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Nellie, who was still on Princess Noa’s back, chuckled when she saw her Princess getting flustered. It was the first time she saw her act in such a way. “Princess, can you put me down, please.”

“Ah yes….” Princess Noa put Nellie down, but she did not stop glaring at Blake.

“So what is an elf princess doing out here? Shouldn’t you be heading south with the rest of your people?” Blake asked as he found a cement block to sit down on and wiped his brow. He had just run for his life, so he was already hot and sweaty.

“South? How do you know they were heading south?” Princess Noa suddenly went on guard.

Seeing this, Blake chuckled as he said: “Don’t need to be so defensive. The orcs will head east from the main portal on this continent, followed by the trolls. Goblins will spread out in all directions and begin trying to find any human women or other races’ females to mate with. The dragonic will head north with the enslaved dragon races, while dwarves will head west towards the mountain ranges. As for humans… well, we will have sporadic settlements here and there. But for an elf princess to show up here, something must have happened.”

“You know a lot for a new age human.” Princess Noa snorted but slowly lowered her guard.

“It’s only natural for someone who has been reborn. Anyway, my guess is that you ran into a group of orcs on the way here, got into a fight, and stupidly used big spells trying to fight them instead of just using one big blast and running away like a normal person.” Blake’s words were like arrows being shot through Princess Noa’s heart. She glared at him wanting to punch the new age human with everything she had, but she couldn’t since he did save her just now.

But one thing that caught Princess Noa’s attention was the word ‘Reborn’. “Wait, what do you mean reborn?”

“Just like I said. I am someone who has lived through this timeframe once before, before dying to some bitch dragonic. Anyway, while running here, did you happen to see any white foxes?” Blake asked.

“Foxes…. No…” Princess Noa was a bit disappointed that Blake was not elaborating on the whole reborn thing. She had read about such things in ancient texts that there were chances of being reborn but no actual accounts of it. So this interested her greatly. As for why Blake was so upfront about it, well, he saw no need to hide it since it didn’t matter if the elf knew or not.

“Alright then. Be safe.” Blake said as he looked outside to see the mob of monsters long gone and went to leave, only to be grabbed and pulled back, causing his face to turn black. “Listen here, Princess, I need to go so I can not sit around and wait on you.”

“I’m coming too.” Princess Noa decided she would follow this new age human since he seemed very knowledgeable about everything. This way, she could avoid running into more dangers.

Blake looked at the stubborn princess and then at Nellie, who stood at her side quietly with a small smirk on her face and sighed. “Then, Princess, do as you please but let me tell you now, you are not putting a collar on me.”

“What!? No! I did not want to do this to Nellie, but those damn dragonic in their more powerful days would not allow her to live if I did not seal her magic and keep her as a slave….” Princess Noa’s expression looked sad when she talked about it. “Nellie is like my sister. I never wished for any of this on her.”

“I see…. So you both lived during the days of old. It’s good to know. I might have someone who can take the collar off. But you have to listen to what I say from this moment on. I do not want you acting on your own. And From now on, I will drop the princess title and call you Baka since it suits you better.”

“What the hell does Baka mean!? My name is Noa! Just call me Noa!” Noa yelled out and stomped her feet.

“Alright, Baka, Noa, same thing. Anyway, Nellie, was it? Keep an eye on your master, and do not let her do anything stupid.” Blake said as he exited the broken down building.

“Why do I feel like you are using my name as means of making fun of me!?” Noa yelled out while stomping her feet once more. She did not know why this new age human was so infuriating.

“That’s because I am!” Blake’s voice rang out, causing Noa to grit her teeth and Nellie to burst out laughing.

Noa looked at her long time friend with an aggrieved expression as she asked: “Whose side are you on!?”

“I am on my own side Princess,” Nellie replied with a serious expression causing Noa to turn and stomp off after Blake.

Blake did not go very far, he was waiting for Noa a few feet away. He actually never thought he would run into an elf around here, never mind a princess at that. He did not know if he was lucky or not. But he did wish to befriend her. It was just that, she was also too much fun to tease! If he could pull her to his side, it would make things much easier as it would give him a connection to the elves and maybe even an alliance down the road but first, he had to get to know the elf girl better.

“Why are you just standing there?” Noa asked as she walked up behind Blake with her arms crossed across her chest.

“Was waiting on you and Nellie. We will be moving slowly, so be careful of making too much noise. While the large group of monsters is gone, that does not mean there are not anymore here. I do not want to end up in another situation like before.” Blake said as he began walking forward.

“I know…. Let it go already….” Noa snorted but quickly did as Blake said.

The group of three made their way through the old ruined city that was now covered in plant life. Blake did not wish to miss out on any chance of missing the spirit fox, so when he reached the center of the city where it was said that the spirit fox was found before, he looked around for a spot to make camp. After some quick searching, he found a two story building that was still in a somewhat decent condition and made his way inside. Noa and Nellie carefully followed after him in silence.

“We will camp he….” Blake frowned as he turned around and tackled both girls behind him to the ground as the sound of guns went off.

“What was that!?” Noa yelled out, only to see Blake roll over and send three fireballs out without a magic circle or incantation. Her eyes widened since she had never expected Blake to be able to use chantless magic!

“That, my dear princess, was a gun. Created by us new humans, as you like to call me.” Blake replied as he helped the two girls up. “Sorry for pushing you both to the ground.”

“It’s fine, but there are two more hiding upstairs.” Noa had already sent her mana out to find any more enemies after being attacked.

“I know. I will put some barriers up, and we will be okay.” Blake said as he cast barriers around all three of them before moving to enter the building again.

When they got to the second floor where the two people were hiding, Blake yelled out: “If you do not want to die, put down your weapons. We do not wish to harm you.”

Silence came inside, but Blake could hear soft sobbing making him frown. He did not expect children to be here. “Noa, do not attack.”

Noa nodded and watched as Blake slowly walked into the room to see two kids, one girl around ten years of age and a boy of five years of age, huddled in the corner. Blake looked at the bruises on the kids and frowned even more. “You two here kidnapped?” The girl nodded and flinched at Blake’s attempt to get close to them. “Alright, don’t worry. You will be safe now. Nellie, can you watch the kids for a moment?”


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