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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 50.2: Not Just One But Two Girlfriends Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia


As Blake kissed Lillia, he could feel Tina’s lips wrapped around his dick. Lillia had froze at first from being kissed by Blake, but soon she softened and fell into some sort of trance as she allowed Blake to invade her mouth. She had been waiting for this day, the day she and her fated one would finally kiss. She could feel Blake move his hand behind her back, trying to get her bra off. She was just about to help him when she felt the clasp come undone and the straps slide off her shoulders. She then felt Blake’s hand reach her snow white breasts with one hand while the other continued to tease her clit.

She couldn’t stop the moans that were coming out of her mouth. Each of Blake’s actions sent jolts of pleasure throughout her body. When she felt Blake break off the kiss, she was a bit disappointed but soon realized she was in for an even bigger surprise as she kissed down her neck, then to her chest, where he finally took in one of her pink cherries on her white mounds and nibbled on it sending her over the top. She let out a loud moan as her panties became soaked.

Tina, who was still sucking Blake’s dick, smiled as she pulled his dick out of her mouth. She moved over and reached for Lillia’s panties and pulled them down and off her body. She then pushed Blake back back onto the bed as she whispered: “She should be ready.”

Blake’s eyes glowed with a bit of excitement as he nodded. He knew what was about to come. He watched as Tina helped Lillia adjust herself so that she was hovering over his already stiff dick. Lillia was still coming down from her orgasm just now, so she was like a doll in Tina’s hands as Tina hugged her from behind. She reached down and rubbed Lillia’s pussy with her hand. She leaned close to Lillia’s ear and whispered softly: “It might hurt at first, so be ready.”

Lillia was still in a daze and absentmindedly nodded her head. The next thing she knew was that she felt something thick entering her pussy. It felt good, so she subconsciously pushed down on top of it, causing a sharp pain to shoot through her body, but it quickly dulled as she was already way too sensitive. Before she knew it, she was leaning her head into Blake’s chest and slowly moving her hips up and down. Blake could only grunt as he felt his manhood being consumed by the cute dragon girl whose tail was wagging back and forth with each movement of her hips.

Tina watched the two fucking at the side and began stripping her underwear off. She licked the fingers that had been covered in Lillia’s juices and found that she might be a bigger pervert than she had thought.

She moved to lay up next to Blake and began kissing his neck while stroking herself. She had never been this turned on before. Just listening to the man she liked and the girl she seemed to also like in the same way moaning right next to her and in full view of her eyes, she couldn’t help but drip from her pussy.

Blake reached over with his hand and began helping Tina, who was being left out while Lillia rode his dick. Tina’s soft moans were right next to his ear as she began sucking on his earlobe. His finger dipped in and out of her pussy as he moved his hips to match Lillia’s movements.

The tension in his balls began to build up once more, and before he knew it, he was releasing a large stream of his milk inside Lillia, causing her to have another orgasm. Lillia seemed out of breath as she lay on top of Blake. But because of the refresh spell that was on him, he was still stiff even though he had just released. He gently moved Lillia to his side and turned his head towards Tina. When she saw his eyes, she nodded while blushing and moved to sit on top of his body.

Tina bit her lip and closed her eyes as she slowly pushed her man’s dick inside her pussy. When it hit her cherry, she sucked in a deep breath before pushing down hard. She cried out in pain and dug her nails into Blake’s sides until the pain numbed a little. She was happy that Blake did not move on his own and that he was waiting for her to get used to this new invasion. After a minute, she finally started moving. While painful at first, as the pleasure began to build up and she got used to it, she began to moan softly. She had finally lost her virginity.

Lilia, who was starting to come to from her second orgasm, looked at the girl riding her fated one’s dick and smiled softly. She crawled over and kissed Blake on the lips before kissing down his chest and towards his dick. She then moved her head towards where Tina and Blake connected and stuck out her tongue, extending it a little so that she could touch Blake’s shaft, and every time Tina lowered her body, Lillia’s tongue would flick her clit, causing her to cry out. She could taste a bit of iron from the blood that came out but slowly but surely, it was replaced with love juices.

Tina, on the other hand, was starting to work up to her first orgasm. With Lillia teasing her with her tongue and Blake’s dick going in and out of her hitting all the right spots, the ball of pleasure that was welling up inside her finally exploded, causing her to cry out and arch her back. At the same time, Lillia took this chance to put her mouth out Tina’s clit and suck on it, causing a secondary orgasm.

Blake felt Tina’s pussy tightening hard around his dick, making him lose control and release deep inside her. With this, both girls had officially become his women physically. They would no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend in name only and were officially a couple. And on this night, he planned not to let either of them get any rest. He really liked this refresh spell.

The next day Blake walked out of his room glowing from head to toe. He went out to where the mess hall was to find Mike brewing coffee. “Oh? Where are the girls?”

“Ahh… Well, I might have been too rough….”


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