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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 57.1: Headhunters Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

As Blake and the girls got close to the city, their destination, Blake quickly stopped when he saw a roadblock up ahead. “Everyone to the side.”

“Blake, why are we stopping?” Lillia asked.

“That roadblock is not something we should pass just yet until we scope out the situation. Someone’s coming. We will wait and watch.” Blake said as he sat in the bush at the side of the road. A family of three, a man and a woman, and their child were walking toward the roadblock. Tina pulled on Blake’s arm, causing him to turn and look at her. When he saw her worried look, he just patted her hand. “Just watch.”

Tina frowned slightly, but she decided to trust Blake. She watched as the family got closer to the roadblock. When they were about a hundred feet away, a bunch of men with guns suddenly came out of hiding and pointed them at the family of three. “Oh? Not bad. She will make a fine trophy.” One of the men yelled out while whistling.

“Haha! Boss, look, she got some huge knockers. Is it because they are swollen with milk? I wonder how it tastes.” Another skinnier man let out a cackle as he licked his lips.

“As sick as always. This is why you always go last.” The man who was called boss replied while shaking his head.

“Tina, shoot that skinny fucker. And kill the rest to the left. I will take the right. Lillia, protect the family. Those are Headhunters. They might have already taken over the city. If this is their headquarters, this is a good chance to wipe them out. Scum like this shouldn’t exist. Tina, make sure you have a mana crystal in your pocket to keep your mana supply up.” Blake gave out orders before charging forward at full speed.


A shot rang out, and at that same second, the skinny man fell to the ground dead. The woman from the family of three screamed out in fright and covered her child with her arms trying to protect it. Lillia had already arrived in front of them and put up a barrier around them. She would make sure Tina and Blake could fight without worry.

“Shit! Don’t tell me it’s those bastards from the Fifth Platoon again!” The boss of the group yelled out.

“Boss, there are two girls. I don’t think it’s them!” Another man yelled out as he looked around, trying to find who shot the skinny man.

“I do not think you have time to be worrying about girls at this time.” Blake’s voice entered the two men’s ears, and before the boss could figure out what was going on, the man beside him’s head flew through the air.

Blake was not using a gun. He was trying to get more accustomed to swords as they would be more useful in the times to come. Tina was doing the same, but she also had a gun in her left hand as she fought. Shots rang through the air, and even at point blank, the guns did nothing, and the people from the Headhunters could only watch in horror as a sword sliced through their necks.

In a matter of seconds, all the Headhunters besides the boss were dead. The boss stood frozen as Blake walked up to him with blood dripping from his sword and blood splashed all over his face. “Mo-Monster!”

“You are calling me a monster!? What the fuck have you people been doing to the people trying to find refuge!? I will give you two options: answer my questions, and I won’t kill you, or I will kill you like your men!” Blake pointed the tip of his sword into the boss’s neck, causing him to drop the weapon in his hands and raise his hands.

“I will answer! Just don’t kill me!” He did not want to die! He had already sold his soul to stay alive. He did not wish to lose it now!

“You talked about the Fifth Platoon earlier. Do you know where I can find them?” When Blake heard this man mention the Fifth Platoon earlier, he decided to keep this man alive.

“Outside the city to the east! I heard they are taking up position in a small town called Cliffside. It is about twenty miles out.” The boss answered without any hesitation. He dared not to since his life was on the line. “I answered your question. Can I leave?”

“Huh? I said questions with an s! Now tell me where your base is located.” Blake asked him as cold as ice as he pushed the tip of his sword slightly into the boss’s neck.

“In the middle of the city! At the Royal Hotel! There was a basement bunker there that is now our headquarters.” The boss quickly answered once more. He did not care if he sold those bastards out. He was only doing what he was doing to survive!

“Heh…” Blake lowered his weapon and turned around. The boss man let out a sigh of relief but not even a second later, his eyes went wide. He stared down at his chest to see a blood covered sword poking through it. He knew it had pierced his heart. He looked up at Blake in confusion. “You said you wouldn’t kill me….”

“I said I wouldn’t. I never said she wouldn’t. Idiot.” Blake replied with a chuckle before walking away.

The boss’s body swayed as he fell to the ground. He never got to hear the last of Blake’s words. Tina flicked her sword to get the blood off before turning around to look at the family, whose faces were pale from fright.

“Blake, what do we do with them?” Tina asked. She wanted to take them someplace safe if she could.

Blake turned and looked at the family for a moment and then at the city. He wanted to go and take care of the headhunters before they noticed their men missing. He flicked his hand and sent out ten fireballs lighting the bodies on fire before turning back to Tina. “Lillia, give them some supplies and tell them to head east to Cliffside. We need to deal with the Headhunters.”


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