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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 68: Will I Really Be Reborn Bahasa Indonesia

Blake walked down the street with the old woman on his back. Tina and Lillia walked at his side with small smiles on their lips. They couldn’t help but giggle at how awkward their man was. Everyone who was able bodied was carrying someone. Mack and his group were on watch, so they couldn’t really help.

They walked for hours on end. Even when they were tired, they had no choice but to keep moving on. Blake did not want to stop, nor did they have the luxury to stop. Those who were tired from carrying someone would switch off with someone else and then have to hurry to catch up. This kept the group moving at a steady pace. Luckily eating some wyvern meat did help a lot in boosting everyone’s stamina, but even still, after hours of marching, people were growing tired.

“Blake, they are slowing down….” Tina said while tugging on Blake’s sleeve. It had been eight hours already, and they still had a few hours left to go.

Blake frowned but stopped his steps as he looked around. He spotted a semi intact building and said: “Alright, everyone to the building. Let Mack and his crew go in first to scout it out, and if it is safe, we will break.”

“On it!” Mack said as he waved two of his men to follow him. The group all let out sighs of relief. Most were soaked in sweat. It was not an easy journey.

“Ummm…” A young girl, one of the ones Blake rescued shyly, walked up to Blake with her head lowered.

“Hmmm?” Blake gently let the old lady on his back down so she could sit and rest and turned to the young lady. “Everything okay?”

“I…. I wanted to thank you for saving me….” The girl replied. Her whole body was shaking. It was easy to tell that she was still not good with men. Out of the ten girls, only she decided to follow Blake.

Blake smiled, and he reached into the bag he had tucked in his shirt and pulled out a bottle of water, and handed it over to the girl. “I wish I could have gotten there sooner so you would never have to have gone through such a horrifying experience. But do not worry. I will make sure you never experience anything like that again. So live strong and survive. Grow stronger, and when the time comes, and you have the strength, you can save other girls in the same situation as you were in.”

The girl looked at the water bottle in front of her and then slowly raised her head to see Blake smiling at her, and tears began to well up in her eyes. She reached out shakingly to take the bottle and hugged it to her chest. “Mmm… I will grow strong. I will grow so strong that no one will ever have to suffer like that again.”

Tina walked over and hugged the girl while Blake gently smiled. Lillia watched on with a soft smile on her lips as well.

Blake let out a sigh as he looked up at the sky. The sky’s color was turning a slight teal color off on the horizon, which was the sign of mana beginning to spread across the world. “Blake, it’s clear.”

“Alright. Everyone, move to the building. While we rest for a half hour, I will explain to you all what is going on.” Blake said as he began walking towards the building.

When everyone gathered, Blake stood in front of the group and began explaining things. “To put it simply, the reason why we needed to move was that, and I know it will sound crazy, mana is being reintroduced to the world. The earth is much older than we think and once was home to many species. As you have all seen, the dragons that caused us to be how we are now are just one of the few races from ancient times.

“Every race you can find in a fantasy novel is a race that is an actual fact. Dwarves, elves, fairies, goblins, orcs, you name it, and you will find it in the races that are slowly reentering this world after being separated from the planet after so long. But this brings us to a more serious matter, and that is the mana itself. We, humans, are descendants of the humans that once lived in a world filled with mana. This is why throughout history, we have those who were deemed witches because they could cast spells and other things. And this is why some of you may die as well….” Blake’s words were like a bucket of cold water on everyone there as they all looked at Blake in confusion and a bit of fear.

Blake paused before he continued: “We humans need to re-evolve in order to be able to handle mana. The evolution process is not an easy one. In fact, it’s worse than being a woman trying to pop out a twenty pound baby from her vigina. But, if you are able to handle the pain and are able to make it through the transformation process without dying or turning into a monster. Then you will have a chance to rise up and revolt against the dragonic bastards who have taken everything from us. So each one of you will be reborn anew.”

“Blake…” Tina walked over as everyone else stared at Blake, unsure of what to make of his little speech.

“Hmmm? What’s wrong?” Blake asked; he did not know why Tina was giving him a strange look.

“Twenty pound baby out of a woman’s vigina!? Couldn’t you have used better words!? I know you are not good at being delicate, but this time…..” Tina couldn’t believe the words coming out of Blake’s mouth!

“Ah well, I figured that was the best way to allow people to picture things,” Blake replied, scratching his head. He looked at Lillia for help, but she only turned her head, not daring to look at him. But it was then that he felt a tug on his shirt from behind, causing him to turn around. He saw the young girl he saved staring at him with tears in her eyes. “Will…. Will I really be reborn?”


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