okay,” I replied and approached her, extending my hand. “Let me help you.”

“T-Thank you very much!” She extended her hand back, grabbing mine.

I helped her to stand up and let her sit on the couch across from mine. Then I also tidied the scattered documents and fixed the table position. The shy Bishop smiled bitterly as she apologized for making me do this. Her veil that was knocked out earlier was put on her head again, covering her blue hair.

“I am truly sorry. To think I would trouble Your Holiness like this…”

After everything was back in place, she bowed to me.

“It’s okay. Raise your head, Bishop Ertha.” I spoke in a soft voice. She followed my request and raised her head. Then I asked, “Where is Archbishop Sana?”

“Archbishop Sana was called by Her Eminence the Pope to the Holy City. She said if Your Holiness asked me, I should tell you that it is related to what you were talking about before.” Ertha replied calmly, smiling softly as she fidgeted out of nervousness.

Hearing her answer, I nodded, ‘As expected. She was called because the matter with the Princess is a sensitive issue even for the church. It’s different from when I declared Alexander Bluerose as a Sinner. The other party this time is the first Princess beloved by many people.’

“Alright then,” I said as I pushed the topic away. It was as good as over if Sana managed to convince those in the Holy City to declare the Princess as a Sinner. “I will leave something with you then. I assume you can order the church knight and the hidden force under Sana to investigate something, right?”

“Yes, Your Holiness. Do you need some help to investigate something?” Ertha asked, her tone sounding serious.

“Help me investigate the pink, slimy lotion that was recently sold to various commoners and nobles. Provide me with a detailed report of its name, origin, suspected origin, and distribution source. My source told me it probably originated from the Underground Cities.

“Can I expect it to be done today and get at least some general lotion information?”

I immediately went straight to the point without wasting time on pleasantries.

“Your wish is our command, Your Holiness.” Ertha put her hands together as if she was praying and nodded, “I will inform the shadow squad to collect the information. May I borrow Lisa or Lara, one of them, to lead the shadow squad?”

‘The twin?’ I was a bit shocked, but I kept a calm face. ‘They are the leader of this shadow squad?’

Ertha only said one of them, so both of them had similar strengths and leadership. Sana truly only gave me the best nuns in Academy City to serve me as my servants.

“I will tell them.”

“Thank you very much, Your Holiness. We will try our best to meet your expectations.”

Lastly, I asked Ertha where I could find the Succubi before excusing myself.

The Bishop didn’t ask what kind of lotion it was or my goal and only agreed to help me. It was kind of surprising and a little scary. Once again, I was amazed at how great my authority was.

I probably could move this whole church to take over the kingdom if I wanted to.

‘But that’s too much and troublesome. Besides, it’s too conspicuous.’

Controlling the Royal Family from the shadow was enough. That was why I asked Beatrice to spread rumors and influence the Queen.

I just needed to sit back before the plan was cooked perfectly. As for the matter of the lotion, I also just needed to wait for their report.

“I wonder how the Succubi will greet me.” Muttering, I took a yellow stamina potion and drank it. The taste was similar to an energy drink, and I felt refreshed immediately. “I am ready no matter how they will attack me later.”

And so, I opened the door where the special room for the Succubi was. Twenty pair of hungry eyes belonging to beautiful girls wearing sexy nun clothes immediately landed on me. I heard they were separated from men to avoid unwanted incidents.

And so, they were now quite hungry. I was like meat ready to be devoured.


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