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Restarting From Genesis – Chapter 0: Herbarium (List of Plants) Bahasa Indonesia

Here is a list of all the plants currently featured in the story and their effects. This may contain spoilers, so be advised.

Darnel Ryegrass – A grain-like plant that looks almost indistinguishable from wheat. Consumption of the plant, whether that be raw, brewed or in the form of a baked goods such as bread, will cause a wide range of unpleasant effects. The most concerning being delirium, tremors, paralysis and convulsions, with the signature symptom being an unpleasant feeling in the calves, ranging from tightness to extreme pain.

Foxglove – A plant with a long stem that sprouted several bell-shaped purple flowers. The inside layers of the purple bell-shaped flower have several discoloured spots. Consumption of any part of the plant can lead to irregular heart function and death. Weaker doses of this plant’s poison will cause other unpleasant effects, such as an upset stomach, blurred vision and muscle weakness.

Goldenweb – An uncommon fungus that has the appearance of a gold-coloured spider’s web. It grows high on trees, and although it looks like a spider’s web, it isn’t sticky enough to ensnare creatures. Its main use is as an anticoagulant, preventing blood from clotting.

Bloodgrass – A small leafy plant that becomes a red paste when crushed. It restores essential vitamins like iron back into the body when consumed and helps with blood production. The plant’s leaves can absorb blood like a sponge, draining it of its nutrients before pumping the waste out into the soil through its roots.

Liliox – A white lily-like plant that can be crushed or brewed into a tea, it has a mild healing and detoxing effect. Can counteract the symptoms of weaker poisons that only cause upset stomachs or nausea.

Falsofal – A flower with large pink petals. When the petals are crushed, they leak a slimy gel akin to aloe vera, which when applied to a burn will cool the area and amplify the skin’s healing. If mixed with water and consumed it provides a mild healing effect.

Vurdole – A small leafy weed featuring a single small yellow flower. The leaves, when crushed, provide a small healing effect. The yellow flower has a slight citrus taste. And when consumed; whether that be mixed in a potion, brewed as a tea or eaten whole. The flower provides a large dose of essential vitamins for organ function, as well as reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

Impletio – Dark grey seeds with a wrinkly surface, these seeds can be crushed into a powder and mixed with other plants to function as a booster. Impletio significantly amplifies the effects of other plants it is mixed with, the only issue is that without a stabilizing agent to balance it out, it may cause an overdose.

Alanemine – A plant with several long, almost string-like white petals. When the petals are crushed and mixed with other ingredients, it reduces their effects. This plant may be used as a stabilising agent for Impletio or other effect-boosting plants.

White Horehound – A plant with a long grey-ish stem and oval-shaped tooth edged, ash green leaves. The stem grows several bulbs covered in small white flowers. Consuming one of these bulbs will cause the user to immediately vomit, including any poisons that were ingested. Chewing on the plant’s leaves, or brewing them in tea, causes a decrease in inflammation and thins throat mucus.

Mothflower – A strange stalk plant that grows fluffy white flowers that look like white moths. (I won’t tell you what it does just yet~)

Yew – A tall, evergreen tree. Most parts of the plants are poisonous, and the consumption of even a small amount of the foliage can result in death. Yew needles and berries can be extracted from the tree and used in a variety of deadly poisons.


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