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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 64: Offer Bahasa Indonesia

“Not a bad setup.” Blake looked up at the tall makeshift metal walls that had multiple watch towers. The walls surrounded three whole blocks. It was not going to keep any dragons out, but it would protect them from people like the Headhunters.

“It is indeed a good temporary setup, but we do not know how long it will last. All the houses were partially destroyed. Every day we got people running around trying to find materials and other resources. It’s a hard life, but if it allows us to rebuild from the ashes, then it is better than nothing.” Mack replied as he patted Blake’s shoulder. The gates to the two opened up without him needing to even say anything. “Come, I will take you to the General.”

As they walked through the gates, Mack had Nicky and Gale bring the girls to a special section of the village they created that was women only. Mack explained that many girls like the then he saved had the same issues with being around men.

The village itself was just small makeshift houses. There was even a small plot of land that they were using as a garden. Blake spotted many families here and even spotted the couple he had saved before. Seeing them working and helping out made him feel relieved that they did make it.

Blake was led to a small building that looked more like a shed than anything and stepped inside to see a set of wooden stairs leading down. “A bunker?”

“We dug it out to use as our base of operations. We are slowly expanding it, but it’s not possible to do it quickly by hand.” Mack explained.

Blake nodded as they made their way down the stairs. The floors and walls were held up by wood arches, and the ground was mostly made of dirt, with some patches of rocks here and there lined up. They were brought to a side room where an older man with white hair sat by a stone table. “General, I am back.”

“Oh, Mack?” The old man turned and looked at Mack before moving his gaze to Blake and the girls. “And this is?”

“The man who just took out the Headhunters,” Mack replied.

“This…. Is it true?” The general’s eyes went wide as he stood up. “Has it been confirmed?”

“No. I sent one of my men to check things out, but they had ten female survivors.” Mack replied.

“I see.” The general gaze never left Blake, who stared him straight in the eye. “Do you have proof you killed the leaders?”

“Mmmm…. Lillia.” Blake spoke softly. Lillia nodded and reached into her space, taking out three heads and tossing them on the floor.

“This…. Wait, where did you even pull these…..” The general and Mack were both confused as to what they just saw.

“These are the heads of the leaders of the Headhunters. I personally killed them myself and cut off their heads. Then I cut off their dicks and fed them to them. General, I did not come here because of the Head hunters but instead for another reason. Right now, I am forming a new base of operations north of here in a secluded valley. I have already made contact with the Patriots, and they are also now working under me.

“I wish to bring you and your men along with everyone in this village to this new base where they will be much more well protected.” Blake ignored the old man’s question and got straight to the point. “I am looking for skilled men who will help lead the future of the new world that will be coming soon. The age of magic is about to come to pass, and we as humanity need to build a place where not only humans but the other races that will soon appear in this world can co-exist and slowly gain the power to fight back against the dragons.”

“Are you some kind of fucking cult?” The general suddenly shouted. He was still confused as to where the heads came from, but he didn’t like the shit coming out of Blake’s mouth.

“Cult? No. I wish.” Blake said with a smile as he waved his hand, creating five different element spheres to appear in the air. “Magic is very much real, and you all will soon find out as well. I am only here to ask if you wish to join my group. I will not force you or try to persuade you to do so. I just want people who have the right abilities and the willingness to save those they can to be in this new world.

“We will be outside the town near the broken down shack three blocks from here for the next three days. If you wish to talk, you can find us there.” Blake said as he turned around and walked out of the room. Both Tina and Lillia followed after him. But just as Lillia was about to walk out of the door, she stopped and said: “Blake means what he says. He does what he can, but he is no god. He has already formed a place where people can be safe and protected from dragons. We have killed many in the past few months just to get this far. If you truly wish to help people, then you should really consider his offer. A man of your stature and knowledge would be a big help to him.”

After Blake and the girls left, the general looked at Mack and then at the heads on the floor and scratched his head. “What the fuck did we just see?”

“General, I may not have a right to voice my opinion, but the young man was not a bad person. He cared enough about the girls he saved to keep all men away from them, including himself. I have only known him for a short time, but he comes across as someone who does not speak bullshit. Plus…. He just showed us something out of this world. If what he says is true, then we would be better off combining our forces.”


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