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Restarting From Genesis – Chapter 51: Member of the Thieves Guild Bahasa Indonesia

“Bring him with us.” The woman ordered, causing the encirclement around Merlin to open up, leading directly towards a door beside the counter.

Not wanting to fight under these circumstances, Merlin decided to follow along. If there was any chance of joining the thieves guild now, it would be by lying through his teeth.

As he was led to the tavern’s cellar, his brain was racing trying to figure out a reasonable excuse. His current thought process involved mentioning that the thief who attacked him had been caught snitching to a guard, but he had to weave some truth into it, as it was currently his word against a member of the thieves guild.

A secret door within the cellar opened up to reveal a large underground complex. He was led down a short set of stairs into a main hall, the atmosphere was brighter than expected, there were large groups of NPCs gambling at various tables, as if he walked into an underground casino.

Looking around the room, Merlin noticed that there were paths that led out of the main room, but the general structure of the paths was strange. There were two elevated paths on either side and a deep channel between them, which gave away the fact that the thieves guild hideout was built within an abandoned and repurposed sewer.

Merlin received various looks of curiosity as he was led away from the gambling ring and down one of the various tunnels. Eventually he was led to what he could only assume was an interrogation room, a small room containing nothing more than a table and two chairs.

He was left in the interrogation room alone, giving him enough time to fabricate a story. He began weaving truths and details into his story, like the appearance of the guard based on one of the guards he had seen around the city. The biggest lie he thought would win him points, and who he knew the other guy would probably mention in a more negative light, was the kid the thief had attacked and Merlin had saved.

It didn’t seem like the kid was capable of speech, considering he hadn’t made a single noise when seconds away from death. So if the kid was asked if the thief had attacked him, his response would most likely be nothing more than a confirming nod.

The boy had no choice but to confirm Merlin’s story, the alternative to Merlin’s story would support the thief who tried to kill him and who would definitely sell him out as the snitch to save his life, there was nothing to gain from selling Merlin out at that moment.

Although the likeliness of this excuse working was minimal, especially considering how low his charisma stat was. Not to mention that if anybody had a lie detecting ability his entire lie would unravel in seconds.

It was pretty apparent that he didn’t really come in with a solid plan, but there were factors that worked in his favour. There were also obvious holes in his story he wouldn’t be able to explain if pressed further, but if he succeeded it would save him more than a couple weeks of pointless grinding, something Merlin felt was worth the risk.

A few minutes passed, and several footsteps echoed down the tunnel, getting louder as time passed until eventually the door to the interrogation room creaked open.

A tall slender man walked through the doorway wearing an expensive tailored suit, it was lacking the usual gaudy accessories nobles loved adorning their clothes with, so it retained its simple yet elegant design. His long pale blond hair lightly obscured his sharp facial features and two long pointed ears. All these features stuck out in such a way that they clearly declared the man’s race to Merlin, he was a high elf.

Merlin noticed the woman who was previously manning the tavern’s counter was now standing in the doorway. With the two standing in the same room he could see the obvious familial resemblance.

“Hair purer than any elf I’ve known, eyes so vibrant they outshine the most expensive of amethysts.” Without giving Merlin a chance to speak first, the elf man spoke up with an eccentric voice. “And a stench of blood that rivals the many wars I’ve lived through. My, you quite the enigma, aren’t you?”

The current situation caught Merlin off guard, he didn’t think to talk yet and just let the man continue.

“A strange young man who appeared in Orchomenus a few days ago, white hair and purple eyes, what a unique combination. You who made a name for himself immediately as a mass serial killer.” The elf continued, a large grin on his face as he watched Merlin’s expression slowly show traces of discomfort. “Rumours say you bathe in the blood of your victims, your hair dyed a vibrant crimson as you parade around town, striking fear into all who gaze upon you.”

Merlin wanted to respond, but his throat started to choke up. The deafening silence didn’t last long, as it seemed the elf loved the sound of his own voice.

“I received word that you entered my city alongside an envoy of the nasty snake lady and a few mercenaries. They speak of your feats on the road, a fondness for murdering bandits it seems.”

“Now, I have the man who seems to despise bandits with every fibre of his being, suddenly appearing in my little place of paradise, my den of thieves if you will.”

“Not only that, you bring me one of my men on death’s door, calling it a peace offering, how very strange.” The elf leaned in, Merlin barely noticed a strange glint in his eye, indicating that the elf had activated some kind of eye ability, although Merlin couldn’t figure out what it was.

The elf leaned in so uncomfortably close that Merlin could smell the scent of liquor on the elf’s breath, and hear the elf’s exaggerated inhales as if he were being sniffed, leaving Merlin extremely uncomfortable.

“My information network spans far and wide, there is very little I don’t know. Which leaves me with the question, who are you?” The elf seemed to be mumbling to himself while inspecting Merlin’s body. “Oh, what’s this?”

The elf’s gaze felt like it was peering into Merlin’s soul, leaving him feeling naked and defenceless. He had to fight the urge to cover himself with his hands, although he knew it wouldn’t help at all.

“You’re not whole, how interesting. A cultist of Despoina perhaps? No, it doesn’t seem that way, you’re no hybrid, rather…” The elf continued mumbling to himself, a hint of bloodlust escaped him when he spoke of Despoina, but it was quickly reeled back in.

“A lost one? A traveller? A visitor from another world?” The elf shouted his theory with what seemed to be childish excitement. “Of course, the flashes atop the mountain mere moons ago, the sudden appearance, you are not of this world.”

The elf pulled away from Merlin’s face and flung himself back into his chair, he seemed satisfied with solving his little mystery. Merlin was feeling kind of exhausted with meeting so many eccentric and powerful NPCs.

“Now I know why you have come to see us, for you who can assimilate souls, you require our training.” The elf leaned forward in his chair and stared at Merlin once more. “But for what reason would you require the skill set of a criminal, I wonder.”

As Merlin watched the elf lick his lips, the feeling of revulsion grew within him, his body shuddered as a response to the eccentric elf’s disturbing behaviour.

A notification appeared within Merlin’s vision, reminding him of his main goal.

「Eliminate Arwell Lychester.」

It was for this reason that he needed the abilities of the thieves guild, the option to get away undetected after committing the act of murder.

“To complete a promise I made with someone. I need to deal with someone dangerous who has plenty of connections, and brute strength alone wont help me complete my task.” Merlin cleared his throat and spoke for the first time since entering this room.

The elf inspected Merlin’s facial expression for a solid minute, but Merlin didn’t waver and eventually seemed to have won.

“Very well, I do respect a man who follows through with his promises. I’ll take you under my wing.” The elf spoke up with a grin, “It was either this or dissection.”

Merlin wasn’t sure if that last part was a joke or not, but he ignored it to the best of his abilities.

The elf held out his hand, “Mister Ghost, do we have a partnership?”

Merlin couldn’t help but sigh after hearing that name once more, he shook the elf’s hand, but had to still respond. “It’s Merlin, my name is Merlin. I really don’t want ghost to spread.”

The elf, seemingly not listening to Merlin’s complaints, stood up and made his way towards the doorway, speaking briefly before walking out. “Welcome to the guild, Ghost.”


[Member of the Thieves Guild.]

You became a member of the thieves guild.

• You can enter any thieves guild hideout.



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