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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 62.2: Man Vs Tank Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake braced himself as he took a deep breath and ran down the hallway. They had to go this way anyway to wipe out the rest of the Headhunters, so he was willing to risk it. The Headhunters were a group he could not let survive in the new world. While there were probably many more groups like this that would eventually rise up, this did not mean he was just going to sit by and let this group which would be in his area, build up. It would only make the lives of those who fell into their trap worse.

One thing he noticed was that although this place was their home base, there were only men here so far. Which meant most of the women were probably either dead or with the big bosses of the Headhunters.


The tank in front of him did not hesitate to fire at him, sending a large shell straight at him. Blake formed a barrier around him as he dug his feet into the ground and braced for impact. The shell smashed into his barrier and stopped in its tracks as Blake leaned his body forward, trying to keep himself from being blown back.

Sparks flew as the shell spun to a stop before falling to the ground with a loud clunk. Blake did not waste this chance between reloading to pick up the shell that should have torn a huge hole into him and throw it back at the tank. He aimed just right and threw it with all his strength, even using magic to boost his strength even more.

The shell spiraled through the air and entered the muzzle of the tank before causing a loud bang as it blew out the rear side of the tank and crashed into the wall behind it. “What the fuck!? Who dares disturb me!?”

A loud yell came from inside the room from behind the tank, which was now useless. A bald headed man with skinny arms walked out half naked and stared down the hall. “Who the fuck are you?” He snarled as his eyes locked onto Blake.

“Who I am doesn’t matter. You only need to know that you and the others inside the room are all going to die.” Blake said as he waved his hand, forming ten fireballs and shooting them all forward. He was no longer playing around. He just wanted to finish this.

The bald headed man’s eyes widened for a second before sneering before ripping a plate off the tank and using it as a shield. “Boy, I do not know how you are able to create fire out of the air, but just know you fucked up coming here!”

“Don’t think just because you ate some dragon meat that you are all powerful. If you were smart, you would realize I just beat your tank by using the same shell it shot at me as my weapon.” Blake quickly arrived at the front of the tank and kicked it hard, sending it flying at the bald headed man.

“Hah! You think kicking a tank at me will do anything!?” The bald headed man yelled as he easily tossed the tank aside. He had been doing nothing but fucking girls and eating dragon meat every day. His whole body was stronger than ten tanks! And it was not just him! He still had two brothers inside who had yet to show up.

“A tank? No? My fist? Yes!” Blake replied as he appeared in front of the bald headed man and punched him in the face sending the surprised man flying back into the room. Screams could be heard as he crashed into a wall.

Blake stepped into the room to see a bunch of naked girls of all ages huddled together, frightened. They had collars on and chains coming off those collars. This meant they were nothing but sex slaves and nothing more.

Blake looked at the girls and felt even more disgusted towards these men. His eyes turned colder as he turned towards the other two men in the room who had just stood up from their couches. They didn’t even have a stitch of clothing on. “You people are fucking sick!”

“Hah! Why should we give a fuck what you think?” One of the men asked. He had a crew cut and seemed to be missing one eye. “This is our world now. Our Headhunters are kings of this land. We give these bitches food, and they give us their bodies.”

“Haha, Brother Kel, why are you even talking to this shit stain? He may have overpowered Brother Steve, but this is nothing if we both attack him.” A skinny man with long hair said as he cracked his knuckles.

“Don’t! I will deal with him.” The one called Brother Steve pulled himself up from the rubble and stood up, his eyes were staring at Blake as if he wanted to rip Blake to shreds.

“Do you think it would matter how many of you come at me? The results will be the same no matter what. But let me remind you of something….”


The one called Brother Steve fell to the ground, a pool of blood forming under his head. “Bullets still penetrate your skin even if you have eaten dragon meat. You think you are all powerful because you gained a bit of strength but sadly for you three…. You are still human no matter how you look at it.”

“Fuck! Kill him!” Brother Kel yelled out as he turned and picked up a machine gun and pointed it at Blake. Without even trying to aim, he pulled the trigger and sprayed bullets throughout the entire room. Blake shook his head and waved his hand, creating a barrier around the chained up girls before raising his gun and firing once.


Brother Kel also dropped to the floor. The last of the three brothers stared in horror at blake and stumbled backward. He didn’t even dare try to reach for a gun because he just saw many bullets hit the young man and did absolutely nothing. “We can talk about this! I can give you half the world! Just let me live!”

“Who said we were negotiating?” Blake asked coldly before pulling the trigger.



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