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Sins Paradise: Domination System – Chapter 204: A Mad Yandere Bahasa Indonesia

Milea was sitting in a chair in a room with her hands bound. She had regained her consciousness a while ago. Her clothes had already been fixed, which meant whoever took her to this room didn’t want to do anything with her body.

“So I am kidnapped?” She muttered calmly, taking a look at her surroundings. “Hahaha, how funny. To think I would be kidnapped inside Sir Arthur’s mansion when he’s inside.”

The reasons for her calmness were two. First of all, she was only bound inside a room and could escape anytime. She felt a barrier surrounding the room, but that barrier was the type to hide something and didn’t have something to restrict her movement.

Second, she knew that Arthur was a kind man. He was a loving man who cared about his subordinates and allies. So she was sure that he would try to find her as soon as he realized it.

“And more importantly…”

Her eyes were adjusted to the darkness by now, and she could see the light of Capital City in the distance through the small gap in the blind of the window. It seemed like she was teleported here when she was unconscious earlier.

As for the method, she didn’t know. She just enjoyed pleasure from Arthur’s punishment, and her senses were in disarray as she only focused on her crotch and breasts.

That was why she ignored the presence creeping inside the room, and before she realized it, here she was in the Capital City with her hands bound behind the chair.

And then…


The sound of the door creaking open caught Milea’s attention. The light entered the room before disappearing again as the door closed. From it, the culprit behind her kidnapping appeared.

“Hahaha.” Milea laughed after she saw the girl who had just entered.

How could she not? Not many people could enter the Paladin’s mansion without permission. At most, only nuns and some trusted individuals were allowed to enter due to the barrier surrounding it set by the twins, Lisa and Lara.

“Of course, it was you.”

So when Milea saw who had entered the door, she wasn’t that surprised. Because she had expected the one who took her to be someone she knew.

“Why are you doing this, Mia?”

A curious question escaped her mouth as she watched the nun with green hair, whose bang covered her right eye, walk toward her. Her red eye glowed in the dark, something that Milea didn’t know before.

And the cheeky nun also noticed that the other nun’s arms were somehow covered in bandages, and she looked rather pale.

The green-haired nun didn’t answer and only looked at Milea.

“Not going to answer me? I thought we were friends who served Sir Arthur together.”

“Don’t say his holy name with your mouth, you burglar cat!”

Milea was surprised at the intense shout escaping Mia’s lips as her expression twisted in anger.

That expression wasn’t something a normal person would make. It was like a crazy person trying to stop people from taking their precious items or something similar. It didn’t befit a Castitas Church’s nun.

Taken aback, Milea stayed silent as she watched Mia glared at her.

“It’s your fault. Your fault. Your fault.” Mia muttered dangerously as her eyes bulged unnaturally.

‘She’s not sane.’ Milea thought as she watched her friend keep muttering incomprehensible words. ‘Sir Arthur, you might want to find me sooner, or I will be in danger.’

Milea was weak. She wasn’t fit to be a fighter or someone to be kidnapped. At most, she knew Lv 2 <Holy Magic> and some basic magic from other elements due to her family.

If it was just a theory, then she was adept at it. That was why she could know what kind of barrier surrounded the room and how it kept active to hide their presence inside.

‘I made a mistake not running away earlier.’

Now she regretted it. Her friend, Mia, was in an unnatural condition. The shy and clumsy Mia somehow became like a crazy girl as her dark green hair was disheveled due to not being ruffled. Her bangs swept to the side, revealing her heterochromia eyes.

“It’s your fault that Sir Paladin won’t sleep with me. It should be my turn. I am waiting. I was waiting for him. But you were there. In his room. Your fault your fault your fault. It’s your fault that he didn’t seek me!”

Hearing the mad shout from Mia, Milea could guess what had happened. The poor girl was just lonely and didn’t get enough attention from Arthur. The cheeky nun smiled wryly, and the other nun stopped moving then.

“You’re laughing.”

A mad expression appeared on her face as she tilted her head to the left in a dangerous manner. Her hands shot forward, clutching Milea’s neck.


“You’re laughing at me! Thieving cat! You seduced Sir Paladin! It’s all your fault! He’s mine. Mine!!”

Painful. The choke around her neck was painful. Milea never expected Mia to attack her. No, it was out of the question.

‘I… can’t breathe!’

Not only that, her eyes became unfocused as the mad Mia tightened her grip.

“Die die… but no. She can’t die. If she die, the plan… It won’t be good.” Mia muttered in a low and mad tone.

“Sir Paladin is mine. Yes. I need to show him that he’s mine. In this room. I will lock him. Hahaha… I can’t kill her. Or Sir Paladin won’t come.”

It wasn’t comprehensible as Mia spoke too fast, but she then released her grip around Milea’s neck. She took a step back and held her face, forming a mad grin.

Released from the grip, Milea began to search for air.

“Cough cough… Huff… You psycho!”

The one she thought of as a friend turned out to be a psycho. What caused this change was unknown. Or rather, maybe the green-haired nun was already like this from the start?

But that wasn’t possible.

“Were you just acting shy to get his attention?!”

Forgot the calmness. Milea almost died from getting choked by her fellow nun. She thought she would be safe and Mia would be calm enough and did this only to get Arthur’s attention.

But no. That girl was mad.

“Attention?” Mia tilted her head. Her long hair fell, and her lips parted. A pair of fangs was clear as she smiled widely. “Haha. Hahahaha… No. I want him. I need him. Sir Paladin is so kind. She’s the only person who is kind to me and encourages me. That’s why everyone must die. He’s only kind to me!”


Milea looked at Mia. Her gaze showed no sign of hate or anger—only pity. She wasn’t mad over Mia kidnapping her or choking her. No, she pitied the green-haired nun.

“You can stop this and ask for his forgiveness.” So she extended her kindness for one last time to her fellow nun. “I believe Sir Arthur will forgive you.”

“Forgive? Forgive me? No, he would forgive you! He’s kind, so he will forgive you for seducing him!”

Still, nothing went past the girl. It was already too late. Probably only Arthur’s words could go through her head.

While still muttering about how she would ask Arthur to forgive Milea, Mia began to dance and squeal in delight like a girl in love. She completely ignored the cheeky nun’s existence and walked out of the room.

But before she left, Mia stopped and looked over her shoulders, her body twisted in a strange way as she grinned widely.

“Make sure to prepare your apology. Fufufu, Sir Paladin will surely forgive you and praise me for correcting you!”

And then the door was slammed shut. Milea was left alone, smiling bitterly.

“This is quite bad. Please come soon, Sir Arthur. I don’t think I can handle something like this.”

No matter what happened later, Milea had already started to resent Mia. But as a fellow nuns, she could understand Mia’s anxiety. That was why… a part of her still hoped that Sir Arthur wouldn’t see Mia’s current condition.

And there was one person who she could depend on in this situation. Struggling, she cut the rope tying her hands, and took out an [Earring of Communication] she hid in her dress all the time in case she needed it.

This earring was connected to someone she could trust besides Arthur or the Archbishop. She wore it in her left ear without any delay and activated it. The other side accepted the call almost immediately, and Milea begged.

“Please help me, Aunt.”


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